22 - 30
2016/05/13 | 11:45 |  Super Rugby | AAMI Park |  Full Time
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Rebels Brumbies
  • 9' Cam Crawford
    44' Reece Hodge
    56' Sefanaia Naivalu
    3 Tries 5 15' David Pocock
    31' Rory Arnold
    36' Christian Lealiifano
    51' Scott Fardy
    70' Nigel Ah Wong
  • 10' Jack Debreczeni
    45' Jack Debreczeni
    2 Conversions 1 32' Christian Lealiifano
  • 20' Jack Debreczeni
    1 Penalties 1 6' Christian Lealiifano
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • Yellow Cards
  • Red Cards
  • 81'

    REBELS 22-30 BRUMBIES. The Brumbies will accept the win, they knock the ball out after winning the lineout and that will end it in Melbourne. The Brumbies claim four points for a good win.

  • 80'

    The Rebels scramble the ball out with very little time remaining, the Brumbies may try to go for the bonus point try here.

  • 79'

    The Rebels play the man in the air in the lineout and the Brumbies have a penalty which Lealiifano bangs into touch 10 metres inside the Rebels half.

  • 78'

    Meehan takes the free kick quickly but Naivalu's kick ahead rolls into touch on the Brumbies 22.

  • 77'

    The scrum goes down and the referee calls for yet another scrum to be reset.

  • 76'

    The Rebels have lost it on halfway and the Brumbies look to counter before Pocock drops the ball forward. The Rebels have a scrum 10 metres inside their own half.

  • 75'

    Penalty to the Rebels on halfway after the Brumbies are forced to hold on at the breakdown and Debreczeni sets up a lineout 30 metres or so from the Brumbies line.

  • 74'

    Smith hacks ahead and drives the Rebels back into their own 22.

  • 73'

    The Brumbies set and clear off the restart good kick by Lealiifano sees the Brumbies force the Rebels back towards halfway.

  • 72'

    Lealiifano misses another kick and he is having a nightmare with the boot tonight.

  • 71'

    TRY, BRUMBIES, AH WONG! 22-30: The Brumbies maul it up and then try to stretch to the line, they have advantage but they go wide and may not need it, Ah Wong scores in the corner!

  • 70'

    The scrum disintegrates under pressure and the Brumbies win a penalty. Lealiifano sets up a lineout.

  • 68'

    The Rebels feed the scrum on their 22 but it goes down and has to be reset yet again.

  • 67'

    Smith with a short ball to Alaalatoa, the prop forwards combine like backs and as the substitute crosses the line after stepping through the defense, but the referee is reviewing the build up though. The Brumbies appear to have lost it forward in the build up and the Rebels have scrum

  • 66'

    Pocock wins the Brumbies a penalty! Great work from the flanker to force a penalty as he got over the ball so quickly.

  • 65'

    Matsushima runs the restart back at the Brumbies, he does well to wriggle through a couple of tackles and get back over the Brumbies 10 metre line.

  • 64'

    Matsushima kicks ahead but Toua does well to allow it to cross the goal line and he places it to force a 22 metre drop out.

  • 63'

    Hanson carries over the Brumbies 10 metre line as the Rebels bring back the Brumbies restart.

  • 61'

    Great play from Reid to help win the Rebels a penalty on their own 22.

  • 61'

    Matsushima finds himself in space but can't hang on to the pass. The Brumbies were up too quickly at the lineout though and the Rebels have a penalty. Debreczeni has a crack at goal, he misses though with a long kick.

  • 60'

    Scrum 35 metres from the Rebels line, Brumbies feed. Crucial that the Rebels defend well here.

  • 58'

    Debreczeni misses the kick, crucially as that would have brought them within a point.

  • 57'

    TRY, REBELS, NAIVALU! 22-25: Great first phase try from the Rebels! They work a move of the top of the lineout and it finds Harris in acres of space before he puts Naivalu in in the corner.

  • 55'

    Pocock effects a great steal and the Brumbies have possession again, great combination of Dargaville and Pocock gets a huge turnover for the Brumbies.

  • 54'

    The Rebels have possession ten inside the Brumbies half.

  • 53'

    Lealiifano has missed his kick again, it certainly isn't over yet.

  • 52'

    TRY, BRUMBIES, FARDY! 17-25: The Brumbies have numbers out wide and they use them as Fardy crosses the whitewash, great team effort from the Brumbies.

  • 51'

    Great hands by the Brumbies sees Cubelli cross the Rebels 22 after a series of offloads.

  • 50'

    Moore feeds the lineout and the Brumbies maul it up before Cubelli uses a little box kick to get the Brumbies out of their own 22.

  • 49'

    Jones carries towards the Brumbies 22 for the Rebels, as they look for pentration Debreczeni throws a horrid pass into touch, that's a let off for the Brumbies.

  • 47'

    Toua shanks his left footed clearance and the Rebels will have a lineout inside the Brumbies 22.

  • 46'

    CONVERSION, REBELS, DEBRECZENI! 17-20: Debreczeni adds two to bring the Rebels within three.

  • 45'

    TRY, REBELS, HODGE! 15-20: Hodge finishes well after the Rebels shift it wide again, they are within five with the kick to come.

  • 44'

    McMahon carries well up towards five metres short of the Brumbies before Harris is held just short again this time out wide as the Brumbies defense holds for now.

  • 43'

    Great carry from Thomson towards the Brumbies line off the lineout. Terrific start from the Rebels.

  • 43'

    Scrum five out to the Rebels, they will want to score early here get back in this one.

  • 42'

    Fardy is penalised at the breakdown as the Rebels kick up the corner. Next, the lineout...

  • 41'

    Brumbies have kicked off and the second half is underway in Melbourne.

  • 40'

    The Rebels held just short and the referee is referring this to the TMO just to check with the Rebels playing advantage. The ball is not grounded and the Rebels have a penalty.

  • 40'

    Rebels take a tap penalty but they cough it up and the Brumbies will have a scrum to end the first half.

  • 40'

    REBELS 10-20 BRUMBIES. That''s it for the first half of this enthralling derby.

  • 40'

    Second half underway at AAMI Park with the hosts trailing by ten.

  • 38'

    Lealiifano takes a quick drop conversion to prevent a TMO review and misses.

  • 37'

    TRY, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO! 10-20: Lealiifano rounds off a great counter.

  • 36'

    The Brumbies attack through ten phases and still have the ball looking for a hole in the Rebels defense.

  • 35'

    Good use of pace by Toua gets him into the Rebels 22. The Brumbies hold on to it and look to strike again.

  • 34'

    Cubelli executes a good box kick and the Brumbies chase, Hodge spills it for the Rebels and the Brumbies have a scrum just inside the Rebels half.

  • 33'

    CONVERSION, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO! 10-15: Solid kick from Lealiifano to add another two for the Brumbies.

  • 32'

    TRY, BRUMBIES, ARNOLD! 10-13: The Brumbies lock Arnold stayed low and reached over the line and scores!

  • 31'

    Brumbies set up a lineout in the Rebels half but we have a blood injury holding up play. Hagan of the Rebels receiving treatment.

  • 31'

    Toua with a linebreak as the Brumbies threaten inside the Rebels 22 again. Just 10 short now.

  • 30'

    The Rebels turn it over but lose it forward and the Brumbies have a scrum 15 metres inside their own half.

  • 30'

    Scrum time penalty to the Brumbies, Hagan scrumming illegally for the Rebels.

  • 29'

    Toua's pass to Ah Wong is poor but the Brumbies wing eventually gathers and they can build again from halfway.

  • 28'

    Great play by McMahon to win the Rebels a penalty on their own goal line.

  • 26'

    The Brumbies enter the 22 of the Rebels as Kuridrani straightens, again they have great continuity.

  • 25'

    Thomson penalised for an infringement at the lineout, the Brumbies kick to touch outside the Rebels 22.

  • 24'

    Debreczeni finds touch ten metres inside the Brumbies half.

  • 23'

    TMO Review for foul play, looks like their might be a push from Thomson but no yellow card will be shown.

  • 23'

    Penalty awarded for the push by Thomson that compromised a player in the air, the Brumbies kick but Lealiifano misses his shot at goal.

  • 22'

    Crawford does well to gather off the kick off for the Rebels after Thomson missed the high ball.

  • 21'

    PENALTY, REBELS, DEBRECZENI! 10-8: Offside at the lineout and Debreczeni adds three with the boot.

  • 19'

    Intercept by Ah Wong and he kicks ahead but he dives on Hodge on the ground and the Rebels centre kicks to touch on the Brumbies 22 from the penalty.

  • 18'

    Carried to the Brumbies 22 by the Rebels who look to hit back straight away.

  • 17'

    Lealiifano's kick hits the upright and it stays at 7-8, Brumbies lead.

  • 16'

    TRY, BRUMBIES, POCOCK! 7-8: The Brumbies rumble over with a maul and once they are over it goes down, Pocock comes up with the ball, try time!

  • 15'

    The scrum goes down again and after another reset the Brumbies get a penalty, they reject three points and set up a lineout.

  • 13'

    The scrum goes down and has to be reset here. The field is churning up again at AAMI Park.

  • 12'

    Charged down! Ah Wong charges down Harris' kick but the Rebels eventually gather and win a scrum 10 metres from their own line.

  • 11'

    CONVERSION, REBELS, DEBRECZENI! 7-3: No mistake this time from Debreczeni, who will now be forgiven for his earlier miss.

  • 10'

    TRY, REBELS, CRAWFORD! 5-3: Debreczeni finds a hole then finds Crawford who shows great pace to get to the line!

  • 8'

    Great work by Fainga'a' to win a penalty for the Rebels but Debreczeni misses his kick at goal!

  • 7'

    PENALTY, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO! 0-3: Lealiifano makes no mistake from straight in front.

  • 6'

    After 24 phases the Rebels concede a penalty and Lealiifano may take a shot at goal here but he is down and we have to wait for him to get to his feet.

  • 4'

    The Brumbies build through 17 phases! They don't show much penetration but have the ball.

  • 3'

    Moore feeds the lineout just inside the Rebels half, Lealiifano throws a dummy and carries over the 10 metre line.

  • 2'

    Fardy gets his hands on the ball and the Brumbies win a penalty just outside their 22.

  • 1'

    Hodge kicks off for the Rebels and we are underway in Melbourne, Toua kicks to touch 40 metres out, Rebels lineout.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our coverage of the Super Rugby Australian derby between the Rebels and the Brumbies from AAMI Park in Melbourne, Australia.

  • 0'

    The Rebels have been boosted by the return of experienced trio Colby Fainga?a, Mike Harris and Lopeti Timani. Harris returns to full-back for the first time since he suffered a quad injury in the Rebels' season opener against the Western Force in Perth. After two appearances off the bench Fainga?a has been recalled to the starting XV for the first time since he injured his elbow against the Force in the opening round. Timani has recovered from a quad injury to be selected in the run-on team after the 25-year-old missed their match against the Blues in Auckland in Round 10.

  • 0'

    Brumbies head coach Stephen Larkham has named an unchanged matchday squad after last weekend's triumph over the Bulls. The experienced trio of Scott Sio, co-captain Stephen Moore and Ben Alexander pack down in the front-row while Rory Arnold and Sam Carter are the starting locks. Scott Fardy, David Pocock and Jarrad Butler make up the back-row while Tomás Cubelli and co-captain Christian Lealiifano are the half-backs. Robbie Coleman and Tevita Kuridrani pair up in the centres while James Dargaville and Nigel Ah Wong will start on either wing, Aidan Toua is the full-back.

  • 0'

    The Rebels had a bye last weekend after they were on the wrong end of a 36-30 result against the Blues in Auckland in Round 10. The previous week, they registered a deserved 36-14 home victory over the Cheetahs which followed a 38-13 loss to the Hurricanes in Round Eight.

  • 0'

    The Brumbies returned to the victory trail last weekend with a 23-6 victory over the Bulls in Canberra. Prior to that they lost 23-10 against the Highlanders in Dunedin and suffered a heavy 40-14 defeat against the Crusaders in Canberra in Round Nine.

Team Line-ups
Rebels Brumbies
  • Toby Smith
  • James Hanson
  • Jamie Hagan
  • Luke Jones
  • Lopeti Timani
  • Sean McMahon
  • Colby Fainga'a
  • Adam Thomson
  • Nic Stirzaker
  • Jack Debreczeni
  • Cam Crawford
  • Reece Hodge
  • Tamati Ellison
  • Sefanaia Naivalu
  • Mike Harris
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Scott Sio
  • Stephen Moore
  • Ben Alexander
  • Rory Arnold
  • Sam Carter
  • Scott Fardy
  • David Pocock
  • Jarrad Butler
  • Tomas Cubelli
  • Christian Lealiifano
  • Lausii Taliauli
  • James Dargaville
  • Tevita Kuridrani
  • Nigel Ah Wong
  • Aidan Toua
  • Pat Leafa
  • Cruze Ah-Nau
  • Tim Metcher
  • Sam Jeffries
  • Jordy Reid
  • Ben Meehan
  • Tom English
  • Kotaro Matsushima
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Josh Mann-Rea
  • Allan Alaalatoa
  • Ruan Smith
  • Thomas Staniforth
  • Blake Enever
  • Jordan Smiler
  • Joe Powell
  • Jordan Jackson-Hope

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