2 Colombia v Ivory Coast 1
Venue: Estádio Nacional de Brasilia,Brasilia
Thu 19 Jun | Group C | Full Time | | Chat about this match |

As it happened: Colombia v Ivory Coast

2014-06-19 17:30
Last Updated at 10:58
19 Jun 20:01

Colombia have the encounter 2-1. The match was going nowhere slowly until James Rodriguez put Colombia in front. From then on it was goals galore!

Ivory Coast had 55% possession. 

Ivory Coast had 11 shots compared to Colombia's 8 but it's the ball into the back of the net is what counts.

And for those interested in discipline, there were 5 slices of cheese(yellow cards) per team.  

Colombia go top of Group C while Ivory Coast will hope Japan and Greece play out to a draw later tonight.

19 Jun 19:56
Check Tiote throwing a tantrum on the floor. Sore loser much?
19 Jun 19:55
19 Jun 19:54
93' Only a minute left...
19 Jun 19:53

92' YEPES makes a huge blunder, keeper beats Drogba to the ball.

Almost tear-city for Yepes in his 100th game.

19 Jun 19:52
Nasty scenes here. Webb doing nothing to get this match under control.
19 Jun 19:51

4 minutes of added time is all that is left.

Is the drama done?

19 Jun 19:51
89' Slice of cheese! Tiote rarely misses a bite at the cheese!
19 Jun 19:50
88' OH MY GOSH! Quintero tries to lob the keeper from 40 yards!
19 Jun 19:46

84' Bolly to Gervinho to Kalou. Squanders a goal chance.

You could almost hear the groans from the Ivory Coast fans.

19 Jun 19:45


Bolly from Ivory Coast, runs the 50metres faster than Bolt.


19 Jun 19:44

83' Another shot goes over the bar for Ivory Coast.

More pressure than a 9am deadline here for Colombia.

19 Jun 19:43
82' Can Ivory Coast come back from 2 zip to rescue a draw?
19 Jun 19:42
80' Dangerous corner dealt with by the Colombian defence. Ivory Coast bossing this game.
19 Jun 19:39
78' Aguilar off. But ACTION has been subbed into this game! Raining goals in Brazil!
19 Jun 19:37
76' Slice of cheese for Yaya. Bad tackle and he's into the ref's bad book!
19 Jun 19:36
75' Remember when I said Ivory Coast were done? Scrap that! This match is not over!
19 Jun 19:35

3 goals in a matter of moments!

This game has exploded into life!

19 Jun 19:34

GERVINHO pulls one back. A cracking shot.

This is game on!

19 Jun 19:33
19 Jun 19:32
19 minutes left. Stick a fork in Ivory Coast, they are done.
19 Jun 19:32
Two duck to Colombia and they celebrate by getting their dancing shoes on!
19 Jun 19:30
Quintaro slots it past the keeper. Its dancing time.
19 Jun 19:30
68' Goal!!!
19 Jun 19:28
66' Freekick in a great spot. Didier to take it.
19 Jun 19:25
62' A thumping header by Rodriguez. He rose infront of Drogba and the ball thumped into the net.
19 Jun 19:24
19 Jun 19:24


19 Jun 19:23
62' Colombia going for it now. Looking much the better side.
19 Jun 19:21

59' DROGBA is on! Bony off. Paying the price for his mishit a minute or two ago?

Hard to believe that Drogba doesn't start for the Elephants.

19 Jun 19:20
58' Shot fired in by Cuadrado. Across the face of the goal and it hits the cross bar!
19 Jun 19:18
57' Gradel had space inside the box. Poor touch costs him a clear shot. Yepes across to defend it well.