Poetic flavour at Wimbledon

2010-05-19 15:55

London - The grand old dame of Grand Slam tennis now has its very own poet laureate.

Wimbledon, in collaboration with The Poetry Trust in Britain, has appointed its first "Championships Poet" to capture the flavour and fervour of the oldest of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments and the only one played on grass.

British poet Matt Harvey, a regular contributor to BBC radio and a lifelong tennis fan, intends to create a poem-a-day about all things Wimbledon: from umpires to ball boys and girls, strawberries and cream to the drama of the matches and players.

"It's an honour, and I'm acutely conscious it's the only time I'll come first in anything at Wimbledon, unless you count the queue for strawberries," Harvey said in a statement.

The poems will be available online and there will be audio podcasts - featuring Harvey reading his latest verses and sharing behind-the-scenes observations on the Wimbledon and Poetry Trust websites.

Harvey will also keep a blog and interact with tennis fans on microblogging Website Twitter.

During the tournament, which starts on June 21, he will also give impromptu live performances to the famous Wimbledon queue as people wait to enter the grounds of the All England Lawn Tennis Club in southwest London.

Harvey's first poem in the series, "Grandest of Slams" is already available on the Poetry Trust website at and contains such stirring lines as:

"Where tough tennis cookies have cracked and then crumbled in Top seeds have stumbled, have tumbled, been humbled in Wimbledon."


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  • Mandla - 2010-05-19 16:23

    What a load of croc, can only be on his bloc. For only the dumb pommies, can come up with such dummies. They have certain been duped, to make space for such puke.

  • William Shakespeare - 2010-05-19 17:28

    @Mandla (5/19/2010 4:23 PM) *slaps forehead*

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