Match drawn

South Africa
Match played at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur, on 2015-08-03
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1st innings
  • R
  • B
  • 4s
  • 6s
Tamim Iqbal c Amla b Steyn
  • 6
  • 15
  • 1
  • 0
Imrul Kayes lbw b Duminy
  • 30
  • 93
  • 3
  • 0
Mominul Haque c Vilas b Duminy
  • 40
  • 87
  • 6
  • 0
Mahmudullah c Bavuma b Steyn
  • 35
  • 91
  • 3
  • 0
Mushfiqur Rahim c Vilas b Elgar
  • 65
  • 125
  • 7
  • 0
Shakib Al Hasan c Elgar b Morkel
  • 35
  • 65
  • 4
  • 0
Liton Das c Elgar b Duminy
  • 3
  • 11
  • 0
  • 0
Nasir Hossain not out
  • 13
  • 40
  • 1
  • 0
Mohammad Shahid b Steyn
  • 1
  • 4
  • 0
  • 0
Mustafizur Rahman
Jubair Hossain
Extras (b 5, lb 11, nb 2) 18
TOTAL (8 wickets; 88.1 overs) 246
Match Information
  • Bangladesh
  • 246/8
  • South Africa
  • /
  • Toss:
  • Bangladesh, who chose to bat
  • Umpires:
  • Richard Kettleborough, Paul Reiffel
  • TV Umpire:
  • Joel Wilson
  • Referee:
  • Chris Broad
  • O
  • M
  • R
  • W
  • Dale Steyn
    • 3
    • 30
    • 4
    • 16.1
  • Vernon Philander
    • 0
    • 25
    • 2
    • 11
  • Morne Morkel
    • 1
    • 45
    • 2
    • 14
  • Simon Harmer
    • 0
    • 76
    • 3
    • 23
  • Stiaan van Zyl
    • 0
    • 5
    • 1
    • 2
  • Dean Elgar
    • 1
    • 22
    • 0
    • 7
  • Jean-Paul Duminy
    • 3
    • 27
    • 4
    • 15
Fall of Wickets
Fall of wickets: 1-12 (Tamim Iqbal, 4.3 ov), 2-81 (Mominul Haque, 31.4 ov), 3-86 (Imrul Kayes, 33.1 ov), 4-180 (Mahmudullah, 62.4 ov), 5-215 (Mushfiqur Rahim, 74.1 ov), 6-220 (Liton Das, 77.3 ov), 7-245 (Shakib Al Hasan, 87.1 ov), 8-246 (Mohammad Shahid, 88.1 ov)
  • 03H00 GMT Match Drawn - Despite some good weather this morning, this Test match has been called off. The Umpires have decided that the outfield is unfit to play on the final day. The series is also drawn 0-0. This result means that South Africa lose five points on the ICC World Test rankings. Thank you for joining us.

  • Welcome to Day 5 - We saw 88.1 overs on the first day but we have since lost three straight days due to rain, without a ball being bowled. Dale Steyn became the second South African to reach 400 test wickets. There is not much hope of a result in this match, but let's hope rain does not have the last say.

  • Stumps - Oh dear, for the third consecutive day, play has been called off without a ball being bowled. Dale Steyn started the 89th over on Thursday evening and has not been able to complete it. Please join us for the final day tomorrow.

  • 07H00 GMT - It is still drizzling. We will update you as soon as we have more information.

  • Rain: Bad news, It has started raining again.

  • 05H30 GMT - The first session has been washed out. There will be an official inspection at 07H00 GMT.

  • Cloudy: All the covers have now been removed.

  • Cloudy: The rain has stopped and the ground staff are now working hard to get the ground ready.

  • Rain: Unfortunately the start of day 4 will also be delayed due to rain. We will keep you updated as soon as anything new develops in this waiting game.

  • Welcome to Day 4 - We have now lost two full days in this test without a ball being bowled. The most exciting thing that has happened in this match other than the rain is Dale Steyn became only the second South African to reach 400 test wickets. Let us hope for some better prospects today.

  • STUMPS - That's it for day 3. The umpires have called stumps. That's 2 days lost without a ball being bowled! If the weather allows, play will start at 09:15 tomorrow morning. Thanks for joining us. Cheers!

  • Update - More covers are coming on as the rain gets heavier! Things are not looking good for any play today.

  • Update - Just when we were getting ready for play, the rain starts once again. We will keep you updated as usual!

  • Update - Play will start at 14:15 local time and can go on until 18:00, provided the light stays good. Tea will be taken from 15:45 to 16:05.

  • Update - The rain has stopped and the covers are off. There will be an inspection in an hours time, at 13:30 local time.

  • Update - The rain has stopped and ground staff are very slowly removing the covers, There's a lot of water around.

  • Greetings - Welcome to Day 3 of the second Test between Bangladesh and South Africa and the news isn't good. The rain continues the fall. Not sure if we'll get any play today either! We will keep you updated.

  • Stumps - Play has been called off for today. Play will start at the usual time tomorrow. Cheers!

  • Update - The rain continues and shows no sign of letting up. The waiting game continues.

  • Greetings - Welcome to day 2 of the second and final Test. The news isn't great as it's raining pretty hard at the moment. The teams haven't left their hotels yet. As usual, we will keep you updated.

  • Stumps Day 1 - South Africa will be the happier of the two teams at stumps. They turned it all around in the final session today. Bangladesh went from 154/3 at tea, to 246/8 at the close. The highlight of the day was undoubttedly the fact that Dale Steyn took his 400th Test wicket. He is only the second South African to reach this milestone. Please join us tomorrow for the second day. Good Night, and Good Luck.

  • 88

    Close: WICKET! The Steyn remover strikes again. Shahid slogs, misses and the rest is history. Mohammad Shahid b Steyn 1(4). That is stumps on Day 1.

  • 88

    Wicket: Morne Morkel with 0/44 is back into the attack. WICKET! first ball. Shakib is squared up and the leading edge goes to gully. Shakib c Elgar b M Morkel 35(65). Reverse swing was definitely evident there. Mohammad Shahid is in next.

  • 87

    Steyn continues with the older ball. A misfield gives Shakib a single. Steyn was not really upset as Hossain then had to face the music. He swings and misses at one wide of the off stump and is lucky to still be there.

  • 86

    JP continues. Hossain tucks it down to third man, for two. He then sweeps and is lucky to clear the inner ring. That was a tad risky.

  • 85

    Dale Steyn with 2/27 is back into the attack. He continues with the old ball. There's a huge appeal for LBW, but there was an inside edge. Hossain takes a single as a result. Good running gives Shakib another single and Hossain is back on strike. He is beaten on the off stump by Steyn. It's a very good testing over by Steyn.

  • 84

    JP bowls his 14th over. He continues to get sharp turn. It's another JP maiden!

  • 83

    Elgar continues and it's FOUR, over cover. Well played Shakib. Hossain launches one and skies it safe of the fielder at midwicket.

  • 82

    JP Duminy continues to turn this older ball. The good news is that there is no rain in sight for now. It's three off the over.

  • 81

    The spinners continue with the old ball. This is a good move by Amla. FOUR! Hossain waits and then sends the full toss over midwicket.

  • 80

    JP continues to apply the pressure. Hossain finally gets off the mark with a single after 11 balls. The new ball is due.

  • 79

    Elgar continues. Shakib takes a first ball single. It's another good over from Elgar. The new ball is one over away. Will they take it?

  • 78

    Wicket: JP bowls his third and strikes. WICKET! A soft dismissal. The sweep and a leading edge takes the wicket. Litton Das c Elgar b Duminy 3(11). That's no 3 for JP! Not bad for a part-timer. Nasir Hossain, is in next.

  • 77

    Elgar continues and continues well. It's just two runs off the last ball.

  • 76

    JP continues. It's another maiden. The pressure builds just before the new ball.

  • 75

    Wicket: WICKET! There's a huge appeal for a caught behind. Rahim is given out and reviews the decision. OUT! Snicko was not really convincing but the on-field decision stays. The third Umpire could not find any evidence to overturn the decision. Litton Das walks in after a lengthy delay.

  • 74

    JP continues with that wide line outside the off stump. Shakib continues to use his feet. Good fielding prevents any runs and it's a maiden!

  • 73

    We have another change here. Dean Elgar is into the attack now. This is clearly with the new ball in sight. We have a slip and a short leg in place. It's a decent over and only a single from it.

  • 72

    Drinks: JP Duminy with 2/15, replaces Simon Harmer. He also gets turn right away. There's a long discussion between JP and Amla and then the field is changed. He is bowling very wide of the off stump here. Interesting. DRINKS!

  • 71

    Morkel continues and also continues to struggle with his line. It's a single to Rahim, as he plays the late cut well, down to third man. A single ends the over and Shakib retains the strike.

  • 70

    FOUR! That's a good way to start the next Harmer over. Shakib advances and sends that over long-off. Harmer continues to turn the ball. He advances again and it's FOUR more. This time it's over mid-on. Shakib is intent on taking him on.

  • 69

    200: Morne Morkel with 0/35, replaces Dale Steyn. FOUR! He offers width and Shakib says Thanks. He plays that well past point. Morkel must be careful not to release the pressure. A very ordinary over as Morkel continues to struggle with his line. FOUR, leg byes ends the over and it's 200 UP!

  • 68

    Harmer continues. He drops it short and Shakib pulls it easily to square leg. WOW! Shakib cuts and it bounces through the legs of the keeper, for a couple of runs, to third man.

  • 64

    Harmer continues. He is getting some good turn from outside the off stump. It's a maiden!

  • 63

    Wicket: Dale Steyn with 1/24 is back in the attack. He drifts down leg and Rahim is off strike with a single. There's another hint of reverse swing now. WICKET! The Steyn remover strikes and a good catch by Bavuma at short midwicket. Mahmudullah c Bavuma b Steyn 35(91). That angled in and he falls into the trap that was set. Shakib Al Hasan, is in next. He almost yorks Shakib first up. He did well to dig that out.

  • 62

    Harmer continues and it's FOUR! Mahmudullah, advances and plays it well over long-on. That puts pressure on the bowler from ball one. The South Africans are appealing for everything now. Welcome to the sub-continent.

  • 61

    JP continues. Mahmudullah sweeps and misses. There's a huge appeal for a slip catch. Not out! He has done well today Mr Duminy.

  • 60

    Harmer continues. He beats Rahim with one that turns sharply. The keeper tries to get there but to no avail. It's three from the over.

  • 59

    JP Duminy continues. Rahim plays the late cut well and collects a couple to third man. A good over by JP.

  • 58

    Harmer continues. He offers width and Rahim collects two more, into the covers. Edged and safe as he adds another single.

  • 57

    50: JP Duminy with 2/7 comes back into the attack. Can he do what he did just after lunch? He drops it too short, to start. They are rotating the strike well now and are taking the easy singles on offer. It's 50 UP for Rahim. Well played!

  • 56

    Simon Harmer starts proceedings after the break. FOUR! Rahim advances and it's a boundary over the bowlers head. Good running as they steal another quick one.

  • 55

    Morkel continues his search for the breakthrough. It's a better line from him as he targets the off stump now. It's just a single from a better over. That will be Tea on Day 1!

  • 54

    Mahmudullah gets an inside edge and he brings up the team 150! They have done well to steer Bangladesh to 150 after losing those two wickets after lunch.

  • 53

    Umpire review: Morkel continues. FOUR! He drifts down leg and Rahim flicks it to fine leg. That was a poor delivery from Morkel. Rahim has punished poor deliveries today and rightly so. There's a huge LBW appeal and the Umpire says not out. They review and waste a referral. That was missing leg and Rahim survives. A FOUR, to third man, ends the over, after another poor Morkel delivery.

  • 52

    It's another good over from Harmer and also another maiden. We have seen only 26 runs in the last ten overs.

  • 51

    Morne Morkel with 0/26 is back into the attack. Amla continues to use his fast bowlers in short spells. It's a maiden to start for Morkel.

  • 50

    Harmer continues to offer lots of flight. He now has a forward short leg, as well as a slip, in place. EDGED and DROPPED! It was a difficult chance for the keeper, but it should have been taken. It's just three off the over.

  • 49

    Philander continues to Mahmudullah. He beats the outside edge, as the batsman attempts to steer it down to third man. It's a maiden.

  • 48

    50: Harmer continues. It's back to back FOURS! Rahim advances and is putting some pressure on Harmer. It's also the FIFTY PARTNERSHIP! This is indeed a very handy partnership for Bangladesh.

  • 47

    Dale Steyn is out of the attack. Vernon Philander with 0/24 returns. He directs the first delivery into Rahim's body. The batsman then nudges a leg side delivery, behind square, for a single.

  • 46

    Harmer continues. He tosses one up and beats Mahmudullah, who misses the line, as he tries to defend. It's a good over and only two from it.

  • 45

    Steyn continues. Rahim collects a couple to square leg, as Steyn drifts down leg. There was a tad too much reverse swing there. He is making them think with amost every delivery now. This is vintage Steyn.

  • 44

    Simon Harmer with 0/22 is back into the attack. He tosses it up right from the outset. FOUR! Rahim sweeps well and it's a boundary over midwicket.

  • 43

    Umpire review: Steyn continues. Mahmudullah edges and collects a couple to third man. He is given out LBW and decides to review the decision. NOT OUT! there was a huge inside edge. How did Umpire Reiffel miss that? He was gone for all money and the edge saved him there. Steyn is now also getting some reverse swing.

  • 42

    Morkel continues. He mixes up the deliveries in this over but it's mainly an off stump line. It's just four runs off the over. The rate is now at 2.74.

  • 41

    Rahim defends well, as Steyn delivers two inswinging length deliveries. There's a huge LBW shout, but Umpire Reiffel says not out. There may have been an inside edge. It's a maiden! and we still have Nelson on the board.

  • 40

    Morne Morkel continues to Mahmudullah. He starts with a bouncer and the batsman ducks under it. Mahmudullah is off strike with a single to square leg. We have NELSON on the board.

  • 39

    100: Dale Steyn with 1/11 is back into the attack. Rahim drives down the ground for a couple and that's the 100 UP! for Bangladesh. FOUR! Steyn swings it back to Rahim, who flicks it over deep midwicket. He was hurried into that shot. Edged and it drops short of the keeper. Lucky!

  • 38

    Morne Morkel with 0/16 is back into the attack. He starts where he left off, by delivering a shorter delivery. This time it's outside off and Rahim cuts past point, for a single. Morkel manages to swing them back and is troubling Mahmudullah a bit. FOUR byes. That swung down leg and beat a diving Vilas.

  • 37

    Philander swings one down the leg side and Mahmudullah fails to connect. That should have been put away. It's a maiden. We have only seen 26 runs in the last ten overs. In that time the Proteas took two wickets.

  • 36

    Rahim opens his account with three runs, after a sweep to fine leg. They continue to sweep and with that more opportunities may arise.

  • 35

    Philander continues to get movement from the track. Mahmudullah punches it off the back foot through the cover region, for three.

  • 34

    Wicket: WICKET! JP is on a roll. Kayes lbw b Duminy 30(93). That was plumb and there was not even a thought of a review. The slider beats Kayes, as he picks the wrong line. Mushfiqur Rahim, is the new batsman. It's a wicket maiden.

  • 33

    Philander continues. There is a hint of outswing now and he may be a handful soon. Mahmudullah, opens his account with FOUR. That was too short and wide by Verne.

  • 32

    Wicket: JP continues. He drops one short and wide. Kayes cuts it well past point, for a single. WICKET! The bowling change after lunch works and Vilas takes his first catch at this level. Mominul c Dane Vilas b Duminy 40(87). He was beaten for extra bounce and the catch off the edge is taken by the keeper. A very good catch in the end. Mahmudullah, is in next.

  • 31

    Vernon Philander with 0/12 is back into the attack. He is back in the place of Elgar. Edged and FOUR! That went wide of Amla at 1st slip. Mominul was well beaten as Philander found the edge.

  • 30

    JP Duminy is into the attack and starts the second session after the delay. He targets a wider line outside the off stump. It's just a single to start.

  • Lunch: The covers are on the field. There will be a short delay due to rain. Play will start at 06h20 GMT.

  • Lunch Day 1 - Bangladesh did well to only lose one wicket in the morning session. Dale Steyn also became only the second South African to take 400 Test wickets. We managed 29 overs in the morning session but we may well have rain delays in the second and final sessions. Bangladesh will be the happier of the two teams even though the spoils were shared in this first session.

  • 29

    Lunch: We have a bowling change. Dean Elgar will bowl the final over before lunch. Mominul collects FOUR! It was full outside the off stump and well driven, over cover. LUNCH!

  • 28

    Harmer bowls his 9th over. He continues to toss them up and they continue to advance. Something will give soon. It's two singles again.

  • 27

    Steyn continues. He continues his line outside the off stump and beats Kayes, who tries to drive at one with no foot movement whatsoever.

  • 26

    Harmer continues, as the dark clouds move in over the ground. It's just two singles in the over.

  • 25

    The Steyn remover continues. He maintains that line outside the off stump. Mominul, pushes for a single on the off side. It was in the air, but also perfectly placed into the gap.

  • 24

    Harmer continues. He tosses it up nicely, but unfortunately also sends the odd one down leg. It's a mix batch really.

  • 23

    Dale Steyn with 1/9 is back into the attack and starts with a maiden!

  • 22

    Harmer strays down leg at the start of the next over, as Kayes misses the sweep. They were not afraid to sweep in the last test, but they also lost a few wickets as a result.

  • 21

    Stiaan van Zyl continues. It's a maiden! He bowled quite a few of those last week.

  • 20

    50: Harmer continues with his 5th over. FOUR! That's also the FIFTY PARTNERSHIP between these two. The sweep shot is well executed and a good way to bring up the 50 stand.

  • 19

    We have a bowling change. Stiaan van Zyl, comes into the attack. He did well in Chittagong. Vilas is up to the stumps now. FOUR, over extra-cover. That was overpitched and got what it deserved.

  • 18

    50: Harmer continues. It's FIFTY UP! as Mominul collects a couple to square leg. That was a juicy full toss. It should really have been four.

  • 17

    Morkel continues the search for his first wicket. He now starts with an off stump line. He then bangs it in short again and strikes Kayes on his stomach. He may have taken his eye off the ball there.

  • 16

    Harmer continues. Mominul spoils what would have been a maiden, with a FOUR, over cover. Well played into the gap! They need another wicket.

  • 15

    Morne Morkel continues with his shorter line after the break. Mominul ducks under it. He adds a couple to short midwicket. That should have been a single but a misfield created the opportunity for another. FOUR! Kayes adds another boundary, as he pushes it to third man.

  • 14

    Harmer continues. Once again he is not afraid to offer flight. Kayes advances and pushes over extra-cover for a couple. He adds two more over square leg. DRINKS!

  • 13

    Morkel continues. FOUR! They continue with the shorter line and Mominul plays it nicely behind square, to move into double figures.

  • 12

    We have spin! Simon Harmer comes into the attack. He starts with a maiden.

  • 11

    FOUR leg byes opens the next Morkel over. Mominul takes it on the helmet after taking his eye off the ball. It flies away to the fence for extras. Bavuma is now at short leg and rightly so. FOUR! Mominul takes on the short ball and sends it to square leg.

  • 10

    Philander continues with his 5th over. He drops one short and it is nudged away by Kayes, for a single. Mominul adds a last ball single and retains the strike.

  • 9

    Morne Morkel comes into the attack, replacing Steyn. Once again he mixes them up between coming over the wicket and then coming in from around the wicket. He did this often in the last test.

  • 8

    Philander continues with his off stump line. Philander over steps as extras double. That's his second no ball today.

  • 7

    Steyn continues with his line outside the off stump. Kayes pushes into the covers and good running earns him 3. Mominul opens his account with a single on the off side.

  • 6

    Philander continues. Kayes adds a single into the covers. Mominul defends one pitched outside the off stump.

  • 5

    400: Steyn starts with one that leaves Tamim and nips away. That's a good way to start the new over. WICKET! That's 400 for Dale Steyn! Tamim c Amla b Steyn 6(15). This time round he gets his man as first slip holds onto the catch. Tamim was lured into the drive and got an edge. Mominul Haque, is in next.

  • 4

    Philander continues with two slips and a gully in place. It's just two runs off the over as he sticks to that off stump line.

  • 3

    Steyn continues with his line outside the off stump. FOUR! Tamim adds his first boundary. That was too short and dispatched over square leg. Shot! EDGED and DROPPED! no 400 gets away this time, as Elgar at second slip cannot hold on.

  • 2

    Vernon Philander, takes the new ball from the other end. Tamim adds another single to square leg, as The Verne drops it a tad short. FOUR! The first boundary goes to Kayes, over long-on. That was overpitched and a good way to open you account.

  • 1

    The South Africans are wearing black armbands, in memory of their former captain Clive Rice. Dale Steyn starts the second test to Tamim Iqbal and Imrul Kayes. How long will it take before he adds victim no 400? Tamim opens the scoring with a single into the covers.

  • Team South Africa - Dane Vilas replaces Quinton de Kock...Dean Elgar, Stiaan van Zyl, Faf du Plessis, Hashim Amla, Temba Bavuma, Jean-Paul Duminy, Dane Vilas, Vernon Philander, Simon Harmer, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel

  • Team Bangladesh - Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Mominul Haque, Mahmudullah, Mushfiqur Rahim, Shakib Al Hasan, Nasir Hossain, Litton Das, Jubair Hossain, Mohammad Shahid, Mustafizur Rahman

  • Toss: Bangladesh have won the toss and will bat first.

  • Welcome to Mirpur - Greetings and welcome to our over by over coverage of the second Test between Bangladesh and South Africa from Dhaka. The First test ended in a draw after being marred by constant rain. Let's hope we get more actual game time in this match. Lots of rain has been forecasted, so we are expecting a number of interruptions and it may well be a very frustrating day 1. Dale Steyn is also just one away from 400 Test wickets. Please join us for the Toss in a short while.

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