Hands off our Vuvuzelas

2010-06-14 10:13
From the Cape to the furthest point in Africa, the Fifa Soccer Fever has gripped the continent and all of its inhabitants.

Everyone has something to say: from the opening ceremony to the performance of Bafana to the Gautrain efficiency to the merriment of the whole event; but one thing has been blamed as a blot to an otherwise perfect and most successful World Cup - THE VUVUZELA!

Prrrrruuuuuuup! Goes the Vuvuzela for the entire match and even before the game. Prrrrruuuuuuup! Next to a Greek ear or the irritable ears of the French team. Prrrrruuuuuuup! We celebrate Ghana's victory, as once again, Africa's oldest democracy leads the way about how we should win on the field.

Prrrrruuuuuuup! You/ve got to understand that this is Africa and there is no place else where you will find a cacophony like this being a subject of intense celebration and an object of encouragement! Prrrrruuuuuuup! That's what sounded in that hall when the President of Fifa, Sepp 'Mama Mia' Blatter, pulled our country's name as the place where FIFA's most successful World Cup would be organised.

Prrrrruuuuuuup! Went the Vuvu last year during the Confed Cup where Spanish players, most notably Xavi, complained that the instrument did nothing for the soccer mood. Prrrrruuuuuuup! Fifa said 'this is Africa' and you have to understand its people and its ethos on the drum and the noise!

Prrrrruuuuuuup! Went the vuvu last Friday all day long as we prepared for the maiden FIFA World Cup kick off on African soil!

Prrrrruuuuuuup! Listen to me because A am about to tell you a secret...

The debate on whether or not a vuvuzela should be a banned instruments at FIFA World Cup matches is neither here nor there. Why?

This is Africa - we will blow it, with or without the consent of FIFA. This is our World Cup - irrespective of who the tournament belongs to, the fact that they chose to bring it to the cradle of human kind, where people dance and celebrate in spite of insurmountable misery is not our fault.

The vuvu is part and parcel of our football/soccer - we cannot make too many concenssions just to make the Europeans happy. The vuvu is part of our homeground advantage - in the absence of a lot of things we can do to relax some of FIFA's stringent rules, the vuvu is our weapon of mass distraction while we score a goal or three!

FIFA raped our national fiscus bare - we had to go to the end of the world to make sure that everything that you see on TV, on the fan fest and at broadcasting and other media centres were up to world status; surely as part of tit-for-tat FIFA should allow us to be who we truly are as a people - UNASHAMEDLY LOUD.

If by now you havent really understood why the vuvu is such an important element of our people and why it should remain an important element of our World Cup, feel free to kiss our youknowwhat!

Hands off our vuvus!

Vuvu for life! Vuvu for keeps!

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