Prostitution danger?

2010-05-26 12:00
Watch out: Your woman could be an undercover prostitute during the 2010 World Cup.

The 2010 World Cup holds promise for a many small and medium (SMMEs) businesspersons  in South Africa. Many a hawker are relishing and looking forward to the prospect of making money. The sidewalks will be filled with all manner of hawkers selling all manner of wares. They are hoping to make a roaring business during the duration of the matches; food, cultural entrapments, clothing, bags, vuvuzelas, replica soccer jerseys and so forth. Many are dreaming of putting wads and wads of foreign currencies (dollars) in their money bags. I hear some have taken up classes in foreign exchange. After the recession that hit our country, there’s hope that the World Cup will bring welcomed financial relief to this lot.

Big business will also benefit but they’ll have to work under the FIFA rules and regulations. Now there’s a certain kind of trade that I am interested in here. This trade is said to be the oldest in the world. Yep, you guessed it, it is Prostitution. Apparently during the World Cup 2006, this was big business. The prostitutes made a killing selling their wares in the street corners, hotel lobbies and everywhere else. Well whether that was legalized during the event itself is still to be found out. But the ladies of the night played their part, I hear, to make this monumental event a success. For some they are an evil, but it turned out, they were a necessary evil. The wives and the girlfriends of the many solicitors of these ladies wares, tried almost in vain to hold them back on the leach.

In South Africa, I don’t think there’ll be an exception. We have ladies of the night prowling many a cities street corners without any fear or shame. They are proud of their trade and they’re willing to do anything to make that sometimes elusive buck. They are the glue that holds many a families together. Many a marriages were saved from going asunder by these ladies’ bag of tricks. They have travelled far from their villages to the cities in search of better prospects. Some have unfortunately been duped or coaxed into going into this trade unwittingly. The fact of the matter is that Prostitution in South Africa is just as prominent in South Africa as in any developed country, notwithstanding the issue of legality. And many a young woman have found themselves having no options but to engage in this trade, looking for a fast buck, albeit they end up finding something else like HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, STDs, abuse etc.

But why doesn’t it stop then? I hear there are many foreign Prostitutes (as far and wide as Brazil) who are preparing to hit these shores during the World Cup. This will create serious competition for our local girls here. Escort agencies across the country, will be making a roaring business, they’ll be smiling all the way to the bank. Strip joints will be milking it too, ‘cos let’s be honest, sex sells.

Let me tell you a story of a young girl call Thandi, who so happened to love the finer things in life, she was willing to do or go to any lengths to make sure she gets it. She was a student in one of the countries’ prestigious universities. She was from a well to do family and she grew up not in want of anything, courtesy of her parents who worked really hard to secure her a bright future.

Thandi was a young beautiful and fashionable girl who was full of radiance and vivaciousness.  She was an uppity girl who liked to push the boundaries. Being away from home was a totally new experience and she was  loving it. She was away from the prying eyes of mom and dad for the first time in what seemed forever. Her doting parents could be a bit too much for her let alone her over protective older brother. So her coming to varsity was freedom, the emancipation of Thandi. It was Thandis’ time and no one was going to say or do anything about it. She was a gifted child indeed not really struggling with her studies. She’s one of those who could read on the eve of a major exam paper and come out unscathed. Now Cape Town being a beautiful city and the night life there being what it is, an impressionable girl like Thandi can get caught up in the night life web that the Seapoint has to offer.

Thandi’s life was characterized by a lot of partying; house parties, nightclubs and bars. She was so popular on the campus party scene they even nicknamed her Cheese girl or Ms Hilton (as in Paris Hilton), even though her parents weren’t rich. Thandi loved the limelight and the new found “fame” that she let it all go to her head. She wanted to maintain a certain standard, to buy the latest designer wear and sip exotic cocktails. She had her parents money but that wasn’t enough. She knew that somehow she had to find an alternative means of income. The boys on campus didn’t interest her ‘cos she felt they weren’t challenging enough and besides, they didn’t couldn’t give her that extra cash.

She one day managed to find herself an older guy off campus who seemed to be doing pretty well for himself. He had a nice ride and he really knew how to party. All this was a thrill a minute to a young girl like Thandi. She started neglecting her studies, bunking class and neglecting her friends.  Eventually the guy convinced her to move in with him in his apartment in Greenpoint. This Nigerian guy seemed to be rolling in money, so naturally she had little Thandi hook, line and sinker.  It was a life of ecstasy as Thandi literally started experimenting with Ecstasy or “E” as it is popularly known in the clubs.

She felt she needed more money and she started sleeping with strange men for money behind her boyfriends back and unfortunately before she could do anything about it, she was hooked.

The World Cup offers plenty of opportunities for the likes of Thandi. Prostitution as was the case in Germany 2006, is going to suck in a lot of young women who are looking to make a quick buck. And unfortunately, some of these girls would be new to the industry and some will be forced into it by human traffickers.  Now the likes of Thandi, your average girl next door, always chasing a high, will hide their misdeeds from their loved ones eyes. Imagine your girlfriend or daughter was this sweet, kind and unassuming girl. Who was doing her best to study hard and in life generally.

All of a sudden she can afford the latest designer clothes, eat at fancy restaurants and even afford to take the “broke working boyfriend” out occasionally. In this scenario, for any enquiring mind you can suspect the following: either her parents came into some serious dough; or she has a sugar daddy; or she found some work.  It certainly going to break any mans’ or parents’ heart to find out the worst, that their girlfriend or daughter is a Prostitute.


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