SAFA deny reported 'coup'

2012-05-07 14:22

Johannesburg - The SA Football Association (SAFA) has cleared the air on reports of a 'coup' involving the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations chairmanship.

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SAFA president Kirsten Nematandani announced on Monday he had vacated the post to his deputy, Mwelo Nonkonyana, who would act as interim chairman until a replacement was found before the end of the month.

Nematandani said he could not be a "referee and player" and refuted claims that he had been toppled from the AFCON local organising committee (LOC) chairman's post while he was in London, England, last month.

"As SAFA president, I can't report to myself," Nematandani said.

"First option was to have the LOC under SAFA before it was decided to be independent.

"Yes, I went to London, but it was after a board meeting where everything was agreed upon."

The LOC also clarified the much debated bidding process that saw Cape Town excluded from the five cities that will stage the continental showpiece early next year.

The City of Cape Town had raised queries regarding the costs of hosting matches.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille said in a statement last week the city, which boasts the Cape Town Stadium, a 2010 World Cup venue, was "disappointed" not to have been named as an AFCON host.

Nematandani, however, said other cities had produced more enticing bids, with Mbombela, Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg, eThekwini and Johannesburg getting the nod.

"It was not a blunder to leave Cape Town out," said LOC chief executive Mvuzo Mbebe.

"It was what [other] cities proposed to us as their plans."

Cape Town was named with Polokwane, Kimberley and Bloemfontein as host cities for the 2014 African Nations Championships (Chan).

"We have no doubt built a good rapport with Cape Town ahead of them hosting Chan," Nematendani said.


  • Piet - 2012-05-07 14:41

    Always a controversy....

  • Dennis - 2012-05-07 15:07

    Yo Kristin, where there is even a wisper of smoke, there is usually a fire !! As you guys are all ANC cadres, you are all there for self enrichment as can be seen is the sorry state of our football, both league and national !!

      goyougoodthing - 2012-05-07 18:33

      Have to agree

      Zukisani - 2012-05-07 22:19

      honestly im sick of people like you guys. if you hate anything out of south africa so much , why dont you leave, broer!!! england has the greatest league and their national team is in the top 5 in the world at the moment or try Australia their League is not bad and their national team is actually pretty decent , don't you wanna move that side , i know you will fit in perfectly. please please consider what i have just suggested to you. im tired of your negativity and irrelevant fabricated facts , every time blacks are involved in sport admin ANC's name pops up. not every black guy is an ANC member you moron

  • Muazzam - 2012-05-08 00:17

    hi, well have u noticed zukisani.mkunqwana that when cape town bids for something we always loose out for example the now 2013 confed cup, the opportunity to bid for the 2020 olympic back then, and our f1 bid that doesnt look like it will ever set foot under this government because they say its not feasible i dont thnk so. when there are national soccer games how many times does it set foot here, its not to say that us, capetonians hate national soccer games, they just never here. I never new ANC meant black,you should change your attitude with regards to these letters, not to say i vote for them in any case, i know some might say why does everything have to be political one but if u thnk of it, with the power they have and where they have it, turns things into a political one(for examle there power in the SABC) . I think that deeteem was refering to the corruption of this government and how it causes divisions between our people, how it tries to manipulate&suppress others so that those suppressed are supposed to bow down to the man in charge. I think that the city of cape town should actually investigate into the matter of electing process and come on, no one is stupid enough to tell me that cape town as a hosting city is not better than most elected and johannesburg that had issues with hosting aswell, are hosting opening and closing matches, durban should really be pissd off(no offence to any host city), another publicity stunt.

      mihawkins1 - 2012-05-08 11:46

      @Zukisani.m, since when is ANC and black the same thing? Why get sensitive when people are expressing their opinions and turn it into a racial thing. You wanna know why SAFA aint doing jack for South African soccer or why the national team aren't performing, or why we don't have proper strikers in this country, scoring 25 plus goals a season, or why we keep on slipping down the rankings, or why our football teams can't even perform on the African club stage...i can go on forever, but let me tell you why. Its because of our football administrators, the imbeciles responsible for making decisions on development, reform and many more. SAFA is just about the most corruptly runned organization in the country, together with CSA, ASA to just name but few, hence the only progresss you'll witness is in the wealth of the execs and their families. How do you explain going from AFCON champs to struggling to even qualify for AFCON in the space of 15 years. Luckily we hosting this one, otherwise we wouldn't have been participating either. You MORON!

  • ismail.lunat.35 - 2012-05-08 09:07

    Now they (the capetonians) complain!! But when negotiations were going in, they were all commenting, we dont want the AFCON coz we the capetonian tax payers will be paying from our coffers for the event and how the AFCON is a free entry to all the african refugees to the City. Now that they have been excluded from all the tourism promotions to the wealthy african markets, they are crying foul. First they say they dont want it, now that they get what they wanted, they are moaning... What is it that you want, my fellow capetonians??

  • mihawkins1 - 2012-05-08 11:29

    This has ANC & politics written all over it. How on earth do you explain Cape town having a weaker bid than PE, Rustenburg, or others. 1stly Its the most beautiful city in the country, ideal tourist destination to name but 2 facts. SAFA just didn't want to answer certain questions brought up by the DA who incidently control the city.

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