1* Costa Rica v Greece 1
Venue: Arena Pernambuco, Recife
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As it happened: Costa Rica v Greece

2014-06-29 21:00
Last Updated at 01:28
30 Jun 01:00

A historic win for 10 man Costa Rica.

Navas played an absolute gem today and saved a penalty from Gekas to allow Umana to score and seal Los Ticos place in the last 8.

Not a great game as the match only had fits and spurts of action!

Duarte will miss the clash against the Netherlands after being dismissed midway through the second half.

Greece, who scored in injury time for the second successive match, were unable to take advantage of the extra man as Mitroglou and Gekas wasted chance after chance.

30 Jun 00:56


All five players scored their spot kicks!

Greece are out! Gekas is distraught!

30 Jun 00:55
Umana! He's done it! Costa Rica win!!!!!!!!
30 Jun 00:54
Costa Rica score now and they win!
30 Jun 00:54
30 Jun 00:54
Gekas! He's missed! Oh no!
30 Jun 00:53
Joel Campbell! GOAL! 4-3!
30 Jun 00:52
Fantastic exhibition here!
30 Jun 00:52
Holebas! He too scores! 3-3 now!
30 Jun 00:51
Gonzalez! He also scores! 3-2 now!
30 Jun 00:51
Lazaros scores! 2-2!
30 Jun 00:50
Bryan Ruiz! Scores! 2-1!
30 Jun 00:49
Mitroglou SCORES!
30 Jun 00:48
Borges scores! Costa go 1-0 up!
30 Jun 00:47
Borges, from Costa Rica, up first.
30 Jun 00:43

Karnezis v Navas.

Who will prevail?

30 Jun 00:42

Santos, the Greek coach, has been sent to the stands.

Not sure what caused the drama.

His contract ends tomorrow but his involvement tonight is over.

30 Jun 00:39

1-1 after 120 minutes.

Time for penalties.

30 Jun 00:38

Mitroglou misses another one.

An easy attempt.

Saved in fact by NAVAS.

45 seconds to go.

30 Jun 00:37

Holebas with a shocker.

Penalties surely.

30 Jun 00:36

119' Corner to Greece.

They can't, can they?

30 Jun 00:36

118' Mitroglou.

He's obviously keen for penalties.

Shoots so high and wide, I'm tempted to call it a clearance not a shot.

30 Jun 00:34
Less than 3 minutes to go!
30 Jun 00:34

Holebas caught offside. 

Rookie mistake.

Offside number 14 by the Greeks. (Not really!)

30 Jun 00:33

Navas has been part of everything today.

Some great saves, some bravery, a yellow for time wasting and a parry that placed the ball at the Greek's foot for the equaliser.

30 Jun 00:32

Now I can count the remaining time on one hand.

Just five minutes to go.

Greece still pressing.

30 Jun 00:31

Lazaros had the shot that was saved by Navas.

Had he looked for the pass, Greece might well have scored.

30 Jun 00:29
Great punching save by Navas.
30 Jun 00:29

Dealt with and a break is one.

5 on 2 and Greece don't score.

30 Jun 00:29

111' Nelson's up and corner to Costa Rica.

Misses everybody.

Great cross though by Campbell.

30 Jun 00:27

I can count the time remaining using my fingers.

Ten minutes left.

30 Jun 00:27

109' Haha! Gonzalez is having a laugh.

He attempts the spectacular bicycle kick. Ends up looking ridiculous!

30 Jun 00:26

Campbell wins the free kick.

He's deep into the hurt locker now as cramp as won the battle.

30 Jun 00:25

108' Navas is fine.

Told you he was faking it.

30 Jun 00:24

106' Navas injured again here.

Definitely faking an injury, hardly touched by Gekas as he came to collect the ball.

30 Jun 00:23

105' Straight from the kick off, the through ball to Brenes leaves him with a great chance.

He shoot well wide.

Scuffed off the side off his foot.

30 Jun 00:22

Here we go!

Will there be a winner?

30 Jun 00:20

First half of extra time is done.

15 minutes to go.

Greece look the likelier to get a winner, but then again they don't look great to get a goal.

30 Jun 00:18
103' Brenes with some smart play for Costa Rica but his cross is dealt with easily.
30 Jun 00:17

Costa Rica have had just two shots on target.

Greece have had 5 times as many.