South Africa

South Africa won by 4 wickets (with 68 balls remaining)

Match played at SuperSport Park, Centurion, on 30 Nov 2013
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  • R
  • B
  • 4s
  • 6s
Umar Amin c Amla b McLaren
  • 25
  • 35
  • 4
  • 1
Ahmed Shehzad c Amla b Philander
  • 0
  • 3
  • 0
  • 0
Asad Shafiq c de Kock b Tsotsobe
  • 1
  • 5
  • 0
  • 0
Sohaib Maqsood c and b McLaren
  • 25
  • 39
  • 4
  • 0
Misbah-ul-Haq not out
  • 79
  • 107
  • 4
  • 2
Umar Akmal c de Kock b Philander
  • 5
  • 26
  • 0
  • 0
Bilawal Bhatti c Amla b Imran Tahir
  • 1
  • 9
  • 0
  • 0
Anwar Ali c de Kock b Philander
  • 1
  • 2
  • 0
  • 0
Abdur Rehman c Amla b Imran Tahir
  • 22
  • 40
  • 2
  • 0
Sohail Tanvir c Parnell b Tsotsobe
  • 6
  • 11
  • 1
  • 0
Saeed Ajmal c de Villiers b Parnell
  • 0
  • 4
  • 0
  • 0
Extras (lb 1, w 13) 14
TOTAL (10 wickets; 46.5 overs) 179
Match Information
  • South Africa
  • 181/6
  • Pakistan
  • 179
  • Toss:
  • South Africa won the toss and elected to field
  • Umpires:
  • Chris Gaffaney, Shaun George
  • TV Umpire:
  • Bruce Oxenford
  • Referee:
  • Chris Broad
  • O
  • M
  • R
  • W
  • Vernon Philander
    • 3
    • 26
    • 3
    • 10
  • Lonwabo Tsotsobe
    • 2
    • 38
    • 2
    • 10
  • Ryan McLaren
    • 2
    • 28
    • 1
    • 8
  • Wayne Parnell
    • 1
    • 30
    • 0
    • 8.5
  • Imran Tahir
    • 2
    • 56
    • 0
    • 10
Fall of Wickets
2/1 - Ahmed Shehzad (0.4 ov), 7/2 - Asad Shafiq (3.1 ov), 48/3 - Umar Amin (10.6 ov), 67/4 - Sohaib Maqsood (16.2 ov), 85/5 - Umar Akmal (24.2 ov), 96/6 - Bilawal Bhatti (27.5 ov), 97/7 - Anwar Ali (28.1 ov), 148/8 - Abdur Rehman (41.4 ov), 164/9 - Sohail Tanvir (44.5 ov), 179/10 - Saeed Ajmal (46.5 ov)
  • The end! - South Africa win by four wickets. It was not an entirely convincing effort with the bat, but they avoid a whitewash and will feel slightly better going into a much tougher series against India. That starts on 1 December.

  • Over 37 - AB gets off strike against Bilwal with a single off his pads, before a leg bye is added. AB then pulls it for four to take the required runs into single figures.

  • Over 36 - Ajmal keeps going and De Villiers crunches and four and then adds a single before WICKET! McLaren doesn't read the doosra and finds himself bowled. Parnell comes in for the final few overs.

  • Over 35 - After the drinks break, Bilawal continues and four singles come off the over. This really has been a knock short on boundaries, the crown haven't had too much to cheer for lately. Only 21 required.

  • Over 34 - McLaren is really a very good stroke player, isn't he? He drives beautifully for four off Ajmal, and then gets a single off the final ball. SA need 25 more runs.

  • Over 33 - Bilawal is back. Four to AB, guiding a wider one past backward point. It's his first boundary, if you can believe that. He gets two more to the mid wicket boundary, and they could have had three but don;t run on the misfield. They laugh at the fielder though.

  • Over 32 - Ajmal is back for a last-gasp attempt at triggering a collapse. Alas, for him, only two singles result. SA need just 36 off 18 overs.

  • Over 31 - The required runs are under 40 now as McLaren and AB add three more singles off Tanvir. He has three overs to go as the game meanders towards a close (should things go as they should).

  • Over 30 - Six runs off this Rehman over as McLaren shows his worth as an all-rounder. De Villiers said at the toss that he wanted the pressure of the chase, and he got more than he'd have liked.

  • Over 29 - A leg bye off the first ball annoys Tanvir, and he only allows two more singles off the over. SA now need only 46 runs off 21 overs.

  • Over 28 - Rehman keeps going and AB gets off strike first ball. McLaren then uses his wrists beautifully and drives through extra cover for four. He adds two more with a thick edge to third man.

  • Over 27 - After doing well to add another boundary, Miller is OUT! He edges Tanvir to the keeper, shuffling down the wicket instead of staying steady. He's out for 24, and SA need 56 more. In comes Ryan McLaren, who is a good batsman.

  • Over 26 - Great running by AB and Miller, two of the quicker guys in the side, as they run three to third man, before adding two more singles. They're showing that cool heads will get the job done, especially with such a small target.

  • Over 24 - Two runs off this Rehman over as the Proteas go slow but steady. They don't need to smash, so they're not.

  • Over 23 - Ajmal is back as the Proteas move into triple figures. Three singles and a leg bye result, with a big appeal for caught behind, but the bat was miles away from the ball. Taking chances!

  • Over 22 - Miller's looking to free his arms and get these runs, and hits uppishly for a single, before getting a four off the last ball. Six off the over as AB adds a single.

  • Over 21 - Maqsood continues and the batsmen rotate the strike and accumulate the singles and twos, taking seven runs off the over without a boundary.

  • Over 20 - WICKET! Duminy edges Rehman behind and Akmal takes the catch, and suddenly SA are four down and looking a bit wobbly. Miller comes in to join AB and gets off strike thanks to a leg bye. AB then adds one more with a push to mid on.

  • Over 19 - Sohaib Maqsood comes into the attack and Duminy gets two off his pads right away. He then pushes one past mid off for one, before AB pulls it past mid on for one more.

  • Over 18 - Rehman bowls to AB and the right-hander gets down the track to drive, and a diving stop prevents a four so he only gets two. SA need 101 more runs.

  • Over 16 - Abdur Rehman comes on to bowl and Amla immediately gets on top of him for a four, coming down the track to hit it in the air on the off side. He then sweeps for two more to fine leg, before trying to take a silly single and WICKET! Amla is run out to Umar Amin at backward point. Out by miles, he made 41.

  • Over 15 - Ajmal to Duminy, who gets a single to long on, and then Amla gets one more. Duminy breaks the shackles a bit with a four to midwicket, using his feet well.

  • Over 14 - Short and wide from Bilawal gives Duminy the chance to get on the back foot and hook it for four. He backs that up with a single to the leg side, and then Amla gets one of his own. The over ends with a final one to JP. SA need 117 more runs.

  • Over 13 - Amla breaks the boundary drought with a cracking front foot cut in front of square. Those are the only runs off the Ajmal over.

  • Over 12 - Bhatti continues to Amla, who drives the first ball through the covers for one. Duminy then gets off the mark with a single before Amla adds one more behind square.

  • Over 10 - Amal flicks Bhatti off his pads for one, before Davids plays and misses while trying to pull. He the gets a single to third man, before Amla gets one more too. The batting has slowed down but still nothing to fret about at all.

  • Over 9 - Ajmal comes on and bowls to Davids, who gets off strike with asingle to the leg side. Amla then nips a cheeky single to mid wicket and it's just the two from it.

  • Over 8 - Bilawal continues to Amla as Ajmal warms up. It's a maiden as Hash finds the fielders repeatedly.

  • Over 7 - Tanvir continues and appeals for LBW against Davids but it's pitched outside leg stump. Davids then gets off the mark with two off his pads, before adding another two later on. Lots of bounce for Tanvir, Akmal taking the ball by his chest.

  • Over 3 - De Kock starts off with a sexy drive off the back foot through the covers for four, but Tanvir pulls it back and the rest of the over is runless.

  • Over 2 - Anwar Ali has the new ball from the other end. Gorgeous cover drive from Amla gives him another boundary, before which he bags two more runs. De Kock gets a single too as the hosts look to score these runs quickly.

  • Over 1 - We're back, and Amla and QdK are in the middle for the chase. Sohail Tanvir has the ball. There's nearly a mix up off the first ball, but the batsmen scramble a single. Amla then pushes down the ground for two, before whipping it off his pads behind square for another double. And then a leg stump half volley gifts Hash with a four in front of square. Nine off it.

  • Over 25 - Miller cuts Ajmal off the back foot for four as the spinner drops it too short. otherise it's just one more to AB and four dot balls. Not much noise out there from the crowd, they're just chilling in the sun.

  • Over 17 - Ajmal continues to Duminy after the drinks break and he gets off strike only on the fifth ball. AB then gets off the mark with one of his own to keep strike.

  • Over 11 - There is a short leg in for Ajmal to Davids, and the spinner is getting lots of bounce. This results in a WICKET! Davids misses the turn and bounce, and Akmal makes an easy stumping. Davids will be gutted as this was yet another chance for him to impress. JP Duminy comes in instead of AB and defends the final ball. Wicket maiden.

  • Wicket: Over 6 - Bilawal Bhatti comes on to bowl, and Amla gets a single off him right away. De Kock then sees off two dot balls before whipping a leg stump delivery in front of square for four. He then makes a mistake and WICKET! He skies it high, and Ajmal takes the tough catch. In comes Henry Davids, playing in place of Smith.

  • Over 4 - Ali continues to Amla and after four good deliveries he undoes his hard work by straying onto the leg side, so Amla punishes it for four. He then adds a back foot cover drive to the tally, another four.

  • End Of Innings: Break! - So SA will need 180 to win, after Misbah's 79 not out rescued Pakistan from an even worse total. One imagines it will be easy enough for the hosts, but you never know with this lot... Back in a few!

  • Over 47 - Parnell to bowl his ninth over, and Misbah turns down a single to fine leg, opting to keep the strike. He does take on in the end, which is his downfall as WICKET! Ajmal caught at first slip by AB for a duck to end the innings.

  • Over 46 - Tahir's final over starts with a wide, and then Misbah smashes a six so big it lands over the sight screen next to the camera man. He follows it up with another six! Tahir ends with 2/56.

  • Over 45 - Lopsy's into his last over and Misbah gets one off the first ball. Pakistan are just pushing singles into the gaps now, adding two more before WICKET! Parnell takes the catch in the deep as Tanvir tries to break out. Saeed Ajmal comes out to bat in his 100th ODI.

  • Over 44 - Shouts of catch it but no, it's a four as Tahir finds himself the victim of a slog-sweep by Misbah over to cow corner. Another single then takes the skipper to 63.

  • Over 43 - Tsotsobe is back. Henry Davids makes a valiant effort on the ropes, but Tanvir gets off the mark with a sweetly timed flick off his pads for four. Three more singles makes it an expensive over for Lopsy, who has one over left.

  • Wicket: Over 42 - Tahir continues and WICKET! Mighty # takes another catch, this time on the ropes, but he nearly dropped it. The partnership, having reached 50, is broken. It's his fourth catch, which is a new record for outfield catches in a game at this venue. Sohail Tanvir joins Misbah for the death overs.

  • Over 41 - Some good fielding on the ropes by McLaren prevents a four off Parnell. Rehman adds a single and then two more to the skipper and the partnership reaches the 50 mark.

  • Over 40 - Drop! Arendse, the sub fielder, drops Rehman off McLaren in the deep. Each ball in the over goes for a single and Misbah has yet another battling ODI fifty. No ton yet...

  • Over 39 - Parnell's first ball is a wide, and then Misbah goes to 48 with a guide to third man. Rehman immediately gets his skipper back on strike, and he gets another to go one close to his half ton.

  • Over 38 - McLaren appeals for LBW against Misbah but it's a no as it was too high. A bouncer then gets swatted away behind the keeper's head for four.

  • Over 37 - Mystery fielder is Roger Arendse, who plays for Northerns. Parnell gives up a wide first ball, and then Duminy drops Misbah at back ward point. Astonishing really, he's a great fielder and it wasn't that tough. A flurry of singles follow.

  • Over 36 - Batting power play time! McLaren returns, looking to get rid of Misbah, who is nearing yet another fifty. The first ball goes for a single to third man. Rehman then returns the favour three balls later with a neat guide off the face. Full toss ends the over, driven down the ground for one.

  • Over 35 - Lopsy's sticking with his plan to bounce Misbah, who pulls it away for a single to fine leg. He then sends another short one down and it's too high, and thus a wide.

  • Over 34 - Tahir continues after a bit of a break, and he gives up four singles, with one going to the sweeper, a reserve fielder by the name of Roger who has no number on his shirt. He looks about 13 years old.

  • Over 33 - Lopsy tries to bounce Misbah, but overdoes it and it's too high and thus a wide. His second attempt is not a wide, but Misbah still gets it away for a pulled single.

  • Over 32 - Tahir continues and concedes five, with Misbah getting a single off the first ball before Rehman bags a boundary. He ends the over with a ripper past the bat.

  • Over 31 - Misbah cuts off Lopsy and it races away, but they manage to turn the single into two as the throw from the ropes isn't strong enough. he follows it up with a single to fine leg. Lopsy keeps it tight for the rest of the over so no more runs come off it.

  • Over 30 - Tahir goes to Misbah, who rotates the strike on the fourth ball with a single. Rehman gets off the mark with a single to square leg. The 100 is up, with seven wickets down.

  • Over 29 - Huge appeal for caught behind but the umpire says no, and Philander begs for a review. AB says ok, and the review shows a definite brushing of the glove. So, WICKET and Anwar goes for one. Abdur Rehman faces the rest of the over without scoring.

  • Over 28 - Tahir gets in on the WICKET action! Amla takes another catch at slip as Bilawal departs for one, getting the outside edge. Anwar Ali makes his way to the middle and gets a single off the final ball of the over.

  • Over 27 - Maiden over from Philander, with Misbah seemingly happy to defend when required. Bilawal has yet to get off the mark.

  • Over 26 - Tahir returns and is swept for four by Misbah, and he deserved it as the ball was much too full. Five more runs are added thanks to an overthrow to the ropes. Annoying for the SA skipper to watch.

  • Wicket: Over 25 - WICKET! Akmal swings and misses, and then follows it up with an edge off Philander, and QdK takes a brilliant diving catch in front of Amla at first slip. Bhatti comes in and it's looking a bit dire for the visitors at 85/5. Superb end to the over, with Big Vern beating the new man repeatedly.

  • Over 24 - Three singles come off Parnell's over, but it could have been more if not for a diving save by McLaren in the covers.

  • Over 23 - One run to each batsman, off the first and last balls, off Philander's over.

  • Over 22 - Parnell is back on and Misbah gets off strike with a single off his pads. Akmal drives well but straight to the fielder, and it's just the one run off the over. SA have brought the scoring rate under four.

  • Over 21 - Big Vern returns to give McLaren a break. Some confusion almost sees a run out, but the overthrow sees a single instead. That's the only runs from the over.

  • Over 20 - Misbah plays his beloved paddle sweep off Tahir and gets four, a diving Amla unable to stop it. Three more singles make it an expensive one for the former Pakistani.

  • Over 19 - McLaren keeping it beautifully tight, giving up just the one run, off the final ball of the over.

  • Over 18 - Leg-spinner Imran Tahir comes into the attack and gives up just three to start, and Akmal gets off the mark with a single to mid-wicket.

  • Wicket: Over 17 - WICKET! Blimey, what a great catch off his own bowling by McLaren! Maqsood gets it on the splice while trying to pull, and Mac gets back across the pitch to take a diving catch. Umar Akmal, green lip zinc included, comes in to join Misbah. It's a wicket maiden.

  • Over 16 - Misbah swings hard and luckily for him the outside edge flies past the slips for four, while Maqsood adds a single to the tally. At the end of the Parnell over, drinks come onto the field.

  • Over 15 - McLaren copies his team-mate and also concedes three singles, with Pakistan going at four to the over. Nothing too exciting going on at the moment, the visitors just looking to recover again.

  • Over 14 - Maqsood runs Parnell's first delivery down to third man for a single, and each batsman adds another single to make it three from the over. Good effort from Parny, who has a tendency to blow hot and cold.

  • Over 13 - McLaren strays down the leg side and Maqsood nudges it to fine leg for four. He then pops it to mid wicket for a single.

  • Over 12 - Misbah is at the crease, and Wayne Parnell has the ball. Maqsood gets a single to mid wicket to put the skipper on strike, and he then gets off the mark off the final ball thanks to a misfield.

  • Wicket: Over 11 - Ryan McLaren replaces Philander and immediately goes for four, with Maqsood tickling it off his hips to fine leg. Then, off the final ball, WICKET! Amla takes a great leaping catch at slip to give McLaren his 50th ODI wicket. Amin departs for 25, and SA will be relieved at ending the partnership.

  • Over 10 - Calamity on the boundary! Lopsy gets Amin to swing wildly, and the ball shoots off to third man, where Philander makes a hash of the fielding and it's a four where it should have been one. Amin then cuts the last ball for four.

  • Over 9 - Big Vern is into his fifth over, and Maqsood punishes a half volley with a punchy drive through mid off. The outfield is like a snooker table and the ball races away. Otherwise it's a tight over from Philander.

  • Over 8 - Superb fielding from Duminy at backward point to save the four, emulating Jonty Rhodes superbly. Lopsy is grateful as it's a maiden for the paceman.

  • Over 7 - Philander continues and it's a much better over, with just one single to Amin coming off it.

  • Over 6 - Lopsy's good line has gone slightly wayward as he bangs it in short and it clears the keeper for five wides. Maqsood then drives beautifully for four later in the over, to make it another expensive one.

  • Over 5 - Philander gets called wide when his second ball strays down the leg side, and then later in the over a diving De Kock cannot reach a tickled ball down the leg side again. It goes for four. Then, BANG! Amin swivels on his back foot and pulls a shorter ball for six. 11 off the over.

  • Wicket: Over 4 - WICKET! Great bowling from Lopsy, across the right-hander. Shafiq gets the outside edge and De Kock takes an easy catch behind the stumps. Sohaib Maqsood comes to the middle, in his sixth ODI. He gets off the mark with a single, edging it onto his pads. Another outside edge sees a single for Amin. Lopsy sends down a very high bouncer and it's called wide.

  • Over 3 - Shafiq gets an inside edge onto his pads, but it squirts away and they scramble a single. Philander follows it up with an accurate bouncer and Amin has to take cover. The final ball is driven superbly by Amin for the first boundary of the innings.

  • Over 2 - Lonwabo Tsotsobe has the ball from the other end, and keeps it very tight, extracting some nifty bounce off a good length to cramp left-handed Amin. It's a maiden from Lopsy.

  • Over 1 - Philander has the new...lichi? Umar AMin opens for Pakistan and gets off the mark with a single off the second ball, following a first ball wide. Then, WICKET! Ahmed Shehzad goes from a ton in the last game to a duck now, caught at slip by Amla. Asad Shafiq arrives and is beaten all ends up first ball. Lovely shape from the paceman.

  • - The players are on the field and it's time for the anthems. Stadium looking pretty full already.

  • Sunny: Weather - It's sunny and hot in Gauteng, with nary a cloud in the sky. The pitch is white, hard and without grass, and should be a good batting track. The Proteas will hope the deck holds up for their chase.

  • Pakistan - Ahmed Shehzad, Umar Amin, Sohaib Maqsood, Misbah-ul-Haq, Asad Shafiq, Umar Akmal, Bilawal Bhatti, Anwar Ali, Sohail Tanvir, Abdur Rehman, Saeed Ajmal

  • South Africa - Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock, Henry Davids, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, David Miller, Ryan McLaren, Wayne Parnell, Vernon Philander, Lonwabo Tsotsobe, Imran Tahir

  • - Pakistan have rested four players, namely Shahid Afridi, Mohammad Hafeez, Nasir Jamshed and Junaid Khan. They are replaced by Umar Amin, Asad Shafiq, Abdur Rehman and Sohail Tanvir.

  • Toss: Toss! - South Africa win the toss and elect to bowl, with AB saying he'd like to put the side under pressure and chase properly for a change. Kaliis, Steyn and Smith are replaced by Davids, Parnell and Philander.

  • Greetings! - Hello and welcome to the third and final ODI between SA and Pakistan in Centurion, which is actually the 14th match in a row between the sides since last month. Pakistan have won the series already, so this is a chance for the Proteas to avoid a whitewash.

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