New innovations boosts MTN40

2010-10-26 16:16

Johannesburg - New innovations will be introduced at the MTN40 domestic cricket competition this year to attract more fans and make the franchises more competitive, it was announced at the Wanderers Club on Tuesday.

This season, the six franchises will be divided into two groups of three, based on how they finished last season. The leaders of the groups will proceed to the semi-finals, consisting of two legs and then the final.

There will be two Power Plays - where fielding positions are restricted - per innings, the first compulsory in the opening 10 overs and the other, of five overs, at the discretion of the fielding side, before the 31st over.

The squads this year have also been expanded to 13 players, with only the 13 players nominated before the toss able to fully participate in the match.

Day games will start at 11am and day/night games at 4pm with a limit of six hours for each match.

The roaming fan cam, the fan of the day competition and cricket challenges during the innings breaks will be used to attract people to the games.

The International Cricket Council was aware of problems in the 50-over format, with boredom creeping in around the middle of the overs, said Cricket South Africa CEO, Gerald Majola.

He said South Africa was at the forefront of experimentation with the 40-over game.

"Together with the other countries, we will compare and discuss what works and what doesn't and then there may be changes to the format of the World Cup after next year," he said.

"Feedback on last season was good and we are confident we can build on this positive platform and deliver a good competition which is also attractive to fans."

Cricket Australia is also launching a 40-over series this year. It is hoped other cricketing nations will follow suit and that the 50-over game will eventually disappear.

Cobras captain Justin Kemp said his team would spend the next few days reviewing the changes.

"The two extra bowlers will make it easier for the teams and having one less Power Play will make it more exciting.

"It means there should be no more dead games and they will all be tough. Each team will have to play well on the day to win."

Titans captain Blake Snijman thought the changes would give players who probably would not have had a chance to play under the old system an opportunity to showcase their skills.

"It's always nice to know the doors are still open into the World Cup squad, so we want to use this opportunity to show off our talent," he said.

Captains Morne van Wyk (Knights), Justin Kemp (Cobras), Blake Snijman (Titans), Davy Jacobs (Warriors), Darren Smit (Dolphins) and Alviro Petersen (Lions) with the trophy


  • Repsac Rebel - 2010-10-26 16:46

    All this for nothing.... The day I can start taking non-alcoholic beverages back into Supersport Park, knowing that security won't harass me again because of my camera. That day, more fans will start coming to matches. Current spectator regulations are keeping fans away.

  • Chris in Oz - 2010-10-27 05:14

    This all sounds exactly the same. Just 10 overs less. Aus is doing something totally different and I must say, I'm enjoying it a bit more. The Aus domestic compitition is played over 45 overs, split into two innings. First you have the two teams completing 20 overs a side then they return for the remaining 25. Certain field restrictions are valid in the two innings. Then there are 12 players who are all involved in the game. Any 11 can bat and any 11 can field. Also there are no powerplays. All the boring tactics and strategies of the previous format is thrown out the window and teams have to rethink their approach. It's not as interessting as 5 or 4-day cricket yet, but it is better than the old 50-over format. And a whole lot better than the 20/20 moer en soek cricket.

  • Michael - 2010-10-27 06:52

    Why not use a round bat. This allowing 13 players to take part in a game is not cricket. If a bowler is having a bad day he can be taken off. No. It then takes away the advantage to batting team will have when the captain is forced to look at alternatives to finish those overs. Also it will not teach the bowler to adjust during the game. I am not sure I will take family to watch this new format. There must be a round robin format where each team faces 5 teams. Then top 2 for final.

  • stuart - 2010-10-27 07:37

    you need to give something to the bowlers able to bowl 20cm down leg side --have a line if batters go below a certain run rate they get x deducted

  • virus... - 2010-10-27 08:04

    UCBSA, you keep changing and "improvising" the format that is supposedly there to breed our young players to bring us a world cup in another format....... It just doesn't make sense. That is why we will probably never win a 50 over world cup! @RepsacRebel, spot on dude. The day they stop harrasing the spectators that now have to pay R15 for a 500ml coke etc, they will have the bigger crowds and more families attending what was once a never too be missed occasion. Oh and yes, ,son, do you have a media permit for that camera..... ha ha ha ha ha. Idiots!

  • woesgeblaas - 2010-10-27 11:43

    I agree with Virus and this Repsac Rebel dude - changing the format and being innovative will not bring the crowds to the grounds. Rather create innovative ideas around ticketing prices and don't try and force a spectator to purchase your HEAVILY overpriced stock. I suppose you also want your pound of flesh from the already depleted consumer market. I think we need Piet Van Zyl to run over a couple of our Cricket Administrators... Wakem up a bit

  • Standi - 2010-10-27 13:50

    I remember watching the Western Province vs Eastern Province Benson & Hedges final at a PACKED Wanderers in 1992 when I was a lighty! (Yes it was at a neutral venue). Watching Kuiper and Lazzard both score 100's and then Wessels' EP chasing down a big total to win it. The ground wasn't packed because of the amount of overs, tactics, strategies, roaming fielders etc. etc. It was packed because people knew they were going to see the best cricketers in the country and they knew they would get a great vibe at the game! Remember the TV adverts for the B&H's series? "Come on Summer!" I can still hear that jingle! We didn't need to drop down to franchise system in the first place anyway, we are losing good fringe cricketers who can't make franchise sides and then they end up qualifying for England and NZ. 2 Seasons before they felt it was necessary to make it "strength vs strength" Border played Griquas in the Standard Bank Cup Final and WP played Border in the Super Sport series. I agree with all of you, domestic cricket is awesome, but they need to tap into the vibe that the fans want, play on the relationship marketing issue and make it accessible. Don't tamper with the game! R15 for a coke is ridiculous... Who the heel are the Chevrolet Knights? Nashua Mobile Cape Cobras? Flip it sounds like an American Nascar circuit with all the names and sponsors! There is no association between the fans and the game! "The Champions within?" the worst slogan I have ever heard for any sports team...ever! At least "Cricket with venom" sounded cool. I'm done rambling...sorry guys! ha ha

  • Cricket Lover - 2010-10-27 14:51

    Stop changing the bloody format of the game. Everytime the format changes, the players have to change their approach to the game. Then you go and play 50 overs in the World Cup, see our behinds again, and everybody calls us chokers. . . . . !! What you want to do is make the stadiums family friendly, allow us to take our own beverages, non-alcoholic of course, have a playing area for the kids and some activities etc. Provide some braai facilities and nice clean restrooms and I will be there for every game!! Stop changing formats and this and that, and start thinking outside the box!! Sport is busy dying a slow death in SA due to the fact that it is not family oriantated!!!!!!

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