South Africa

Pakistan won by 23 runs

Match played at Newlands, Cape Town, on 24 Nov 2013
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  • R
  • B
  • 4s
  • 6s
Nasir Jamshed c Kallis b Steyn
  • 24
  • 46
  • 1
  • 0
Ahmed Shehzad c de Kock b Kallis
  • 35
  • 70
  • 3
  • 0
Mohammad Hafeez c Amla b Steyn
  • 5
  • 10
  • 1
  • 0
Sohaib Maqsood c Imran Tahir b Kallis
  • 22
  • 43
  • 0
  • 0
Misbah-ul-Haq c de Kock b Morkel
  • 13
  • 19
  • 1
  • 0
Umar Akmal c de Kock b Philander
  • 0
  • 3
  • 0
  • 0
Shahid Afridi b Steyn
  • 26
  • 23
  • 1
  • 1
Bilawal Bhatti lbw Morkel
  • 39
  • 25
  • 3
  • 2
Anwar Ali not out
  • 43
  • 55
  • 6
  • 0
Saeed Ajmal c Duminy b Morkel
  • 3
  • 5
  • 0
  • 0
Junaid Khan not out
  • 0
  • 1
  • 0
  • 0
Extras (b 2, lb 1, w 5) 8
TOTAL (9 wickets; 50 overs) 218
Match Information
  • South Africa
  • 195
  • Pakistan
  • 218/9
  • Toss:
  • Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat
  • Umpires:
  • Johan Cloete, Chris Gaffaney
  • TV Umpire:
  • Bruce Oxenford
  • Referee:
  • Chris Broad
  • O
  • M
  • R
  • W
  • Dale Steyn
    • 3
    • 33
    • 2
    • 10
  • Vernon Philander
    • 1
    • 37
    • 0
    • 10
  • Morne Morkel
    • 3
    • 39
    • 0
    • 10
  • Jean-Paul Duminy
    • 0
    • 23
    • 0
    • 5
  • Imran Tahir
    • 0
    • 30
    • 1
    • 7
  • Jacques Kallis
    • 2
    • 53
    • 0
    • 8
Fall of Wickets
49/1 - Nasir Jamshed (15.2 ov), 58/2 - Mohammad Hafeez (17.3 ov), 73/3 - Ahmed Shehzad (23.3 ov), 97/4 - Misbah-ul-Haq (28.6 ov), 98/5 - Umar Akmal (29.4 ov), 124/6 - Sohaib Maqsood (34.3 ov), 131/7 - Shahid Afridi (35.5 ov), 205/8 - Bilawal Bhatti (47.3 ov), 213/9 - Saeed Ajmal (49.2 ov)
  • - Man-of-the-match today is Anwar Ali - congratulations to him for a great performance on debut! Thanks for joining us for all the action at Newlands in Cape Town today - hopefully we'll see you for the second ODI of three in Port Elizabeth on Wednesday the 27th of November. Til then, take care! My name is Gareth Allison, and it's been my pleasure to provide you with coverage today. Bye for now.

  • - It was a game for the debutants, as both Bilawal and Anwar shone with the bat, giving their side an honest total to defend with 39 and 43 not-out respectively. South Africa throttled Pakistan for much of their innings, but the last ten overs were key - 76 runs coming from them.

  • - Wickets fell reguarly throughout the Proteas' innings, with the wickets of Jacques Kallis and AB de Villiers crucial in de-railing the hosts' assault. Kallis particularly looked completely comfortable at the crease after 20 months away from ODI cricket,.and his half-century seemed to be gluing the side together before the debutant Anwar bowled him via a bottom-edge. JP Duminy battled hard for his 49, but after that there were no contributions of merit from anyone else in the order - the next-best score was Morne Morkel's 17.

  • - Pakistan bowled extremely well to defend a modest 218, and it's their first win over the hosts in an ODI at this ground. Bilawal starred with 3 for 37, whilst Anwar Ali and Saeed Ajmal both claimed two apiece. South Africa were made to pay for some sub-standard bowling in the last ten overs of the Pakistani innings, as well as some decidedly weak moments in the field. Dropped catches, botched run-outs, over-throws - take your pick, they were all in there.

  • - It's all over - OUT! Bilawal bowls Morne Morkel with the first delivery of the 49th, and Pakistan have won!Yorker on middle-stump, and Bhatti ends with three wickets to his name. Both he and Anwar Ali have made significant contributions towards this win, and Pakistan have gone 1-0 up in this Momentum ODI series here at Newlands. Valiant efforts from Philander, Steyn and Morkel in the tail to stave off defeat, but it was just 23 runs too far for them.

  • - Play-and-miss from Morkel as Junaid beats him with consecutive deliveries. He does make contact off the third ball though, swinging a poorly-directed ball leg-side for a couple of runs to stay on strike. Quick bowling from the Pakistani left-armer, and he beats Morne again, eventually conceding another single off the last ball. Great over from him, and that's really made it near-impossible now for South Africa to drag themselves home.

  • - Some wild swipes and misses, but Morkel gets a single away before Dale steps out, clears the front leg and smokes one through cover for a blistering four to get the crowd up on their feet! He, too, goes for a wild swish and misses entirely, the short-pitched ball flashing past him. They say that he who lives by the sword will die by the sword, and that's what happens as he goes for another big swing to an inswinger pitched up,.and has his stumps shattered for his troubles! OUT, and his rear-guard action has come to an end. That was quick, 144kph, and now only Imran Tahir is left for South Africa to call on. 27 runs needed from 18 balls - Junaid would dearly love to finish this off now.

  • - South Africa's two opening bowlers are doing their darndest to get their side over the line. These last few overs are going to be quite fascinating indeed! Bilawal Bhatti is back for Pakistan.

  • - Oh my! Steyn blocks two before swinging one high and handsome for six over cow-corner! That was really connected hard,. and the crowd are loving it in the stands. It was on a length, and he dropped a knee and just went for it. Ajmal decides to change it up, choosing an around-the-wicket approach to the right-hander instead.

  • - 38 runs required from 30 balls, with one more over of Saeed Ajmal to come. He'll bowl now to Dale Steyn, with the shadows covering more than half of this Newlands pitch.

  • - Bosh! Morkel has another go, this time tonking Junaid straight down the ground, almost taking Steyn's head off as he stood at the non-striker's end. FOUR. He then backs away and flashes at one wide of off, and comes very close to feathering through to Akmal before steering one more impressively wide of third man for a few. More excitement ensues as Morne goes for an expansive drive and inside-edges past the woodwork, with Akmal doing well to stop the boundary that appeared to be on the way!

  • - Wicket - Duminy goes for a switch-hit-cum-reverse-sweep, which hits him and loops up for Umar Akmal to dive forward and grab just before the ball hits the grass. OUT - the umpire's given it, but did it hit the glove or the arm? Oh dear, the replays show the ball might have hit JP's arm and then shoulder rather than the glove, but he's gone for 49. You feel that South Africa's hopes for victory have gone with him. Morne Morkel walks in and instantly smacks Saeed Ajmal straight back over his head - SIX! The bowler gives him a long, hard glare, but it was struck cleanly indeed by the tall opening bowler. He gets a leading edge, with the ball popping safely into the cover area...far less impressive than his last effort.

  • - Sharp bouncer from Junaid to Steyn! The tall fast bowler has to jolt out of the way at the last minute, and he's got a huge grin on his face after that - Junaid, however, looks rather less amused. He sends down a fireball outside off, and gets Steyn playing and missing there too. Finally we have bat on ball as Dale thrashes one through extra, but the sweeper makes sure there won't be more than one run lost. Duminy steers to third-man, and Steyn finishes off the over with another play-and-miss to leave the hosts staring at 7 runs-per-over needed from here on out.

  • - Some quick leg-spinners coming in from Afridi, who goes up for a big LBW appeal against Dale Steyn early on - trouble is, that ball was high and looking to miss even the leg-stump as well. Optimistic at best. South Africa's fast man eventually gets a single away, but the scoring rate has dropped alarmingly. Duminy takes the law into his own hands, and drives a full one beautifully through the covers to leave the chasing fielder with no chance. That's a welcome FOUR to end with, and a couple more of those would certainly not go amiss if you're a Proteas fan.

  • - Steyn steps up and bunts one past point for two, and Misbah is not too pleased with the effort from the man running around the third-man boundary - the throw was a bit wild and helped the batsman get through for that second run with less pressure on them. Still, Junaid's over only costs Pakistan four runs, leaving Steyn and JP with plenty of work in front of them.

  • - We'll have Junaid Khan to resume his duties now that the powerplay is done with - he's only bowled four overs so far today, with the important wicket of Hashim Amla to his name.

  • - Loud, insistent, pleading appeal from Saeed Ajmal for leg-before against Dale Steyn, but the umpire is having none of it. Ajmal looks flabbergasted, but replays show that the ball hit the pad after pitching outside the line of off-stump, meaning that the batsman cannot be given out. Again, as in the last over, only a single run is added from the bat of Duminy to leave South Africa seeking 62 runs from the last 60 balls of the match. Ajmal still has two overs in the bank, and those will be invaluable in not only preventing South Africa from reaching their target, but also in potentially bowling them out.

  • - An appeal goes up as Duminy dances out to Hafeez to be struck on the pad, but he was too far down for there to be a positive verdict for the bowling side. Dale Steyn rather fancies himself with bat in hand, but he's going to have his work cut out for him with the wily spin of Professor Hafeez and Ajmal to deal with. Just a solitary run from that over off the bat of Duminy, and the pressure ramps up even more, with the required rate climbing to almost a run a ball now.

  • - There's some turn first up for Philander facing Ajmal, but he works it away well for one. JP shepherds one to square-leg to move off-strike, but Philander gets a top edge pushing forward to one that loops up, and it flies to Sohaib Maqsood to take the catch! OUT! A great time for the master spinner to strike, and Philander puts his bat under his arm and stalks off, his total of 14 coming from 26 balls. He did well to stick around with Duminy, but South Africa's hopes have taken another considerable blow. The fiery Dale Steyn will come out to try his hand at helping JP steer their side home, but Pakistan are firmly in the driving seat.

  • - This should be interesting now - Saeed Ajmal back in the thick of things.

  • - A back-foot punch to long-off is bread and butter for Duminy against the spinners, and he uses it now again to pick up a single. Veron works one of his pads for a run of his own as well. The batting duo rinse and repeat to tie at two runs each for the over, as Mohammad Hafeez completes his ninth over for the day - one to go for him this evening.

  • - FOUR, as Duminy strokes one through the covers for a good start to SA's five-over block. He then tucks one away off his legs for one, before Vern frees his arms and biffs one in the air over point to go for FOUR! Bhatti looks extremely nonplussed at that shot, but it helps South Africa to nab nine runs from that over. A lot of tension out there, crucial period for the game as the fielding restrictions during the powerplay could give South Africa a timely upper hand.

  • - We've seen a few smart late-cuts from Duminy today, and he shows off another now. Just one run to add, though. Afridi gives it a bit more air, and both batsmen take him up on his offer, driving down the ground. Four runs accrue from the over, and the batting powerplay is now being enforced - the impressive Bilawal Bhatti will be the man to bowl the first of the five allotted powerplay overs.

  • - Anwar Ali bowls a superb ball to square Duminy up and beat the edge as well - unlucky, deserved a wicket with that ball! That would have beaten most. The run-rate has now crept past five - 5.25 per over, to be exact. Pressure.firmly on, with Duminy on 29 and Philander holding steady with him on 6.

  • - Duminy keeps the strike after he and Philander grab a single after every second ball of the over. Remember: South Africa still have a batting powerplay at their disposal.

  • - Who are you backing with 18 overs left? South Africa only have four wickets to their name, with 88 runs to get. Can Pakistan win another game at Newlands after Friday night's T20 success here? Shahid Afridi is back to have a crack at these two.

  • - Good square-drive off the back foot from Big Vern draws a smile from Anwar Ali. A wide slip (almost gully) is in a catching position as well for the right-hander. JP nudges one for a quickly-run single as well - a stifled appeal goes up for one that hits Philander rather high up on the pads, but not-out is the correct call as the players break for drinks.

  • - Hafeez gets to have a go at Vernon, after JP Duminy hands over the strike from the over's first delivery. Nope, he's not flustered is the fast-bowler, defending well with a straight bat to keep the spinner out, at least for this over. 128/6 now are the Proteas.

  • - Good, strong pull from Duminy finds him a single, but Miller chases a wide one from Anwar to edge through to the keeper. OUT! Pakistan didn't have to wait long to get their man after being disappointed in the last over, and David Miller is out for 4. Not a thick edge, but an edge indeed. It's going to be a tall order for South Africa to get across the line now, you'd think, with a fairly long tail. Anwar Ali has a second wicket to his name in his first day out, and he's loving ODI cricket right now. Vernon Philander's highest score in ODIs to date is just 23, and he'll have to provide some support for the last recognised batsman out there, JP Duminy. He has a sighter by letting one go through, before wristily glancing a full delivery through mid-wicket for a sumptous four! Wow, that was impressive - a few more like that won't hurt his side's cause at all!

  • - Back-foot jab down the ground backing away by Miller, but again, only a single accrues. Both he and fellow left-hander Duminy are looking confident on the drive, but no so much on the sweep - Miller attempts one and is hit on the pads to trigger an uproarious appeal for LBW. The umpire shakes his head, but Misbah wants this one reviewed. On first impression, it seemed to be slightly high and heading down leg, but we'll have to see the replay for the third umpire to make his decision. It's pitched in line, but would have only just clipped the leg-stump, to make it the on-field umpire's call. NOT OUT, and Newlands breathes again. It's a fair decision, but the Pakistanis don't seem too happy. Miller lives on.

  • - Miller is able to turn the first ball away off his hip for one, not the best line to bowl to a new batsman still getting used to life in the middle. Duminy gets a single of his own down to long-on - a quiet over as these two Proteas seek to rebuild their battered chase.

  • - Philander, Steyn, Morkel and Imran Tahir still to bat for South Africa. Miller and Duminy know that their side still has 102 runs to get, with the Pakistani bowlers fancying their chances now.

  • - Misbah is far more confident now, and has instilled a slip and a short-leg for Mohammad Hafeez to bowl to. Miller presses forward, and oh! That was so close! Pitched on off, the ball turned away slightly and beat both the bat and the stumps! Extremely close, and Pakistan inhale sharply. They're not short of confidence at the moment.

  • - FOUR! Kallis leans back and cracks that through point, and a single from the next ball to mid-wicket brings up yet another fifty for Jacques Henry Kallis. Newlands stands to applaud it's own. Duminy gets his mate back on-strike with a single of his own, but oh...he's OUT! Kallis is out. He's edged onto his stumps, and that's a huge wicket for Anwar Ali, his first wicket in ODIs. Kallis has to go, and it goes without saying how much of a blow that is to South Africa's chances. David Miller, hero for the Dolphins and Yorkshire in limited-overs cricket, will be the new man in, and he starts off with a cover-driven single to end a dramatic over.

  • - Anwar Ali is handed the ball - he only bowled one over at the top of the innings after starring with the bat. Kallis is approaching yet another ODI fifty as well - it would be his 86th, would you believe!

  • - Hafeez continues, buzzing through his overs from around the sticks as Kallis adds another for the day by opening the face of the bat in front of point. Duminy works one off his hips for a double, and just like that we're halfway through this South African innings - 25 overs down, 25 more to go. South Africa are still 110 runs short of this Pakistani total, with the required rate sitting on 4.25.

  • - A wide from Afridi as he, too, goes around the wicket to JP Duminy. The left-hander does well to go back to one just a little too short, and cuts it beautifully late behind point for FOUR - that's his first boundary. He then works a ball through mid-wicket to pick up another single to add to his total. Kallis obligingly gets his partner back on strike, and JP doesn't have to wait long for his second boundary of the day - three balls in fact.This time it s sweet cover-drive from one that was flighted too much, and Afridi's over has been a rather expensive one, all-told.

  • - A single to men in the deep from each of the first five balls of the over, as Hafeez comes around the wicket to both batsmen. He's definitely employing more flight than Afridi, trying to entice the batsmen to get forward to him and make an error as the ball turns away from Duminy and into Kallis.

  • - Saeed Ajmal has been given a rest, with captain Misbah-ul-Haq turning to Mohammad Hafeez. Can he add to the wicket of Graeme Smith?

  • - Too much width from Afridi gives Duminy an easy back-foot cut, but he can't get it past point. Another short one is cut away for a single as well, as the bowler struggles a bit with his length in his third over. He's still bowling at a quicker pace than Ajmal, trying to hurry the two South Africans into making an error.

  • - All calm and collected from the veteran all-rounder, as he defends stoically, picking up yet anothger single after meeting the pitch of the ball and steering it to the point area. Brisk over from Ajmal, helping to ensure that Pakistan will not have slow over-rate woes like the hosts did.

  • - Afridi is sending them down at a brisk pace, trying to rush the new man. Duminy uses his feet to drive well, albeit only for a single. Kallis quietly accumulates a few more singles, before Duminy uses his feet again to hit down the ground for one more - starting to show some intent and enterprise now. Twenty overs gone, and the Proteas move to 85/4, with Kallis on 38 and Duminy on 2. The required rate is still not to scary, but it's the four top-order wickets that will worry fans of the men in green and gold.

  • - Spin in tandem, as Ajmal continues with a slip waiting patiently next to keeper Umar Akmal. Kallis works one comfortably away to fine leg, but Duminy seems far less confident against Pakistan's premier spinner, padding up to a delivery coming at him from around the wicket. Huge appeal from the Pakistanis, an arm ball, but he was rather far forward. Not out, and rightly so. A couple of tight, tense overs, and this game is now rather finely poised.

  • - Shahid Afridi is on now, and he's successful right away - OUT! AB is bowled playing back when he should have been coming forward, and that is a crucial wicket claimed the evergreen allrounder! Just the 10 runs today for de Villiers, who trudges off looking grim. JP Duminy will replace him, knowing that he has quite a job to do know with Kallis, who is looking set at the crease. He's waving his bat around like a windmill as he loosens up there in the middle, echoing an old television commercial in the late 1990s featuring Brian McMillan doing the same to blow away spectators at the Wanderers with the force of the gusts it created. Perhaps I'm showing my age here? No matter - in the meantime, Afridi completes a wicket maiden to leave the South African fans in the crowd rather pensive.

  • - Working one away off his hips, Kallis gets a single - they thought about two there, but there wasn't time. They do, however, manage to run two after AB pulls a shorter one in front of mid-wicket. It wasn't superbly timed, but was hit well-enough to get that couple. A frugal over from Bilawal, who I think has suprised a lot of people today with his pace.

  • - Ajmal continues to graft, switching to bowling around the wicket after both Kallis and AB help themselves to singles down the ground. Kallis tries to show some intent, but is almost outfoxed when he uses his feet, managing to squeeze the ball down and away before regaining his ground. A drop-and-run single is a good option to help turn over the strike in this form of cricket, and the two run well to do so here now.

  • - Bhatti steams in aggressively but slings down a full-toss for AB to smack straight down the ground for FOUR. The diving fielder had no chance, the shot middled sweetly out of the captain's bat. A nurdle off the back-foot towards mid-wicket earns him a single, before Jacques Kallis defends out the over. That'll be drinks, folks. Go and grab something refreshing - it's certainly needed if you're in Cape Town today. South Africa are 71/3 after fifteen.

  • - Doosra to Kallis, just outside off, and he misses it. Lovely bowling! The batsman is watchful in dealing with the next few deliveries, playing one that rears up well to keep it down, and defending with a straight bat before stroking a single off the final ball of the over down the ground. Always fascinating watching a master spinner such as Ajmal go about his business.

  • - Wicket! de Kock has been bowled by Bilawal Bhatti, and he's gone for 19! Went for the drive, and the ball went straight through the gap to knock him over. Pakistan have their third, and South Africa's nerves will be jangling. Captain AB de Villiers will be the new man in, and a lot will rest on this partnership between two highly-experienced campaigners. De Villiers gets a full ball on leg to ease a single, and Kallis adds one of his own. AB's timing looks to be good so far as he punches one to cover, despite only being able to find the fielder.

  • - Ajmal making use of some nice flight in this over, dipping it in and forcing both batsmen to play him off the back foot. He delivers one out of the back of the hand to de Kock, who gets an inside-edge away for a single - not sure what that delivery was, possibly the doosra, but it was pitched a little too short. The batsman definitely wasn't certain which way it was going to turn though - crafty stuff as we've come to expect from Ajmal.

  • - That quiet last over is swiftly remedied by Quinton de Kock, who whips one through mid-wicket for a sharp FOUR, pulled off a delivery that didn't seem that short! Good shot, as Bilawal's worked his pace up to the low 140's. He gets one to beat Kallis off the back foot, moving back in nicely. The batsman regains his composure though, and deftly opens the face off the back foot to get an easy single down to third-man.

  • - de Kock bunts to cover and gets a run due to a mis-field - Pakistan can't afford a sloppy performance in the field today, with a target of under 220 to defend. Kallis is staying on the back foot, deep in the crease as he circumspectly deals with Ajmal, as the tenth over (as well as the first powerplay) comes to an end with the home team on 52/2.

  • - Double-change for the visitors, with the wily Saeed Ajmal to take up the challenge.

  • - A bit of bounce suprises Kallis, rearing up and forcing him to drop the bottom hand off the bat as he defends it. Bilawal will be a bit of an unknown quantity to him, as he wouldn't have faced him before - no matter though, as Kallis steers one wide of point off the back foot to beat the chasing third-man fielder to the rope. FOUR more, and South Africa have passed fifty.

  • - Indeed, as I mention that, Misbah has called on Bilawal Bhatti for some right-arm medium-fast to replace Junaid.

  • - Lots of hands on heads as de Kock plays back to Hafeez, missing the ball - which somehow manages to miss his off-stump by what surely must be millimetres! Very fortunate there for the young batsman...and it happens again, almost a carbon-copy! Playing back, missing bat and timber both. Kallis comes down and has a word with his partner, all those years of experience will be of some benefit to de Kock right now, who looks better in driving a single past mid-off. Kallis takes his chance to impress and swivels to hoist a huge SIX over cow-corner, a pull to a ball delivered from around the wicket.Bam! Too short, and deposited nonchalantly to take the Proteas to 45/2 after 8 overs. I have a feeling that its time for a bowling change or two from captain Misbah-ul-Haq now.

  • - Classic Kallis as he strides down to flick the ball imperiously in front of mid-wicket for FOUR to open his account, before showing us the full face of the bat to cover-drive Junaid for another boundary from the very next delivery. The fielding side have put a man in at a silly mid-off position, but the bowler strays with a leg-side shorter ball that is pulled smartly for the third boundary of the over. Kallis is showing us what this ODI side has missed in the last eighteen months.

  • - Hafeez continues to de Kock, who is defending well with a nice straight bat. He gets a fuller one and steps to the pitch to whip it away to leg for a wristy boundary - very well played. Hafeez bowling fairly flat, pushing them through, but that one was pitched up a little more and was dealt with well by the young player from the Highveld.

  • - A push back to the bowler from de Kock sees the bowler fielding with a mock-shy at the wickets, before some angry stares. The batsman gets off strike with a gentle tap towards the third-man fielder. Junaid ischanging his approach of attack to around the wicket for Kallis, who looks supremely calm and defends as if he has all the time in the world - and he does, really. We're only into the fifth over of the chase, and the required rate is under four-and-a-half an over.

  • - Well, well, well folks, we have a contest on right now. The calm, experience of Jacques Kallis, the youthful exuberance of de Kock and a fired-up Pakistani team. Let's do this!

  • - Around the wicket, and Smith backs away and creams the ball through the covers for a solid boundary. There's a slip and a leg-slip in place for the former captain, who is starting to look a little more at home at the crease. A rush of blood to the head as he backs away again, but overbalances - Umar Akmal has the bails off in a flash! Quite an appeal from him as well. Is this going to be out? Smith's foot was in the air for quite a while, and it's touch-and-go as to whether it was down before the bails had popped off...the third umpire has a tough decision to make here. OUT! That's two in two overs from the Pakistanis, and their tails are up! Graeme Smith is gone for 12, and the colossal presence of Jacques Kallis is now required out in the middle. He's all defence as Hafeez closes out a very successful first over.

  • - We'll have some spin from Mohammad Hafeez early on - he's often used early on in white-ball cricket by his captain, and has been able to pick up early wickets.

  • - OUT! Amla has been bowled around his legs by Junaid as the opener tried to flick one fine down leg. The ball just grazed his leg and crashed into the stumps, and South Africa are one-down early on. Just what Pakistan would have wanted, and the prolific Hashim Amla trudges back with just 3 to his name. Two left-handers at the crease now, as the in-form Quinton de Kock walks in and calmly bunts a shorter one straight to mid-wicket for FOUR. Great, confident shot from the youngster. He then looks less classy by have a waft outside off to frustrate Junaid, but then times a punch sweetly into the covers (albeit for no reward). Can Pakistan build on this good start?

  • - Oops, a wide outside off-stump to start with from Anwar. Amla plays square delightfully of the back foot, and the ball seems destined for four. Great work on the boundary from a diving Ahmed Shahzad sees one run saved, as they crossed for three. That was perfectly placed between point and cover from the bearded maestro. Smith seems uncomfortable and scratchy, working hard to get the ball away but is struck high up on the leg as we tries in vain. Muted appeal, and he finally manages to work one away for a couple of runs after finding some timing.

  • - The hero with the bat, Anwar Ali, will be Junaid's opening partner - Hashim Amla waits at the crease, two slips behind him.

  • - Smith leaves one outside off, before angling his bat awkwardly and playing the ball down and off his body - the bowler initially thought the ball was heading for the stumps. That was a tad close! An error in line sees Smith able to nudge the ball off his pads fine, and the first boundary of the innings is his. The left-handed batsman then defends, with the ball squirting square on the leg-side off the inside half of the bat to allow them a couple.

  • - Welcome back folks - Pakistan are taking the field, with South Africa just about ready to chase the 219 runs they need for victory and a 1-0 lead in this ODI series. Graeme Smith and Hashim Amla are the two opening batsmen, with the left-arm quick Junaid Khan marking out his run-up. Smith will face the first ball of proceedings this afternoon.

  • - Join us again in half-an-hour for the South African chase under sunny skies here at Newlands in Cape Town. I'm Gareth Allison - thanks for joining us!

  • - Anwar Ali ends on 43 not-out on his debut, top-scoring in a Pakistani innings that started solidly before beginning their almost-traditional middle-order wobble before he and Bilawal Bhatti took the South Africans on. They will be pleased to have got the score they did after being 98/5 and 124/6, but will it be enough on a surface that still seems to be very good for batting? They do have a very good bowling attack in their favour, and it will be interesting to see how they will fare sans their giant fast bowler, Mohammad Irfan, who would have been a tantalsing prospect on this track full of bounce.

  • - Morne picks up another wicket as a miscued pull from Saeed Ajmal takes the leading-edge and is comfortably pouched by JP Duminy at mid-on. He's gone for 3, with Anwar Ali still there shy of an ODI fifty on debut. Junaid Khan will not take strike as they were able to cross whilst the ball was in the air. Anwar can't get off-strike from his first ball faced off Morkel. He does well though to bunt his second down the ground, well stopped right on the rope after it bounced higher than the fielder anticipated. A wild swing-and-miss allows them to sneak through for two byes off the final ball, much to Morne Morkel's frustration, He had a wild shy at the stumps at his end, and it cost a needless additional run. That's that, folks, and Pakistan have ended on 218/9 - incidentally, the first time they have passed 200 batting first at Newlands.

  • - Dale Steyn misses his line first-up, directing it down leg where it's whipped away for just one on the square-leg boundary. Yet another fluffed run-out chance as Steyn can't collect a throw from JP Duminy on the long-on boundary - the batsman would have been comfortably out. Defintely not one of South Africa's better days in the field, and they can't afford to make so many simple mistakes in bigger games. Anwar has a wild swing at one from the bowler that is just barely under 150km per hour, but only makes contact with fresh air. That's the end of Dale Steyn's spell, and he's bowled well to pick up three wickets for 33 runs from his ten overs.

  • - It's all happening here! Bang, FOUR! Bang, SIX! Bilawal is smacking Morkel around in some style, firstly freeing his arms to clout a shorter one over cover, and then comes down the track to collect a fuller one on middle over square-leg! Sensational batting. He then tries his luck one time too many, skipping outside off-stump and trying to hoick the ball over short-fine-leg. Hit on the pad square in front, the umpire had no hestitation in giving him OUT LBW. What an innings it's been though from Bilawal Bhatti, showing scant respect for the likes of Kallis and Morkel. He's out for 39 from only 25 balls, and he's played a valuable knock for his side. Saeed Ajmal is the new man,. and he's hit on an atemmpted hook shot. That must have been rather painful!

  • - A couple of sweeps are on display, before the batsman comes down the pitch. Duminy sees him coming and bowls it wide of off in an attempt to get him stumped, but Anwar Ali reaches out and swats the ball down the ground like a tennis ball but a very unconventional FOUR! Lots of bottom hand, and the fielder couldn't cut it off on the boundary rope.

  • - Kallis continues, still smarting from that outrageous six biffed off him in his last over. and there's more pain for him as this time it's Anwar Ali who takes him on. He firstly clips one heading down leg for an aerial FOUR to the fine leg boundary over the man in the circle, and then calmly swats the seasoned all-rounder over cover for a boundary. To add even further salt to the wound, he racks up yet another to make it three boundaries from three balls, cover-driving superbly along the ground. The Pakistani fans in the crowd are on their feet, and these two have gone some way to saving their side's blushes. Fifty partnership has also come up in that over. Four overs to go - can they get to 200?

  • - Tight over from JP Duminy, firing in his off-spinners to limit the batsmen to just two runs. South Africa are behind the over-rate as well, so quick overs like these will help their cause.

  • - Well, well, well - SIX! What a shot from Bhliawal Bhatti, smacked handsomely over mid-wicket! Great timing and confidence, and that will have left Kallis in a foul mood for sure. Good running sees them come through for two off the next ball, and these two are edging Pakistan ever-closer to that 200 mark. They won't get there if Anwar Ali has an ugly flash outside off-stump like he does at Kallis now - lucky not to edge that.

  • - Tahir zaps one in around 90km an hour, forcing Bhatti to act quickly in pulling one for a single. Good change of pace from the leggie. He then starts giving it more flight, and a nice bit of turn is on offer for him too. Just that single from this Imran Tahir over, and he did well after his last one proved expensive.

  • - Angled ball into the batsman is clipped away for one - Bhatti then pushes one to cover to add another single to the score. Kallis then targets Anwar with a good bouncer that had the man off his feet, playing down towards point. They thought about the single, but the striker slipped and managed to crawl into his crease. The bowler tries for another bouncer but it's mis-directed towards leg, and is well flicked off the hip for FOUR runs by Anwar Ali to fine-leg.

  • - Here comes Kallis - unlike Tahir, he will have a slip in place.

  • - Anwar Ali flicks the returning Imran Tahir to leg, and they dart through a single as David Miller fires in a throw from mid-wicket. Is that run-out? No, the third-umpire says - Bhatti had made his ground in time, with de Kock whipping off the bails. They're showing heart these two, and Bhatti sweeps away to claim FOUR runs, as the ball pitched in front of Morne Morkel and spun away to the boundary, leaving him look rather foolish. Heartbreak for Tahir off the last ball, as the batsman edges an attempted cut right through the vacant first-slip area to collect FOUR more. Turned out to be a rather expensive over, that one.

  • - Steyn is really firing them in, getting up to 147km per hour and then bowling cross-seam to keep the batsman guessing - must be a nightmare to face! Still, Anwar Ali is hanging in there, and he manages three runs off the fifthdelivery by driving a fuller one through cover. He gestures to the dressing-room for a drink and fresh gloves - it is extremely hot in Cape Town today, and a good crowd in here at Newlands enjoying the cricket in this weather. Steyn tries to take Bhatti's head off with a hectic bouncer that the batsman does well to defend away - good steel shown from the debutant!

  • - I've just had word that Bhilawal Bhatti has two first-class centuries to his name - his side need some of that grit now.

  • - Last over of the batting powerplay, and these two seem quite keen to be run-out! Some stop-start calling, and they're lucky to get back in time off two consecutive deliveries! Bhatti, however, does well to chip a full one away to leg for three, and the running was better that time for sure. Third-man comes into play again, this time running wide to his right as the ball is steered out in his direction by Anwar. Eleven overs remain now in this Pakistani innings - can these two survive and get their side to a defendable total? Both Morkel and Steyn have two overs each.

  • - We're still in the powerplay, and there's a good on-drive for FOUR off Steyn here from Anwar, the diving bowler unable to cut it off. Two slips in place, as South Africa attack this inexperienced pair. The bowler,. however, then sprays it down leg for a wide, an easy call for the umpire.The batsman does well to get up to defend a steepling ball into the off-side. Steyn still has two overs left in his quota, and it will be interesting to see if his captain bowls him out now in the next few overs. Oh dear, he seems to be clutching his lower back after the last ball of the over - that may make de Villiers' decision for him! Hopefully it's nothing too serious, but its always concerning when you see a fast-bowler do that.

  • - Morne Morkel with ball in hand, and Bhatti jabs him to third-man for a single to start the over off. Run-out chance - Ali fended one off to square-leg and dashed through. He had to put in the dive as the under-arm throw came in from the fielder, shattering the stumps and getting the third umpire involved - NOT-OUT though, and Anwar Ali did well to make his ground with that effort. That ball was 146km per hour - seriously quick from the tall Titans player!

  • - Anwar Ali, also on debut, joins Bhatti out in the middle now. Three wickets left for Pakistan with 14 overs still to play - 131/7. Steyn has three wickets for 20.

  • - The batting powerplay has been enforced. Afridi calmly clips one to mid-wicket for a single first-up, leaving Bhatti to face his first ball in ODIs - he does well to score a single off it, turning the ball to fine-leg to get off-strike. Typical slashing outside off from Afridi sees the ball flying down through the vacant slips to beat third-man - FOUR. Steyn is not too pleased, but revenge comes immediately as Afridi steps outside off and tries to ramp the ball over fine=leg, but is bowled instead. OUT! Steyn has his man, the leg-stump rattled, and Afridi has to go for 26.

  • - Oh, hello there Dale Steyn. He's back to bowl his seventh over.

  • - Bang - SIX! Kallis is on the receiving end right from the get-go as Afridi picked the off-cutter and belted it straight down the ground. He's hit many a six in his time, and that was just another to add to the list. He steers the next one rather more deftly down to third-man, showing that he's not all brute force. Maqsood has been watching from the other end, and decides to try and clout Kallis over long-off, but he doesn't get hold of it properly at all - a slog, really, and Imran Tahir takes the catch - OUT! Second wicket of the day for Jacques kallis, and Sohaib Maqsood has perished for 22. The batsmen crossed whilst that ball was in the air, giving Afridi the opportunity to dab one down to the fielder at third-man yet again to collect a single. He's been joined by Bilawal Bhatti, the right-hander making his ODI debut here today.

  • - Philander gives Afridi a slower bouncer, but there's enough width for him to carve that wide of third-man for two. He then taps on to mid-on a little more softly, and they scamper through for a good single before Maqsood bunts a couple through cover. That's the end of Philander today, as he completes his allotted ten overs - one wicket at a cost of 37 runs for Dr. Phil on his home patch.

  • - Dropped! Oh dear, South Africa have been poor in the outfield today. It wasn't the easiest of catches, but captain AB did the hard work and got there, only to put it down running back from cover. Maqsood is a fortunate man - you can normally rely on de Villiers to claim more difficult chances than that one. Duminy is alternating his flight between loopers and fired-in deliveries, but these two batsmen manage to work them away for a single off each ball, bar one.

  • - We'll have more from JP Duminy now, affectionately known as Golden Arm by his Proteas team-mates.

  • - A thick outside-edge from Sohaib Maqsood goes down yet again to third-man - a busy position in the field in ODI games. Philander beat the edge beautifully the ball before, pitching it on off before the seam darted the ball away to miss the bat by millimetres. A joy to watch, that. Afridi pulls one but doesn't connect too well at all, but it lobs safely into the vacant square-leg area, fortunately for him. The players will take drinks, with Pakistan sitting on 107/5 now after 32 overs, going at 3.34 runs an over.

  • - Maqsood is having to jump to be able to deal with the bounce Morkel is extracting from this Newlands pitch - it would have been an absolute treat to see what kind of assistance Mohammad Irfan would have been able to get here! He works one to third-man for a single, before Afridi also leaps up to swat one wide of the self-same third-man fielder to add two more runs to his, and Pakistan's, total.

  • - OUT! Akmal's stay at the crease is a short one, as he prods forward and edges through to de Kock, who tumbles to his right to take a simple catch. Fist-pump from Big Vern, and Pakistan have now lost two quick wickets to really put themselves under a great deal of pressure now. Classic line-and-length stuff from the Protea's paceman, and Umar Akmal has lasted just three balls. 98/5 now are the men from the sub-continent, and Shahid Afridi will stride in with a lot of expectations now resting on him and his partner Maqsood. There is still plenty of time left for them to back,.but half their side is now in the hut. Two runs for Afridi to get him off the mark. bunting one square of fine-leg after being beaten with his first delivery faced.

  • - We have another change, with Vernon Philander taking up the reins from Jacques Kallis. South Africa have their tails up now, and will be looking to make further inroads into a lineup well-known for spectacular collapses from solid starts.

  • - Sohaib and Misbah trade in singles. before Morne fires a quick bouncer at the captain's body - he can only parry it away down leg where it loops up and easily taken by Quinton de Kock behind the stumps. That's OUT, folks and Misbah has to walk! Oh dear, he won't be able to perform his anchor role here today, and South Africa will be delighted with that wicket. Morkel's first wicket today, and Pakistan are four-down now with their total still short of 100. Misbah-ul-Haq leaves the field with 13 to his name, and he will replaced out in the centre by the exciting (and in-form), Umar Akmal.

  • - Imran Tahir is indeed taken off for a break, and Morne Morkel is re-introduced to the attack. Can South Africa collect themselves and nab the wicket of Pakistan's stalwart, Misbah?

  • - Oh my goodness - this is really not South Africa's day in the field, is it? A skier from Sohaib Maqsood goes high, high up and should have been taken easily either by the man at deep mid-off or cover - they certainly had more than enough time to make the call and get under it. Inexplicably the ball drops between them, with Kallis understandably unimpressed. Both fielders, Smith and Philander, look bemusedly at each other - that was a wicket thrown away by the Proteas. They really need to get this fielding effort together, fast. Maqsood lives on, and drives one hard and straight past the bowler, who gets a hand on it as it goes past - ouch, that's his little finger that's in pain, and he's getting some attention now on the pitch. The magic spray makes an appearance, and hopefully there's no serious damage there to the big man in his comeback ODI. Five runs accrue from an eventful over, Pakistan approaching their hundred now at 94/3.

  • - Tahir is lucky to get away with a full-toss that Maqsood can only cart for a single. Misbah, however, takes advantage of one he receives, smacking it away for four runs to mid-wicket, with Tahir struggling to land the ball for the first half of the over. They take yet another tight single, but manage to get home in time as the throw misses the stumps once again, Quinton de Kock trying to clean up and still effect the run-out with no success. A bit loose and expensive from the leg-spinner this time out, and it will be interesting to see if he's given a little break by his captain in order to regather his throughts.

  • - Wide is called as Kallis bounces Misbah after Maqsood takes a risky single to AB de Villiers at mid-on that could have been out had the fielder hit the stumps. South Africa slip up a bit as another shy at the stumps misses everything with no-one backing up...overthrows, five free runs to Pakistan there as the ball clatters into the boundary fence. Not good from the home side, who have had a few errors creep into their fielding performance today so far, and extra runs given away like that can sometimes come back to haunt you in limited-overs contests.

  • - Tahir to Misbah, and you can be sure he'll slip in a crafty googly or two to the new man at the crease. Pakistan's captain is all defence though, treating each ball to a dead bat and playing out a maiden over. That's 25 overs gone now, and we're halfway through the visitors' innings - they're stuttering a bit at 2.95 runs per over.

  • - OUT! Kallis has struck in his second over, and Ahmed Shehzad is gone, nicking behind to the keeper. A thin edge, no real footwork and he's gone for 35. A good line from the bowler is rewarded, and that's ODI wicket no. 271 for the all-rounder. Misbah-ul-Haq is the new man in., with his side now 73/3. How often has he had to come out to the rescue, with the batting line-up wobbling? Innumerable. He gets off the mark off his first ball faced, edged off his pads to backward square-leg. Kallis has underlined his value to South Africa yet again, chipping in with a handy wicket here under a blazing sun at Newlands.

  • - Tahir sure zips through his overs, and his captain will be pleased with how that helps the over-rate along - it won't give Kallis much of a rest between overs though! Maqsood smacks a full-toss straight down the ground - oh, and dropped! Might be a bit harsh to call it a decent chance, as the bowler stuck out his hand as it whizzed past him, bursting through. Good reflexes, but no luck there.

  • - One slip for the two right-handers as Kallis gets the ball coming in slightly straight away. Good lines on and around off-stump, and Shehzad plays a good shot to steer one that bounced quite appreciably down to third-man - just a pair of singles to Pakistan in Kallis' comeback over, with Maqsood also claiming one of his own by turning a ball off his hips.

  • - The big man, the returning hero Jacques Kallis marks out his run-up, to a great cheer from his home crowd. His bowling has been invaluable to South Africa over the years, and he'll give Steyn a well-earned break now.

  • - Just the single from Imran Tahir's second over, driven down the ground by Sohaib Maqsood. Shahzad seems to have gone into his shell a bit after his working over from Steyn, and quietly defends the spinner.

  • - One slip in as Steyn thunders in to Ahmed Shehzad - play and miss, and a second slip immediately takes up a place in the cordon. Really good fast-bowling from Steyn, and he gets Shehzad playing and missing several times again throughout the over, even squaring him up with a belter of a last ball, with no luck for the hosts. Superb, and it's a maiden over. Shehzad had very little clue, and can count himself lucky to still be out there - that over was consistently in the low-to-mid 140km per hour range!

  • - Oops. way too short to start with from Tahir and he's easily pulled away in front of square for four first up. That was a total loosener, a long-hop that got what it deserved. He recovers well, googly, and Shehzad didn't pick it. Inside-edge goes over the stumps and down to fine-leg for two, well-bowled sir! The Pakistan side are well-versed in the art of playing spin, but Tahir has shown that anyone can be vulnerable against good leg-spin. Despite not settling consistently with his line just yet, it's a decent first over from the leggie.

  • - Duminy makes way for the charismatic leg-spin of Imran Tahir, who has had good success against his former countrymen so far in the preceding series in the UAE. Can he get another wicket to leave the Pakistanis reeling here?

  • - Shehzad dabs one down to third-man for a single off Steyn's first ball, before Hafeez tries to flay the bowler off the back foot, fresh air and oh-so-close to an edge. Oh, and he succeeds the very next ball - OUT! Steyn gets his man yet again, unbelievable success he's had against Hafeez! The batsman played forward, edging straight to Hashim Amla at first-slip who collects easily as he goes down on his knees. The bowler can't hide his delight, jumping and punching the air. 5 runs from 10 balls is what Mohammad Hafeez has to show from this innings, and Dale Steyn is well and truly in his head; try as he might, he just can't seem to work him out. Two quick wickets for the home side has given them immense confidence, and Steyn's not done yet. New man Sohaib Maqsood strides in,.today's match being only his 3rd ODI. He gets off the mark with a couple from the last ball of the over, opening the face nicely to place the ball through cover. Pakistan are 60/2 from 18 overs.

  • - Duminy gives the ball some flight, enabling Shehzad to clip it away behind square for a comfortable single. The bowler is coming around the wicket to the two right-handers as well, trying to turn the ball back into them from an off-side line. Hafeez, though, seizes this opportunity and clouts an over-pitched ball sweetly through the covers to pick up a four. He'll feel better with that shot, got to the pitch well.

  • - Steyn fires one across Jamshed, who cuts off the back-foot - but straight to slip! OUT! Perfect plan by the South Africans, as Kallis at second-slip was the only man in the cordon. South Africa's strike bowler has done the job for his captain, and they'll breathe a sigh of relief that they have managed to break this opening stand one run short of a fifty partnership. Jamshed heads back for 24 from 46 balls, with Pakistan now 49/1. Mohammad Hafeez is the number three batsman in, and he'll immediately have to face up to his nemesis Steyn, who bounces him straight away! Good aggression from the fast man, althought that is called wide on height., Hafeez swaying out of the line of fire, before prodding at the next ball. Beaten, good delivery and that was very close to the edge of the bat indeed. Good contest for the spectators here at this beautiful ground, and Hafeez is going to have to dig in here and hold his nerve to prevent history from repeating itself - he leaves the next couple of deliveries well.

  • - A good start from Duminy, keeping the Pakistanis to just two runs from his first over. Shahzad and Nasir collect a single each, as the bowler keeps it nice and tight, whizzing through the over. Steyn will replace Morne Morkel at the other end.

  • - Some spin on show now, but not the leg-spin of Imran Tahir - rather, it's JP Duminy's off-spin that AB de Villiers has turned to here. He's earned the reputation over the years of being able to come and grab a wicket almost immediately - his team will be looking to him for exactly that right now to break this opening partnership.

  • - Philander has a lone slip, but the man is quite wide for the left-handed Jamshed, where a second-slip fielder would normally be stationed. The batsman sways out of the line of a bouncer, but its far too high and is called wide by the umpire. Oh my, we have another run-out chance, and a diving Jamshed is safe as the shy at the stumps misses. He gets up, shaking his head at his partner - the calling has obviously fallen apart between these two batsmen. They need to remedy that immediately, or it will be just a matter of time before South Africa get their act together and take these run-out chances they're being handed. Had that hit the stumps, Jamshed would have been gone.

  • - Oh no! Shambles, absolute shambles as there's a mix-up between the two batsmen as man-on-strike Shehzad hesitated, went back but then had Nasir Jamshed join him on his side of the pitch! Comical fielding as the Proteas tried to get the ball back to the bowler's end to complete the run-out, but two misfields ensured that the batsman got home in time. Terrible stuff in the field, and Pakistan are extremely lucky to have escaped that situation with a wicket intact. South Africa really should have done better there, a little bit of panic shown in a run-out chance they would normally complete 99 times out of a hundred. Jamshed can thank his lucky stars he is still at the crease on 22 not-out.

  • - One slip has come out now for Philander. Phlander runs in, and Jamshed hits one that goes straight up off a pull shot that he didn't play nearly as well as he has been playing them! Steyn rushes in from the fine-leg boundary, but can't hold on as he dives forward to make the catch. Superb effort, but he just couldn't hold on as the ball spat through his hands before he hit the turf. Unlucky for the Proteas, great commitment shown by their premier fast bowler in the field. Insult is invariably often added to injury, and that is exactly what happens as Ahmed Shehzad pulls forcefully off the back foot for the crisp four in front of square to the mid-wicket boundary. Ouch. Far better shot from the right-hander, and Vern couldn't quite get the bouncer right there - a frustrating over for him.

  • - Morkel bowls a good length to Jamshed, high pace and bounce as the man jumps around to defend down to mid-wicket. He shows some enterprise to a short one that steeples, hooking well behind square where two fielders converge on it to prevent the boundary. He's starting to look more confident now, is Nasir, and he played that well, keeping it down. Shehzad, however, tries to be positive but looks decidedly less confident than his partner, and gets a leading edge to a shot that he was trying to hit down the ground; luckily for him, it falls behind point and third-man safely.

  • - Vernon hustles in to begin the tenth over, and Jamshed defends before managing to work one to leg for another single to his name. A stray delivery on middle heading down leg is comfortably clipped to the man at the mid-wicket boundary by Ahmed Shehzad, with the two batsman now trading singles with each other. Jamshed decides to up the ante a little by bunting one aerially into the leg-side in front of square, but Amla running in from the boundary makes sure that they claim no more than a single. Over up, and we've now had ten overs of this Pakistan innings, and the day's first powerplay is done and dusted. It's been tight so far, with one or two minor scares, but nothing too troubling yet. Pakistan are 31/0.

  • - Oh my! Morkel draws Shezhad into a prod outside off, and the keeper goes up for a catch behind, but it's not-out. The bowler didn't appeal, but hands on heads as they know how close that one was. The batsman was unsure as to whether he should playing of the front or back foot there, and was left in a bit of a muddle. Great delivery from Morne, and the next one has Shehzad in two minds yet again. There's a release as they gather a leg-bye, before Shehzad helps himself to three runs towards the mid-wicket boundary. Quite a bit of action for all involved in this over!

  • - Three runs to Jamshed as he clips it past the mid-on fielder, and they run well to get the value that shot deserved. Nice touch from the batter on that one. Shehzad stays patient, and manages to work the last ball of the over away to mid-wicket as Philander bowls a bit too straight with no movement, easy one to deal with. Four runs from that over.

  • - After a few balls of different lengths, Jamshed manages to clip one that bounces considerably at 146km per hour off his hip behind square for a run. He had to jump to play that one - Morkel is well-known for getting prominent bounce due to his height. Combine that with his generous pace, and he can really have the batsmen hopping around. He's sometimes struggled with his line over the years, but has improved tremedously in that area in the last few years. Good, tight, over to start off his day.

  • - We have our first bowling change of the morning - it's the lanky Morne Morkel into the attack for South Africa, replacing Steyn. He, too, has two slips in place as he hurries in.

  • - Edge, but no luck for the hosts as it flies past second slip and is well stopped by Dale Steyn in the nick of time on the boundary rope. Beautiful line from Dr. Phil and Jamshed took the bait, playing back and nicking for what would have been a comfortable catch for a third-slip. Shehzad then also has a dart at one that pitches on off and jags away off the seam beautifully, lucky not to have got a touch on that. This is what Philander has made his name with, and he's had both these openers playing and missing now. Great over.

  • - It will be interesting to see whether Jacques Kallis gets a bowl today, with South Africa having several good bowling options at their disposal. In the meantime, we have Vernon Philander to continue to Nasir Jamshed.

  • - A wider one from Steyn draws an expansive cover-drive from Jamshed, but it's not timed well enough to reach the boundary and it's pulled back for a couple. Seyn decides to come from around the wicket now to the left-hander, cramping him for room slightly and hopefully getting the ball to jag away to induce the edge. No luck for him yet though, as Jamshed drives well into the covers again to draw a diving stop from South Africa's captain, AB de Villiers. Just a single there, great fielding from AB to set the standard for his team-mates in the field. Five overs gone, and Pakistan are 16/0 at 3.3 runs an over so far.

  • - Philander struggling a tad with his line in his second over, pushing one too far outside off for a wide and then straying onto the pads for Shehzad to easily clip away for four. Intent being shown from the batsman who doesn't hesitate to pull a shorter one viciously, but Amla at square-leg is able to stop it, preventing any runs. Philander remembers his classic line and length, and the batsman can only defend one pitched perfectly, begging him to play.

  • - Two to Jamshed as a diving AB de Villers was unable to latch onto a poorly-timed shot that went between point and cover. An early scare for the opener, who doesn't look fully settled at the crease just yet. Mind you, it's never easy to settle in quickly against the likes of Dale Steyn running in at 140km an hour. The last ball of the over is short of a length, and Jamshed punches it off the back foot through mid-wicket for the first boundary of the day and the innings as well, Good shot.

  • - Enterprise shown early on from the right-handed opener, using his feet to try and disrupt Big Vern in his delivery stride. There's a little shape already for the Cobras man, and Shehzad leaves circumspectly as the line begs for him to have a little nibble outside his off-stump. They get the Pakistan total going with a scampered two into the leg-side, worked off the pads towards mid-wicket. A good start from Philander too.

  • - Vernon Philander, known for his nagging line-and-length, is the man Shehzad will have to deal with from the other end.

  • - Jamshed lets the first ball of the match go outside off-stump for Quinton de Kock to collect, leaving the third ball as well after defending the second. Steyn's line is not perfect just yet. and he shakes his head as a wider one is again comfortably left by the left-handed opener. He wants to get him playing at those early on in the hopes of nicking to the waiting Kallis and Smith in the cordon. No luck first up, and its a maiden over to begin with for the Phalaborwa Express. Pakistan are 0/0.

  • - Dale Steyn will be bowling the first over for us, with Ahmed Shehzad and Nasir Jamshed the men at the crease for the visitors. We're set to go here in Cape Town, two slips in place as Jamshed squares up.

  • - Huge applause as the players make their way out to the field and line up for the national anthems. Not a full house yet, but I'm sure the ground will fill up once we get under way here. Local fans will be excited at seeing big Vernon Philander performing on his home ground in an ODI for his country, while the return of Jacques kallis in the run-up to the 2015 World Cup in Australasia only serves to strengthen this South African outfit. At 321 ODI appearances and counting, he is by far the most experienced player out there on the field today - good to see him back.

  • Toss: - Pakistan have won the toss. and they will bat first here at a picturesque Newlands. For the Pakistanis. Bilawal Bhatti makes his ODI debut today after impressing in Friday's T20I at the same venue.

  • Conditions - Scorching day in Cape Town. Hot, hot, hot - and not a cloud in the sky. Absolutely no chance of rain. The pitch is an intriguing one, expected to offer plenty of runs, good carry for the seamers and eventual turn for the spinners.

  • South Africa XI - Graeme Smith, Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock, Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, David Miller, Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir.

  • Pakistan XI - Ahmed Shehzad, Nasir Jamshed, Mohammad Hafeez, Sohaib Maqsood, Misbah-ul-Haq, Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Bilawal Bhatti, Saeed Ajmal, Junaid Khan, Anwar Ali.

  • Team News - The hosts recall Jacques Kallis and leg-spinner Imran Tahir, while Pakistan effectively replace left-arm seamer Sohail Tanvir with right-armer Anwar Ali.

  • Toss - Visiting skipper Misbah-ul-Haq triumphs in the flip of the coin and, understandably, Pakistan will bat first.

  • Greetings - Hello and welcome to our over-by-over commentary of the first ODI - in the three-match series - between South Africa and Pakistan at Newlands in Cape Town.

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