1 Argentina v Switzerland 0
Venue: Arena de São Paulo, São Paulo
Tue 01 Jul | Round of 16 | Full Time AET | | Chat about this match |

As it happened: Argentina v Switzerland

2014-07-01 21:00
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01 Jul 20:40

What a game!

Argentina had to wait until the 118th minute to take the lead and then the game sprang into life.

As Benaglio came up for corners and free kicks, Di Maria had a chance to settle it but his shot went over the bar.

Then came Switzerland's best effort as the header hit the ball and the rebound went inches wide.

Even later drama as Garay brought Shaqiri down on the edge of the area.

His shot slammed into the wall and the match was called over.

The first 115 minutes were rather forgettable.

The stats show that Argentina had 22 shots on target compared to 7 from Switzerland but it must be said the Swiss had the better chances.

01 Jul 20:34

That's it!

The wall blocks the shot!

Game over!

01 Jul 20:34
124 minutes played!
01 Jul 20:33
Can the Swiss score?
01 Jul 20:33

This game wont end.

Free kick on the edge of the area.

It was a dive by Shaqiri.

01 Jul 20:32

Incredible scenes.

The Swiss goalie had come up for the free kick.

Di Maria breaks and misses an open goal!

01 Jul 20:32
One minute to go.
01 Jul 20:30




Swiss so unlucky!

01 Jul 20:30

Corner to Switzerland!

Goalkeeper comes up to try score!

01 Jul 20:29
Only added time to add now.
01 Jul 20:29

119' To add insult to injury that goal has eaten 2 minutes of time.

Not long to go now.

01 Jul 20:29

Messi with a golden moment!

Picked up the ball from the halfway line and lays it off to Angel Di Maria on the edge of the area.

One touch and bang. Goal.

01 Jul 20:28


Slots it into the bottom left corner.

01 Jul 20:27
01 Jul 20:26

Four minutes to go.

Switzerland must've practiced penalties because they could care less about trying to find a winner.

01 Jul 20:24

You wont believe it!

Argentina have crossed the ball 50 times today.

50 times.

Change your tactics Sabella!!!

01 Jul 20:22

111' The Nelson is up.

Di Maria wins the corner.

Next up, he balloons the ball miles over the bar.

01 Jul 20:21
110' Messi can't find a friend as his cross is hacked away.
01 Jul 20:19

Shaqiri breaks from the corner but Pablo Zabaleta says in his best Gandalf voice

"You shall not pass here!"

01 Jul 20:18

108' Fine save.

Angel Di Maria wakes the crowd up as he fires a shot on target.

01 Jul 20:17

107' Only 13 minutes to go.

Both teams hardly pressing for the goal as they seem happy to try their luck from the penalty spot.

01 Jul 20:15

Haris Seferovic is having a laugh.

He attempts a shot from halfway.

He doesn't score.

Surprise Surprise.

01 Jul 20:14
Only 15 minutes to go until penalties.
01 Jul 20:12

That's the end of first half of extra time.

When are they bringing Messi on?

01 Jul 20:10

Rojo, is done, being taken off now.

He'll miss the quarter final if Argentina qualify.

Basanta on in his place.

He ran 12 km's today.

01 Jul 20:09

The game is open but everyone is so tired resulting in the match being played just above snail pace.

01 Jul 20:08

When will Shaqiri pass?

Had a great game but a bit selfish now.

01 Jul 20:08

103' Rojo, the Argentine, left back looks shattered.

Take him off coach.

01 Jul 20:07

Wonderful. The Swiss are shooting from a million miles away.

Trigger happy.

01 Jul 20:07
102' Only three minutes to go until the midway point in extra time.
01 Jul 20:06

101' More people talking about Palacio's ridiculous hair than the soccer at the moment.

Another foul. This time in the favour of Argentina.

01 Jul 20:05
100' Glass half full moment is that there is only 20 minutes until penalties.
01 Jul 20:03


1 274 530 - Number of people who are only tuning back in for the penalty shootout.


01 Jul 20:02

96' Not too many chances in the first half of extra time.

Swiss just soaking up the pressure.

01 Jul 19:58

Good save.

Benaglio saves. Decent save that.

01 Jul 19:58

93' Another free kick to Argentina.

Messi to whip it in.