2 Nigeria v Argentina 3
Venue: Estádio Beira-Rio,Porto Alegre
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As it happened: Nigeria v Argentina

2014-06-25 20:00
Last Updated at 01:20
25 Jun 20:01

That's it folks!

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25 Jun 20:00

Full time stats:

Nigeria 2-3 Argentina 

Possession: 44%-56%
Shots: 12-18
Chances Created: 9-12
Pass Success: 81%-86%

25 Jun 19:57

That's it!

Nigeria can be happy with their performance! They are through to the Round of 16.

Musa almost outshone Messi as both players scored a brace in a game that 2 goals in five minutes at the start of the first half and again at the beginning of the second.

Messi's 45 minute free kick was the difference at the end.

Both teams will be happy.

Argentina will be chuffed that Messi and Di Maria returned stunningly to form while Nigeria will be happy with how they held up to the South Americans. They were no push overs.

25 Jun 19:53

Ref blows the whistle.

It's all over!

25 Jun 19:53

45 seconds to go.

I'm tempted to join in the song but I haven't a clue what the words are.


25 Jun 19:52

Game over as Iran lose to Bosnia! 3-1!

Nigeria are through!!!

25 Jun 19:52

90' + 2' Nigeria are confident Iran can't score 3 goals in added time, so they just keep hold of the ball.

This crowd is singing their hearts out. Great to listen to!

25 Jun 19:51

Gonzalo Higuian is removed. Not much of a break, just four minutes that he will sit out.

Thanks for the breather coach, he says as he departs the scene of the crime.

25 Jun 19:50

90' Time is up.

Only added time now.

4 minutes to be added on.

25 Jun 19:49

89' Higuian had the keeper drawn out but he was forced wide.

Two players down injured.

No wonder Alvarez is down. That was a NFL tackle on him.

25 Jun 19:47

87' Angel Di Maria breaks but he is broken.

Stick a fork in him. He's done.

25 Jun 19:47

86' Side netting. Nigeria almost equalise via Ambrose.

This crowd is going wild.

Great vibe.

25 Jun 19:45

84' BIG V! Another save against a fearsome Di Maria strike!

He may have conceded 3 but he's played a great game!

25 Jun 19:44

83' minutes gone.

Nigeria have had 100% possession over the last 2 minutes.

Emenike's shot goes wide of the goal.

25 Jun 19:42

Iran have pulled a goal back now losing 1-2 against Bosnia.

Oh wait, Bosnia score again. 3-1 now and Nigerians can start smiling!

25 Jun 19:41

80' Last ten minutes now.

Mad scramble in the box as the Argentines have gone on holiday it seems. 

25 Jun 19:40

Argentina with 60% of the ball and they have used it well.

Nigeria will sneak into the second round of the SWC despite only one win in the group stages.

25 Jun 19:39
79' Header goes just wide! Argentina almost grab a 4th!
25 Jun 19:38

78' Zabaleta blocks Musa's effort.

So close for the third there!

Outstanding defending.

25 Jun 19:37

Cute free kick there! End result is Enyeama saves from Lavezzi.

Angel Di Maria flicked it over the wall.

Sneaky. Very Sneaky.

25 Jun 19:36
76' No Messi for the free kick but there is Angel Di Maria and Lavezzi.
25 Jun 19:36

76' Odemwingie's weak effort is easily held by Romero.

25 Jun 19:33

73' Musa is a one man band here tonight!

His shot from the edge of the area sails over the bar.

Nice attempt though.

25 Jun 19:32

71' Lavezzi and Higuian are off to couples counselling in the morning.

Lavezzi's cross is nowhere near Gonzalo Huguian.

Nigeria off the hook again.

25 Jun 19:31

71' For a change, Nigeria try keep a hold of the ball. 

Gone from Big V at the back but Mikel loses it in the final third.

25 Jun 19:30

Twenty minutes to go.

Plenty of fouls now as the match has turned a bit scrappy.

25 Jun 19:28

68' Another corner for Argentina.

Can Nigeria find another way back into this match?

25 Jun 19:24

Babatunde off. With a suspected broken wrist. 

I think it was from the shot of Onazi!

25 Jun 19:22

63' No hat-trick chance for Messi!

He's earned himself a breather. Alvarez on in his place.

Crowd goes wild.

2 goals from 4 shots.

25 Jun 19:21

Mikel! What were you thinking???

Misses a sitter!

The defence thought he was offside. He wasn't.

25 Jun 19:20

60' Rare attack by Nigeria.

They have the corner.

Musa to grab an unlikely hat-trick?

25 Jun 19:19

NIGERIA fans are you ready?

Bosnia now lead 2-0!

All but over for the Iranians which seals Nigeria's place in the Round of 16!

25 Jun 19:19

58' Messi misses a difficult chance!

Rojo's cross was slightly behind Messi!