Nadal shrugs off Federer loss

2012-03-18 14:47

Indian Wells - Rafael Nadal kept his head high after going down 6-3, 6-4 to Roger Federer in the semi-final of the Indian Wells Masters, far form disappointed with how his 2012 season is progressing.

"I am playing with energy. I'm here very happy to be here to compete against the best players of the world and to try my best every day in every practice," said the 10-time Grand Slam winner who edged Federer in the Australian Open semi-final in January.

"I'll consider it a good year if I keep playing the way that I am playing. Even if I don't win something really important, I'm happy.

"For sure the titles are important, but what is more important is the feeling. I feel happy today to be here, and I'm enjoying the Tour. That's the most important thing, keep doing to this way.

"That's the way to have success this year. Play aggressive like I did the last few games and like I did the beginning of the match, that's the way."

Nadal will head to the next Masters 1000 in Miami with the slate wiped clean. "I'll try to keep doing in Miami a little bit better if it's possible and wait to have a good success."

The 25-year-old said that even 2011, where he earned only three titles - all on clay - was good by his standards. And he's sure that 2012 will also work out well.

"I don't consider myself that good to consider the 2011 like a bad year, I am having a good year playing finals in Australia and semi-finals here. For me, for myself, is a very good start of the year.

"The results last year, in my opinion, were great results for me. The feeling wasn't that great. I got tired of the competition a few times, and that's not the best feeling."

Indian Wells was the first event for Nadal since losing the Australian final in a six-hour marathon to Novak Djokovic and then taking six weeks off.