0 Spain v Chile 2
Venue: Maracanã,Rio de Janeiro
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As it happened: Spain v Chile

2014-06-18 20:30
Last Updated at 01:44
18 Jun 23:01

That's the ball game ladies and gentleman. 

Spain have made history this evening. Not in the good way as they become the first defending champions to lose their first two games.

Humbled by Netherlands and now dismantled by Chile.

Chile were sensational tonight, from the start they pressed Spain and managed to take their chances.

On the other hand Darren, Spain were woeful. Who was worse Costa or Casillas? Hard to make that call.

Viva le Chile.

18 Jun 22:56



18 Jun 22:55

94' The end of the era.

Won't see many of this historic team back in international football. Casillas, Alonso, Torres, Xavi and Iniesta all on their last legs.

18 Jun 22:53
92' Spain are going home. Just over three minutes to go.
18 Jun 22:51
6 minutes of added time. Who's the Spanish coach? Sir Alex???
18 Jun 22:49
88' Getting silly now, Bravo makes another decent save. This time from Cazorla's free kick.
18 Jun 22:48
87' Arturo Vidal is taken off for a breather.
18 Jun 22:45
84' Vargas, Chile's hero on the night, is taken off with just minutes remaining.
18 Jun 22:44
83' Another great diving save by Bravo! Saves Iniesta's curling strike.
18 Jun 22:44
83' Just seven minutes remain for Spain's defence.
18 Jun 22:42
So with this result, both Spain and Australia will be eliminated.
18 Jun 22:41
80' Curling strike by Cazorla is turned away by Bravo. He's been great when called upon.
18 Jun 22:39

78' It appears Spain are happy with a loss. They are mucking around with the ball at the back. 

Hoof it up forward man!

18 Jun 22:37
76' There is the final Spanish sub. Pedro off. Cazorla on.
18 Jun 22:36

Made up transfer news: 

Man Utd sign all Chileans, Dutch and German players.

18 Jun 22:35

74' Another close chance for Chile to seal the deal. Spain scramble it away.

Cazorla about to come on.

18 Jun 22:34

72' Spain's midfield has been hassled and hurried all evening, their wings have been poor and Casillas is having a 'mare.

When you put it like that, it's hard to think why Chile aren't further ahead.

18 Jun 22:32


3 - Number of people who think Spain can still win this.

18 Jun 22:31

70' Chile fail to make use of their counter attack. They had a man advantage but failed to use it. 

One more goal and the lady would be warming up to sing!

18 Jun 22:30

On Diego Costa:

He failed to register a single shot on target in his 126 minutes of play at the World Cup 2014 (5 shots).

18 Jun 22:28


No defending champion have ever lost their first two games. Until 23 mins time.

18 Jun 22:27
66' Vidal and Medel have been brilliant tonight. Totally outclassed Spain, who must admit to being poor.
18 Jun 22:24
Costa whose Brazilian roots gets him booed and heckled off the field.
18 Jun 22:23

64' Torres on. Yes that Torres, comes on for Diego Costa.

Costa made little impact tonight. Missed one shot and was poor in open play.

18 Jun 22:21
60' Mena gets the next slice of cheese. His foul on Pedro gets him into the book!
18 Jun 22:20

60' and Torres is warming up. 

Talk about throwing a Hail Mary.

18 Jun 22:18

57' Goal scorer Charles Aranguiz gets stretchered off but he's back on.

Good old fashioned miracle water.

18 Jun 22:16

55' Already ten minutes gone in the second half.

Spain will be wanting to ask Busquets some questions after his miss.

18 Jun 22:14

53' Oh my word. Busquets misses when scoring was easier.

Much easier. How did he miss that?

18 Jun 22:13
52' Aaaaannnnnnddddddd. Its a tame free kick.
18 Jun 22:12
51' Vidal bundles over Koke. Free kick in a great spot for Spain.
18 Jun 22:12

50' Drawing ever closer to the hour mark. Spain dominating the early part of the second half.

Chile appear happy to defend.