Federer wishes pal Tiger well

2010-01-16 12:08

Melbourne - Roger Federer wished his friend Tiger Woods well Saturday then talked about the importance of being a role model.

The two sporting superstars have become pals over the years and the Swiss great said he hoped to see Woods sort out his problems.

"Well, I have just been following it from afar," he said when asked at a pre-Australian Open press conference about Woods' fall from grace.

"All I can say, I'm not going to talk about his personal life, but I wish him all the best, getting back, hopefully on the golf course, resolving his problems, and see how he goes."

Woods has suffered a momentous fall from his lofty pedestal as one of the greatest sportsmen in the world since a November 27 late-night car crash outside his Florida home.

The mysterious accident touched off a sensational sex scandal, with Woods eventually admitting to marital infidelity and declaring that he would take an indefinite break from golf.

Asked about the responsibility top sports stars like himself and Woods carried as role models, Federer said he did not feel any extra pressure to stay squeaky clean.

"No, I mean I just try to be myself, not change for the press or the public or the fans," he said.

"If they like me, that's great. If they don't, that's too bad.

"But I think most important is that there's a lot of fair play involved when I play the game, respect for the game, respect for the opponent, be polite to everyone you meet.

"Those are key things my parents have taught me and I try to do the same thing.

"Sure, doing a lot of press conferences and not being able to hide on the tennis court is not an easy thing sometimes.

"But I think I've done well over the years. I still enjoy doing it even though there's more enjoyable things than doing press conferences. It's just part of it."


  • Yorsie - 2010-01-16 12:59

    Viva infidelle Viva.

  • Cobus - 2010-01-16 14:33

    Sport stars are JUST THAT... sport stars. If they thought they were morally higher than the rest of us mortals, they would have gone for higher callings... like missionary work or preaching from a church pulpit on Sundays. WE ALL have feet of clay... Why do we JUDGE & DESTROY our sporting heroes when the slip and fall... Hypocritical... to say the least

  • Pietie - 2010-01-16 20:00

    Hey Cobus, Tiger did not slip and fall.... he slipped and slipped and slipped and slipped at least eighteen times!!

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