India won by 6 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
South Africa
Match played at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur, on 4 Apr 2014
ICC World Twenty20

As it happened: SA v India

2014-04-04 18:20
Last Updated at 00:58

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Commentary by Sport24's Herman Mostert

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BATSMEN IN : - Virat Kohli 72*, MS Dhoni 0*

BATSMEN OUT :  Rohit Sharma 24, Ajinkya Rahane 32, Yuvraj Singh 18, Suresh Raina 21

18:31 - QUOTES

SA skipper Faf du Plessis: "I thought we had batted excellently. It was a very good score against a good attack on this wicket. Ash (Ravichandran Ashwin) bowled really well. Credit to our batters to put up a good total. Runs on the board in the semi-final is what you ask for.

"The bad thing is, MS (Dhoni) and his team know how to chase. They have done it many times. They pace their innings really well. Virat (Kohli) played a great innings. You have to credit. I thought we could have been better with the ball. The extras we conceded. If you have to win the World Cup, you have to get those one per-centres right.

"Unfortunately tonight, you can expect about five wides under pressure, but nine is too much. An up-and-down campaign for us. Our guys fought brilliantly, but India deserve to be in the final."

India captain MS Dhoni: "There was a sense of calm in the dressing room when we went out to bat. Most of the thoughts were positive. Everybody saw that the wicket was better than those we have played on, and they believed they could chase this down. It is not just the self-belief, but the belief in each other that is crucial.

"There are not many who are as consistent as Virat. It is great to have him at No 3. He grabs his opportunities. Something everyone needs to learn from him.

"Ashwin was brilliant. We kept him back for AB (De Villiers). We didn't want to give him pace. The least I could offer Virat was the winning shot so I played out the last ball of the 19th over without a run."

18:35 - PICTURE

Beuran Hendricks and Wayne Parnell should fire their barber... (AFP)

18:14 - SUMMARY
A well deserved win by India. They never looked in trouble and were very calm in their approach.

The Proteas' bowlers were also not on the ball it has to be said. There were not enough yorkers bowled and way too many extra deliveries. Bowling no less than NINE WIDES just doesn't cut it at this level.

I also have to note that this was not a choke folks - as the Proteas have done so often in the past.

A choke is if you throw away a game when in a position of comfort. The Proteas didn't take enough early wickets, so were never in a position of comfort. Therefore, it was not a choke, they were simply outplayed!

18:13 - TWEET

Yes we're tired and emotional. Again. But that wasn't Proteas' worst ICC tournament ever - Rob Houwing

18:12 - PICTURE

Virat Kohli was named man-of-the-match for a blistering 72 not out off 44 balls (Getty Images)

18:07 - RESULT : India win by six wickets and will play Sri Lanka in Sunday's final.

18:06 - Kohli finishes it in style, hits Steyn for FOUR though midwicket as India win with five balls to spare.

18:05 - OVERS 19: India 172/4.

1 run needed with Steyn to bowl the final over.

18:04 - Kohli pulls Hendricks for FOUR. Then gets a single. Only 1 run needed off 7 balls...

Dhoni blocks it to leave it up to Kohli in the last over.

18:03 - Skipper MS Dhoni is next in.

18:02 - WICKET! Raina miss-times it and is caught by Du Plessis at mid-off.

India 167/4 after 18.2 overs.

The require 6 to win off 9 balls.

18:00 - FOUR. Raina clips it over point to the boundary. This game is over I'm afraid...

18:00 - Hendricks to bowl the penultimate over.

17:59 - OVERS 18: India 163/3.

They require 10 off 12 balls.

17:58 - Another four as Kohli goes over point...

17:58 - A miss-field in the deep by Hashim Amla gifts India another extra run...

17:56 - Slight delay as the umpires change the ball, which appears to have lost its shape... Wet outfield can be blamed...

India need 16 off 15 balls.

17:55 - FOUR. Kohli goes wide of long-on...

17:53 - Another wide, this time Steyn is the culprit. 9 wides now!!!

17:52 - OVERS 17: India 150/3.

23 needed off 18 balls.

17:51 - Raina gets an inside edge, and another FOUR... Game slipping away from SA here...

150 up for India, off 102 balls.

17:50 - Short and wide by Parnell. Raina cuts, gets FOUR.

17:48 - SIX! Raina pulls all the way to get off the mark in fine fashion.

17:48 - Another wide by Parnell. That's 8 wides now by SA.

A stat SA should look at if they end up losing!

17:47 - Parnell back on, Suresh Raina the new man in.

17:46 - OVERS 16: India 133/3.

17:45 - WICKET! Yuvraj (18) is caught by a diving De Villiers off the bowling of Tahir.

India 133/3 after 16 overs.

Tahir finishes with 1/30 in four overs.

17:44 - SIX! Kohli goes over long-on to bring up his 50, off 35 balls. His 7th T20 international half century. That was also the 50 partnership...

17:42 - It will take a special effort by SA's bowlers for them to win from here...

17:42 - OVERS 15: India 122/2

They require 51 runs to win off 30 balls to win.

17:40 - Tahir, Hendricks and Parnell should be the other bowlers to finish it. I expect no more of Duminy and Morkel...

17:38 - Steyn back into the attack. He will bowl through to the end here...

17:37 - OVERS 14: India 113/2.

17:37 - Tahir being well negotiated by the Indians here...

Clever batting, they know he is SA's danger-man who now only has one over left...

17:34 - OVERS 13: India 104/2.

Interestingly, the previous six by Kohli has now been made four after it appears to have bounced before the ropes...

17:32 - 100 up for India, coming off 75 balls. Run-out chance for SA, but Albie Morkle is too slow to react to the batsmen taking a quick single...

17:31 - SIX! Kohli pulls Hendricks over square-leg for a maximum. SA must get rid of Kohli if they are to win...

17:30 - Hendricks back into the attack.

17:30 - OVERS 12: India 94/2.

17:29 - A wide by Tahir spoils what would have been superb over, but still decent - only five off...

17:27 - Tahir back into the attack.

17:27 - OVERS 11: India 89/2.

17:25 - Massive lbw appeal by Duminy against Yuvraj. Given not out by Sri Lankan umpire Kumar Dharmasena. It would just have missed off stump!

17:24 - SIX! Kohli smacks Duminy over mid-on for a maximum to relieve pressure...


17:24 - India require 93 runs to win off 60 balls.

17:24 - PICTURE

AB de Villiers takes a catch... (Getty Images)

17:22 - OVERS 10: India 80/2.

Yuvraj Singh is the new batsman in.

The Proteas were 66/2 at this stage during their innings.

17:20 - WICKET! Rahane (32) is caught by De Villiers in the deep after the batsman miss-times a Parnell delivery hitting on the leg side...

India 77/2 after 9.3 overs.

17:19 - Parnell back into the attack.

17:18 - The Proteas fielders are sprinting in between overs. They do not want skipper Du Plessis to again be banned for a slow over-rate in case they make the final...

17:18 - OVERS 9: India 75/1.

17:17 - Duminy also chips in with a wide... I'm counting 6 now by SA...

17:16 - Duminy is back on. Good thinking by Du Plessis to try and get Morkel and Duminy's overs out the way sooner, rather than later...

17:15 - OVERS 8: India 69/1.

17:15 - Some good running sees India get four off the final two balls. Eight off that Morkel over.

17:14 - Four balls. Only four singles so far. Can Morkel finish well?

17:11 - Morkel back on for his second over.

17:11 - PICTURE

Ajinkya Rahane (Getty Images)

17:10 - OVERS 7: India 61/1.

Only five off the first Tahir over.

17:09 - Leg-spinner Imran Tahir is next on. This is the moment of truth for SA. He has to bowl well if they are to make the final...

17:07 - OVERS 6: India 56/1.

The Power Play is now over. At this stage, South Africa were 44/2.

17:05 - Another wide by Hendricks. That's 5 now by South Africa!

17:04 - OVERS 5: India 52/1.

17:03 - 50 up for India with a SIX by Rahane off Parnell. Brilliant use of the feet by Rahane over mid-off...

17:02 - Rahane unconvincingly pulls Parnell to get two. But just wide of Morkel at midwicket...

17:00 - Already 4 wides bowled by South Africa!

17:00 - Wayne Parnell now into the attack. He also starts with a wide... sigh...

16:59 - OVERS 4: India 41/1.

Virat Kohli the next man in.

16:57 - WICKET! Sharma (24) is out, caught by Du Plessis off Hendricks. He completely miss-timed it and it went high up behind the bowler...

India 39/1 after 3.5 overs.

16:56 - TWEET

Beuran Hendricks should have donated some of his hair to AB de Villiers. #INDvSA - Alternative Cricket

16:54 - Beuran Henrdicks, sporting a horrible looking Mohawk hairstyle, is next on. 

16:53 - OVERS 3: India 33/0.

16:52 - SIX! Sharma carves it over point for a maximum.

16:52 - Steyn beats the outside edge of Sharma. The batsman is lucky not to get an edge...

16:50 - TWEET

Well, so much for the suspect Indian body language a few minutes back ... - Rob Houwing

16:49 - The Steyn Remover is the next bowler on. He starts with a wide down leg side...

16:47 - OVERS 2: India 23/0.

Morkel being pummelled, as I predicted...

16:45 - TWEET

I don't care what level of cricket or type of bowler but you always have a slip for 1st over of innings. SA didn't and it proved costly - Gary Lemke

16:43 - Albie Morkel to bowl the second over. I suspect he will travel...

16:42 - OVERS 1: India 14/0.

Top notch start by India. They are well adept at facing spin.

16:42 - Sharma gets an edge, but there's no slip, so it goes for four.

Next ball he drives properly down the ground for the same result.

16:41 - Early boundary by Rahane...

16:41 - Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane to open for India.

16:38 - Off-spinner JP Duminy will open the bowling for South Africa. Duminy could be key on a turning pitch, while Imran Tahir is expected to do well...

16:35 - 8.65 - the runs per over required to win by India.

16:32 - TWEET

Competitive 172 for SA v India. Bookies immediately react by making them 4-6 favourites to win. Runs on the board - Gary Lemke

16:29 - South Africa's first ten overs: 66/2

South Africa's last ten overs: 106/2

16:26 - QUOTE

"170. We can definitely defend it on this track," says JP Duminy.

16:25 - PICTURE

JP Duminy (45 not out off 40 balls) did well to bat through the innings... (Getty Images)

16:23 - A great total by South Africa! Definitely a little bit over par. We could just be in a final on Sunday folks...

16:23 - OVERS 20: SA 172/4

16:23 - Miller gets two off the final ball...

16:22 - After a dot ball, Miller gets a FOUR off the penultimate ball...

16:20 - SIX! Miller dispatches a low full toss down the ground for a maximum.

16:19 - Two good block-hole balls at the start of the final over. Just two singles.... 

16:18 - Seamer Mohit Sharma to bowl the final over.

16:17 - 12 off the last over by Kumar...

16:16 - OVERS 19: SA 158/4.

16:16 - FOUR! Miller goes through the covers!

16:14 - SIX! Duminy pulls for a maximum to bring up SA's 150, coming off 111 balls.

16:14 - TWEET

We're see-sawing between catching up to the eight-ball and lagging behind it ... - Rob Houwing

16:14 - He starts with two dot balls...

16:13 - Seamer Kumar to bowl the penultimate over.

16:12 - OVERS 18: SA 146/4.

Ashwin finished with 3/22 off his allotted four overs. By far the day's best bowler so far!

16:11 - SIX! Duminy darts down the track and gets maximum down the ground.

16:10 - Duminy survives a massive lbw appeal...

16:10 - Ashwin (3-12) to bowl his final over.

16:09 - OVERS 17: SA 136/4.

Better over from Raina, only six singles off it...

16:06 - Raina back on now...

16:05 - OVERS 16: SA 130/4.

Duminy must bat through to the end now and let the others around him have a big go!

16:05 - David Miller is the next man in for South Africa.

16:03 - WICKET! De Villiers (10) is caught on the deep square leg boundary by Rohit Sharma off the bowling of of Ashwin. The "Karrim" ball did the trick there...

SA 129/4 after 15.3 overs.

16:02 - QUOTE

"South Africa very much in this game," says Peter Kirsten.

16:02 - 50 runs off the final five overs would take South Africa to 177. That should be a winning total. But it will take some getting there...

16:01 - OVERS 15: SA 127/3.

16:01 - AB into double figures in a flash...

16:00 - What a player De Villiers is, he reverse-sweeps Ashwin for FOUR...

15:59 - AB de Villiers is the new batsman in.

15:58 - OVERS 14: SA 116/3.

15:56 - WICKET! Du Plessis bowled by Ashwin for 58. The delivery was pitched on leg stump, and hit Du Plessis - who was playing on the leg side - on the body before deflecting onto the stumps.

SA 115/3 after 13.5 overs.

15:55 - SIX! Du Plessis goes over long-on for maximum.

15:54 - Ashwin now back on for India.

15:53 - 41 runs have been scored off the last 18 balls!

India losing control!

15:53 - OVERS 13: SA 107/2.

15:51 - SIX! Duminy goes over midwicket to bring up SA's 100, coming off 75 balls.

15:51 - HALF-CENTURY for Du Plessis, coming off 36 balls.

A well-timed inning by Faf!

15:50 - 50 PARTNERSHIP between Du Plessis and Duminy.

15:49 - OVERS 12: SA 90/2.

16 off the last Raina over...

15:48 - SIX! Du Plessis sweeps to get the first maximum of the match!

15:48 - Du Plessis clearly in a hurry now...

15:47 - A lofted sweep shot by Du Plessis brings a welcome boundary...

15:46 - Raina now back into the attack.

15:45 - OVERS 11: SA 74/2.

15:44 - SA's Imran Tahir will happy to see the turn leggie Mishra is getting...

15:43 - Du Plessis finds the gap and hits a FOUR over cover. Good use of the free hit.

15:43 - FREE HIT!

Mishra over-steps and SA will get a free slog here...

15:42 - Immediately some vicious turn from Mishra.

15:41 - Leg-spinner Amith Mishra is the new bowler on for India.

15:40 - South Africa going along too slowly at the half-way mark. They must get at least 90 off the final 10 overs to get a decent total. At least they have wickets in hand!

15:40 - OVERS 10: SA 66/2.

15:38 - 2 BONUS RUNS!

Du Plessis gets a FOUR after Rohit Sharma makes a horrible mess on the boundary...

15:37 - The Proteas have only scored 15 runs off the last four overs.

15:37 - OVERS 9: SA 58/2.

15:34 - PICTURE

SA skipper Faf du Plessis (Getty Images)

15:33 - OVERS 8: SA 53/2.

Spinners putting the breaks on for India!

15:32 - 50 up for SA after 44 balls.

15:31 - Off-spinner Suresh Raina next on.

15:30 - OVERS 7: SA 47/2.

15:29 - Big lbw appeal against Duminy. not out. Pitched outside the line... umpire Gould almost laughs at the Indians for appealing.

15:28 - More spin as slow left-armer Ravindra Jadeja comes on. 

The Power Play is also over now.

15:27 - OVERS 6: SA 44/2.

Excellent start by Ashwin. Ominous signs against the spin for SA...

15:27 - A slip and a leg slip for Duminy...

15:26 - In an interesting move, JP Duminy - and not AB de Villiers - is the next batsman in.

15:24 - WICKET! Ashwin bowls Amla for 22.

SA 44/2 after 5.1 overs.

A great delivery. The doosra completely fooled Amla...

15:24 - He starts with a wide...

15:23 - Off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin now on for India.

15:23 - OVERS 5: SA 43/1.

15:22 - Amla on fire for the Proteas! Already four boundaries by the Cobras batsman...

15:20 - Still no bowling change by Dhoni as Kumar continue with his third over...

15:19 - OVERS 4: SA 34/1.

17 off the last over by Mohit Sharma.

15:18 - Du Plessis pulls Mohit over midwicket. FOUR!

Clearly realising they must make use of the Power Play.

15:17 - PICTURE

India celebrate the wicket of Quinton de Kock... (Getty Images)

15:17 - Another FOUR by Amla - this time it's a lucky edge but there's no slip in place.

15:15 - Amla drives Mohit for FOUR through midwicket to get his first boundary...

15:14 - OVERS 3: SA 17/1.

15:14 - After getting 10 off the first over, things have slowed down for SA. Not ideal, already halfway though the Power Play.

15:12 - Amla off the mark off his fifth ball...

15:10 - OVERS 2: SA 13/1.

Tidy first over from Mohit Sharma. Amla yet to get off the mark.

15:07 - TWEET

Dhoni in no doubt about the catch. De Kock keen to suggest he missed the ball - Jonathan Agnew

15:06 - Seamer Mohit Sharma to bowl the second over.

15:05 - OVERS 1: SA 10/1.

Good start if you only look at runs...

15:05 - Commentators say there may have been a faint sound off De Kock's bat...

15:04 - Faf du Plessis is the next man in.

15:02 - WICKET!

De Kock is on his way, caught behind by Dhoni off Kumar. De Kock wasn't happy with the decision, but English umpire Ian Gould though otherwise...

SA 9/1 after 4 balls.

15:02 - Chinese cut by De Kock. He gets FOUR!

15:00 - De Kock scored three hundreds against India earlier this season. Perhaps a good omen?

15:00 - De Kock immediately off the mark with two on the leg side...

14:59 - India not opening with spin.

Seamer Bhuvneshwar Kumar to open. He will bowl to De Kock.

14:57 - Quinton de Kock and Hashim Amla to open for South Africa.

14:53 - Almost time to start, but first the teams appear out on the field for the pre-match national anthems.

14:46 - QUOTE

"I'm absolutely surprised to not to see (batsman) Shikhar Dhawan playing for India. We all know how he can play," says Radio2000 commentator Peter Kirsten.

14:41 - Good for the Proteas that they're batting first. I'm still of the opinion that they can't chase well in big games. This may just be their day....

Shane Warne said a decent total would be 160-165.


Skipper Faf du Plessis is back for South Africa, replacing Farhaan Behardien.

There is no change to the Indian line-up.


Proteas captain Faf du Plessis has won the toss and opted to bat first.


Shane Warne says there is lots of spin in the pitch!

14:12 - PICTURE

Dale Steyn relaxing before the match... (Gallo Images)



Former England captain Michael Vaughan says South Africa's AB de Villiers is without doubt the best batsman in world cricket.

Click HERE for the full article...


Faf du Plessis has a simple recipe for the Proteas World Twenty20 semi-final: key decision-making during pressure situations.

Click HERE for the full article...


Their T20 record against India only underlines why the Proteas will be underdogs in Friday’s semi-final, writes Rob Houwing.

Click HERE for the full article...


- At six matches, this is India's longest winning streak in T20 internationals. If India win this tournament, they will have equalled the longest overall streak, which belongs to England and Ireland.

- India have never lost a semi-final under MS Dhoni.

- AB de Villiers is three short of becoming the 16th man to 1 000 Twenty20 international runs.


"They'll have to use it for themselves for our advantage. We are not looking at things like that or what happened in the past. If they want to do it, it's their problem."
R Ashwin's response to South Africa's poor record in tournament semi-finals

"Obviously, the wicket in Dhaka is completely different to Chittagong. We played all our games there, and India has played all their games here. Definitely from a conditions point of view, they are more used to it than we are."
Faf du Plessis points out the limitation every Group 1 team carried


South Africa:

1 Quinton de Kock (wicketkeeper), 2 Hashim Alma, 3 AB de Villiers, 4 JP Duminy, 5 Faf du Plessis (captain), 6 David Miller, 7 Albie Morkel, 8 Dale Steyn, 9 Beuran Hendricks, 10 Imran Tahir, 11 Wayne Parnell


RG Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, SK Raina, V Kohli, AM Rahane, MS Dhoni (captain/wicketkeeper), R Ashwin, RA Jadeja, A Mishra, B Kumar, MM Sharma    


Umpires - Kumar Dharmasena (Sri Lanka), Ian Gould (England)

TV umpire - Bruce Oxenford (Australia)

Match referee - Ranjan Madugalle (Sri Lanka)

Reserve umpire - Richard Kettleborough (England)

Welcome to Sport24's LIVE scoring and interactive commentary from the ICC World Twenty20 sem-final between South Africa and India in Dhaka.

  • End of innings - Phew, South Africa simply had no answer to that innings from Virat Kohli. The young Indian batsman was superlative, once again. He started slowly, almost anonymously, but timed his innings to perfection, going through the gears as he put together partnerships of 56 and 34 with Yuvraj and Raina to turn the game decisively in India's favour. One has to question South Africa's decision to open their bowling with Duminy and Morkel, and saving Steyn for the death. Anyway, what's done is done. Congratulations to India, who will face Sri Lanka in the final of the World Twenty20 on Sunday.

  • Over 19.1 - Ind 176/4 (Kohli 72, Dhoni 0) - There it is! Kohli takes all of one delivery to end the game, picking up a full length ball from Steyn and smashing it to the wide long-on boundary. Game over! India are into the World Twenty20 final.

  • 19

    Wicket: Hendricks deceives Raina with a slower ball to have him caught at mid-off, but on either side of the wicket, boundaries take India to the brink. Both batsmen go on the pull, Kohli particularly impressively. He crunches the ball to midwicket for a single to level the scores, and Dhoni then blocks one to give Kohli the opportunity to hit the winning runs.

  • 18

    India are cruising towards the final of the World Twenty20, and not even Steyn can stop them now. His first delivery is a wide, and his fourth is flicked to the boundary at cow corner by Virat Kohli's rubbery wrists. Great shot. Not content with that, Kohli walks at the bowler's final delivery and slashes it over point for four more. India need just 10 from two overs, and the match probably won't even go into the final over from Steyn.

  • 17

    Runs flow for India! The 150 comes up for them and, barring something miraculous, this match is theirs. Parnell starts well, with a slower-ball bouncer, but his over unravels rather quickly thereafter. Raina smokes the third ball he faces over long leg with a paddled pull, then top edges a cut as Parnell continues with a short-ball attack. When he does finally pitch it up, Raina inside edges a drive down to fine leg for four.

  • 16

    Wicket: WICKET! South Africa have another one! Yuvraj chips Tahir down the ground, aiming for wide long off, but the fielder out there is AB de Villiers, and he absolutely hares in and dives forward to hold onto the catch. Still, though, that's not the wicket that South Africa really need. The man at the other end is batting with ominous fluidity, and goes to his fifty with a monstrous slog-sweep to wide long on. Big finish coming up.

  • 15

    Steyn does indeed come back into the attack, and has a good over ruined by a last-ball four off Yuvraj Singh's bat. Steyn steamed in and repeatedly hit a good length, with the fielders in the deep backing him up to keep the batsmen to singles. But his final delivery is a slower ball, pitched right up to the batsman, and with mid-off up Yuvraj chips the ball handsomely down the ground. A great-looking shot. The tension is palpable, but India are on top.

  • 14

    Another probing over from Tahir, who is standing up to the batsmen even as they repeatedly come down the wicket at him. Tahir is a little unfortunate to concede a boundary in this over, Yuvraj stepping back and cutting, but edging the ball very fine down to third man. That wasn't intentional. Just to add a little drama, we're hearing that there are storms around Dhaka. It is also, I believe, time for Steyn to come back into the attack - he's got three overs left and will bowl all three on the trot from here.

  • 13

    Kohli may well be setting himself up for one of his chasing masterclasses here. He steps back to Hendricks' second delivery, rolling his wrists on a powerful pull to collect four to long leg. The boundary takes some of the pressure off for the remainder of the over, and Kohli boosts the score further with a brace of twos. He's so fast between the wickets, and Yuvraj is doing his best to keep up.

  • 12

    Imran Tahir rushes through his second over, and it's another good one. He still doesn't look like flighting the ball much, but responds well to the batsmen's movements to cut out any big shots. The required run rate is creeping up towards 10 ...

  • 11

    Kohli has been largely anonymous until this over, content to pick up ones and twos. But Duminy is kept on for a third over and Kohli seizes his chance to go on the attack early, stepping down the pitch and biffing him over long on for six. With that done, both he and Yuvraj go back into accumulation mode.

  • 10

    Wicket: WICKET! Parnell strikes! This is the lift South Africa needed, though perhaps not the wicket they wanted. Rahane is the man to go, charging at a slower bouncer from Parnell, but top-edging his slog to be caught by de Villiers in the deep. But Kohli remains, and it's his wicket that the Proteas are really hunting. If he bats through, India win.

  • 9

    Duminy wheels through his second over, coming round the wicket at the right-handers and cramping them for room. But with the field spread, there's also acres of room in which to place strokes, and the batsmen accumulate singles with ease. Duminy also helps them out with a wide - making it six wides in the innings already from South Africa. A whole extra over.

  • 8

    No doubt chastised after his first over, Albie Morkel is brought on for another. Quinton de Kock comes up to the stumps when Rahane is on strike, the batsman having already shown that he's willing and able to come down the track at the quicks. The batsmen collect eight runs from the over without taking any great risk or targeting the boundary, placing the ball well and challenging the fielders with their running. But they haven't hit a boundary in three overs, and that will please South Africa.

  • 7

    And indeed, Tahir does come on as soon as the field spreads. He doesn't offer much flight in his first over, spearing the ball in and targeting a good length around off stump. There's a hint of grip in the surface, but nothing dramatic and the speculative batsmen collect five singles from the over.

  • 6

    Hendricks is kept on for a second over, and it's another good one. He comes over the wicket and around, mixing up full-pace deliveries with back-of-the-hand slower ones, and even holding a couple of deliveries cross-seamed. With neither batsman able to get the better of him, just four runs come from the over - and one of those is a wide. Now that the Powerplay is finished, the fielding restrictions are removed and we'll surely see Imran Tahir in action soon.

  • 5

    Wayne Parnell comes on, mirroring Hendricks' left-arm pace, but possibly at even greater speed. The over seems to be building into a good battle between bat and ball, with Parnell zipping the ball through at up to 145kph, but Rahane's stroke to end the over is definitive: he steps to leg and flicks his hands gracefully through the line of the ball to pick up a classy six over extra cover. He barely seemed to hit it, but the ball just flew and flew.

  • 4

    Wicket: WICKET! Relief for South Africa! After the absurdity of the first two over, Faf du Plessis has brought his real bowlers on now, and Beuran Hendricks has broken through for South Africa. He didn't start all that well, and Rahane was able to free his arms and slap a wide, length delivery over extra cover for four. But Hendricks keeps the batsmen guessing with his variations, including a super-slow back-of-the-hand bouncer, and Sharma is undone by one that bounces a little more than he was expecting. His attempted swat down the ground rockets almost straight up into the skies over Mirpur, and du Plessis holds it as it flies back down to earth.

  • 3

    Much of the intensity that's often apparent in the opening exchanges of a chase has now evaporated, making Sharma and Rahane's task against Dale Steyn just a little easier. Steyn starts with a leg-side wide, and Sharma shows his confidence by stepping away to uppercut the world's best fast bowler over third man for six. India are cruising.

  • 2

    Duminy's over was a low-intensity test of the batsman's skills, and Albie Morkel's first effort is similarly friendly. Morkel offers Sharma a short, wide delivery that is crashed past point for four, and then attempts to hurry him with a medium-paced bouncer that is dismissed in front of square for another boundary. I can't see the sense in these tactics from South Africa.

  • 1

    A little bizarrely, JP Duminy opens the bowling with his offspin - I say 'bizarrely' because neither of the batsmen at the crease are left-handers. Indeed, the experiment is weighed down in folly as India are helped by three boundaries in the over. The first pings off Rahane's bat, the batsman stepping back to punch through cover, and the second is fortuitous, via the outside edge of Sharma's driving bat. But there's nothing streaky about Sharma's next shot, the batsman leaning forward to drive powerfully down the ground.

  • End of innings - A see-sawing encounter between these two great sides. India struck early, but the counter-punch from du Plessis was emphatic. Duminy ensured that the momentum carried on through the innings, despite the failure of de Villiers, and South Africa have reached a very handy total. But will it be enough? Almost no total seems large enough when Kohli gets going in a chase. Join us in 10 minutes or so for the resumption!

  • 20

    Miller's got his eye in very quickly, and despite Sharma's best efforts he plunders 14 from the final over. Sharma's tactic is to come round the wicket, pitching the ball well up but also wide of off stump. It works once or twice, the ball slipping past the bat, but Miller gets underneath a low full toss to add six runs down the ground with a tremendously powerful bunt, and slashes a four wide of third man.

  • 19

    Dhoni brings Kumar back into the attack. Was this a mistake for India? Mishra has taken some punishment, but spin has generally done the trick for India today. Kumar starts well, with two dot balls, but his third is shellacked into the second tier of the stands by Duminy. Actually, it appears as though someone may have been struck by the ball in the stands ... hopefully no-one is seriously hurt. Kumar aims for the yorker to Miller, but the muscular left-hander somehow manages to dig the ball out past cover for another four.

  • 18

    Ashwin finishes his spell with a fourth over, but a fourth wicket is not forthcoming. There's a loud lbw shout when Duminy is beaten on the sweep, but the umpire disagrees and the batsman's riposte is a confident swat down the ground for six off the very next delivery. There isn't too much ruin to Ashwin's figures, however, and he finishes with 4-0-22-3.

  • 17

    With two left-handers at the crease, Dhoni brings Raina back for another twirl. He was tossing the ball up nicely early on, but in his fourth and final over he's bowling darts. With the field spread, the batsmen take the chance to collect six singles.

  • 16

    Wicket: WICKET! Could this be the moment that decides the game? AB de Villiers entered the fray with a full 37 balls remaining - more than enough time for a batsman of his class and form to take full toll - but he's come and gone in a flash. Ashwin has taken a wicket in each of his three overs so far, and does so once again as de Villiers top-edges a slog sweep and presents Rohit Sharma with a swirling chance at deep square leg. This will set South Africa back.

  • 15

    Another expensive over from Mishra, 11 runs coming from it. He starts with a slip to the new batsman, but that batsman is AB de Villiers and it quickly becomes apparent that the position is redundant. He picks up a brace of twos through the off side, and then collects his first boundary with a sweetly-struck reverse sweep. Shot!

  • 14

    Wicket: WICKET! File this one under 'odd dismissals'. Du Plessis started the over superbly, smashing a long-hop from Ashwin - a carrom ball, no less - high over wide long on for yet another six. But Ashwin spots the batsman setting himself to have another go later in the over, and fires in a much quicker ball that strikes du Plessis on the chest and ricochets onto his off stump. So, some relief for India after South Africa's counter-attack. This match has see-sawed rather nicely so far.

  • 13

    South Africa are on the charge now! Du Plessis charges out at Mishra's first ball, and though he's beaten in the air and, almost, by the turn, he goes through with the stroke and picks up four over point. Mishra has spun the ball very hard, but that doesn't matter when it's a full toss, and Duminy smashes just such a delivery way over square leg for six. But he's not done there, and stretches well forward to a wrong 'un to sweep it behind square for yet another boundary. Carnage! The score rockets past 100, the partnership past 50, and du Plessis has also brought up his own half-century.

  • 12

    Raina is kept on for a third over, and it's possibly one too many in this spell. Du Plessis targets the leg side, playing with the turn of the offspinner, and gets things going with an uppish sweep for four. His next attacking stroke is remarkable - a one-handed slog sweep that sails way over the rope for six. That must be an incredible piece of willow he's using. This stand is getting increasingly useful for South Africa.

  • 11

    Yet more spin from India, and this time it's the pint-sized, portly, wispy-haired Amit Mishra. He's clearly getting plenty more revs on the ball than any of the men before him had, and fizzes one past du Plessis' outside edge. Unfortunately, he also over-steps and is called for a no-ball - a criminal act for a spinner - and du Plessis flays the Free Hit, a front-of-the-hand quicker one, for four over extra cover. One feels that South Africa are a spinner short in these conditions. Surely Phangiso would have been a handful here?

  • 10

    A misfield from Rohit Sharma helps du Plessis to break the shackles! Raina is also given a second over on the trot by Dhoni, but his second delivery is a long-hop that du Plessis lifts out to wide long-on. He didn't get all of it, and the ball should have been easily stopped as Sharma and Kohli converged upon it ... but Sharma somehow contrived to let it past him. The rest of the over brings only singles, but Kohli is seething.

  • 9

    After that brief foray into an attacking mode before Amla's dismissal, South Africa have opted for a recovery based around cautious accumulation. Jadeja continues for a second over, and the batsmen use swift feet and angle bats to take five singles off him. The spinners are really rattling through these overs.

  • 8

    There's definitely some grip for the slow bowlers in this surface - so much so that even Suresh Raina's modest efforts are treated with caution by the batsmen. Raina starts by pushing one down the leg side to give away an extra, but thereafter he's reasonably accurate and the batsmen are content to work him around with the field spread.

  • 7

    A succession of appeals put both the batsman and the umpire, Ian Gould, under pressure in this over. With Ashwin weaving his magic at the other end, Dhoni brings Jadeja on and he's worked around for a couple of singles. Duminy attempts to make something more of his strokes with a couple of hard sweeps, but each time the ball spins past the bat to strike him on the pad. Jadeja's appeals are loud and emotive, and he even accidentally barges into Faf du Plessis at the non-striker's end as he sets off on one, but Duminy is struck outside off each time and Gould is unmoved.

  • 6

    Wicket: WICKET! Ashwin strikes with his first legitimate delivery! His first actual delivery looped well down the leg side, spinning away even further, and Amla dismissively let it go past his legs. The next looked like it might also go down leg, but it was the carrom ball and zipped in the opposite direction after pitching. Did Amla read it? Even if he did, he was very late on the shot, playing all over the ball as it spun past him to hit the off stump. Remarkable. Dhoni senses an opportunity to take control after the dismissal, bringing in both a leg and an orthodox slip for Duminy.

  • 5

    Wonderful striking from Amla! A firm push that sends the ball racing to the midwicket boundary is followed up by a rather less genteel clearing of the front leg and a thrash over extra cover. After a confident start, India's seamers are coming under the cosh. Time for spin?

  • 4

    After a couple of overs of nudging and pushing, Amla and du Plessis are beginning to express themselves. Amla moves about in the crease to disrupt Sharma's line, moving away to leg to drive on-the-up through cover, and then shuffling in the opposite direction to glance the ball down to fine leg. Du Plessis follows his lead, getting right across to the off side to pick the ball up over midwicket, and South Africa are starting to flow, the run rate ballooning to 8.50.

  • 3

    Dhoni is up to the stumps for Kumar's second over. I wonder if that's because, having played with du Plessis in the IPL for Chennai, he knows his predilection for using his feet to pace and spin alike. Whatever the case, both batsmen remain crease-bound in the over, and a tight wicket-to-wicket line mean they can't do much more than pinch singles.

  • 2

    There's a steely look in Faf du Plessis' eyes, and a forthright manner in the way he's gone about the first few balls of his innings. He's trying to get at the bowling, getting well forward to Sharma and threading the gap in the covers for a couple. Amla is also able to find the middle of his bat, but nudges to midwicket and extra cover both go straight to the field. India are opting for pace on the ball early on tonight, no sign of spin just yet.

  • 1

    Wicket: WICKET! MS Dhoni has a solitary slip in place as Bhuvneshwar Kumar opens the bowling for India. The bowler's line takes the ball repeatedly down the leg side, however, and de Kock is away with a flick off his pads for two. When Kumar does manage to push the ball through on the off side, there's an immediate result, de Kock under-edging a cut before feathering an airy drive through to the 'keeper.

  • Weather watch - There is, apparently, some rain about, and locals have suggested that this is Bangladesh's storm season but there's no immediate danger from the weather. Hopefully there will be no disruption to today's semi-final.

  • India team - Unchanged. R Sharma, Yuvraj Singh, S Raina, V Kohli, A Rahane, MS Dhoni, R Ashwin, R Jadeja, A Mishra, B Kumar, M Sharma

  • Proteas team - Faf in for Behardien. Q de Kock, H Amla, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, D Miller, F du Plessis, A Morkel, D Steyn, B Hendricks, I Tahir, W Parnell

  • Toss: Toss! - South Africa have won the toss and are batting first.

  • Greetings! - Hello and welcome to the second World Twenty20 semi-final, where the winner will take on Sri Lanka in the final. India are the favourites going into this game, but can the Proteas finally break their ICC tournament hoodoo? Join us at 2pm UK time for the action.

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Match Info
  • 176/4
    - V Kohli (India)
    India won by 6 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
    Kumar Dharmasena, Ian Gould
    Bruce Oxenford
    Ranjan Madugalle
  • Batting
    • R
    • B
    • 4s
    • 6s
    Quinton de Kock
    c Dhoni b Kumar
    Hashim Amla
    b Ashwin
    Faf du Plessis
    b Ashwin
    Jean-Paul Duminy
    not out
    AB de Villiers
    c R.Sharma b Ashwin
    David Miller
    not out
    Albie Morkel
    Dale Steyn
    Beuran Hendricks
    Imran Tahir
    Wayne Parnell
    • 6
    • 4
    • 1
    • 0
    • 22
    • 16
    • 4
    • 0
    • 58
    • 41
    • 5
    • 2
    • 45
    • 40
    • 1
    • 3
    • 10
    • 8
    • 1
    • 0
    • 23
    • 12
    • 2
    • 1
    (b 1, lb 3, w 3, nb 1)
    (4 wickets; 20 overs)
  • Bowling
    • O
    • M
    • R
    • W
    Bhuvneshwar Kumar
    Mohit Sharma
    Ravichandran Ashwin
    Ravindra Jadeja
    Suresh Raina
    Amit Mishra
    • 4
    • 0
    • 33
    • 1
    • 3
    • 0
    • 34
    • 0
    • 4
    • 0
    • 22
    • 3
    • 2
    • 0
    • 8
    • 0
    • 4
    • 0
    • 35
    • 0
    • 3
    • 0
    • 36
    • 0
  • Fall of Wickets
    • 9/1 - de Kock (0.4 ov)
    • 44/2 - Amla (5.1 ov)
    • 115/3 - du Plessis (13.5 ov)
    • 129/4 - de Villiers (15.3 ov)

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