1 Brazil v Germany 7
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As it happened: Brazil v Germany

2014-07-08 20:30
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08 Jul 23:52

Nothing left to say in this one!

Goal timeline:

11' Muller 23' Klose 24' 26' Kroos 29' Khedira 69' 79' Schuerrle 90' Oscar

Final score: Germany 7-1 Brazil

Germany will face either Netherlands or Argentina in Sunday's final.

08 Jul 23:49

Time is up.

But the match was over a long time ago. A long time ago.

Boo's is all that the Brazilian players will receive from the crowd.

08 Jul 23:49

Time is up.

But the match was over a long time ago. A long time ago.

Boo's is all that the Brazilian players will receive from the crowd.

08 Jul 23:47

No one really cheers.

Strange scenes here!

08 Jul 23:46


Oscar scores for Brazil.

08 Jul 23:46
90' GOAL!
08 Jul 23:46
Mesut Ozil misses a chance for the 8!
08 Jul 23:45
89' Bernard tries to impersonate Schurrle but can't!
08 Jul 23:45

88' Oscar misses from a really tight angle.

Beat Neuer but that's because he kicked it away from the goals.

08 Jul 23:43

85' I seriously fear for the safety of this Brazil squad.

This is the biggest hammering in footballing history given the context. 

Impossible to pick a Man of the Match.

08 Jul 23:38

80' Ten minutes to go.

This is the first time any team has scored seven goals in a semi-final.

This is also the first time any team has conceded seven goals in a semi-final.

Nice one Germany.

Eish Brazil.

08 Jul 23:35

Andre Schurrle lashes in his second from a tight angle.

Brazil have been demolished!

08 Jul 23:35
08 Jul 23:34

76' Nasty scenes now. Lots of finger pointing and accusations!

Thomas Muller acting like a baby.

David Luiz did nothing wrong.

08 Jul 23:29

72' Less than 20 minutes to go.

Have you ever witnessed such a hiding?

I'm excluding Arsenal fans obviously.

08 Jul 23:27

Brazil had.. Ronaldinho, Robinho, Pato, Coutinho, Kaka, Lucas Moura.

But they chose Fred.

Nice going Scolari!

08 Jul 23:26

Schurrle taps home.

His first.

The crowd boos as Fred departs.

This is a right mess!

08 Jul 23:25
08 Jul 23:24

68' Slice of cheese for Dante.

Hacked down Kross and the ref gives him a slice!

08 Jul 23:23

Cesar with a great interception as Schweinsteiger was set clear on goal!

Almost a sixth!

08 Jul 23:22

65' Not much to write about in this second half.

Fred being treated very harshly by his home crowd. Harsh but fair.

08 Jul 23:18

61' Germany furious as Maicon goes down inside the box.

They call him everything from diver to Robben.


08 Jul 23:17

60' Great save by Cesar.

Surprised he can make a save.

Muller's strike is tipped over the bar.

08 Jul 23:15

58' Another Neuer save.

This time from a Fred strike.

The Germans are playing at training pace.

08 Jul 23:13

56' It's been all Brazil in this second half.

Neuer has made 4 saves in quick succession.

08 Jul 23:09


Neuer makes a double save from point blank range! 

Paulinho can't score when a goal was put on a plate for him.

08 Jul 23:08

51' Another Neuer save!

My word, their attack is as bad their defence.

Ramires fails to beat the German goalie!

08 Jul 23:07

50' Ramires can't find Oscar from 5 metres.

Neuer dives across to punch the ball away from danger.

Germany not handing out any freebies!

08 Jul 23:05

48' Only 42 minutes left for Brazil.

Fred trying to win the penalty by diving to the floor.

The ref feels sorry for Brazil but not that sorry.