SAFA: Forgive Blatter

2011-11-19 22:25

Johannesburg - The South African Football Association has commented on remarks on racism made by FIFA president Sepp Blatter, describing them as unforutnate, but calling for forgiveness following Blatter's apology.

SAFA said in a statement that Blatter's initial comments were unfortunate in the sense that they sent a wrong signal about FIFA's intention to wipe out racism in football.

"Our history with Blatter goes a very long way. We know him as a person who has always been upfront on confronting and condemning any form of racism and discrimination. His statement in Palestine recently clearly demonstrated his commitment to this cause," said a SAFA spokesperson.

"It is unfortunate that this matter was blown out of proportion as FIFA statutes are very clear on this matter of zero tolerance to any form of racism and discrimination. His lone voice insisting on South Africa hosting the first ever World Cup in 100 years on African soil, is further testimony of Blatter being a champion of anti-racism and discrimination.

"Blatter has traversed the globe preaching and discouraging any form of racism.

"We at no time doubted Blatter's stance on this issue, hence we view the latest statements as being unfortunate, regrettable and out of sync with what he stood for all his life as a servant of this beautiful game. "To his credit, Blatter issued a statement apologising unreservedly for this unfortunate statement. We as SAFA have accepted his apology. " However, having apologised for his proclamation, we hope the world will move on and forgive him. He has indeed owned up and retracted his statement and this to us shows great humility on his part as a leader of the number one sport on the universe."


  • Bob - 2011-11-19 22:46

    Enough already! Blatter’s remark was not racist! What's wrong with all these people, damn, get over yourselves!

      cosmos.ndebele - 2011-11-19 22:52

      Which people?

      Nicholas.Spaggiari - 2011-11-20 03:46

      What's wrong with them? It's called an inferior complex.

      Nicholas.Spaggiari - 2011-11-20 03:46

      His comments were not racist at all.

      bluzulu - 2011-11-20 09:38

      Another Bob from this generation of greedy B.......ards

  • shirley.friedman - 2011-11-19 22:48

    Birds of a feather stick together......

  • Jeff - 2011-11-20 06:45

    I am not a fan of Blatter but there was nothing wrong with his statement.. My advice is: go for therapy. You guys have serious issues.

      bluzulu - 2011-11-20 09:47

      OK then mate, Lets play a game in the spirit that sports were intended to be played ...I will call you every derogatory name under the sun relevant to your culture and race.....Think you want to shake my hand after the match.......THINK ABOUT IT ??

      Johncarlos ? Biza - 2011-11-20 11:36

      Who's 'you guys' and why do we not read the same comments under an article about Julius et al. saying something offensive?

  • Ian - 2011-11-20 07:38

    well done safa you just gave yourself away, this has nothing to do with what septic bladder said but everything to do with your snouts in the fifa trough, you love the gravy too much

  • bluzulu - 2011-11-20 09:36

    Typical dinosaur from his generation. To many of these old fools still remain in power all over the world!!!!!!

  • pilisaluvo.matyholo - 2011-11-20 11:22

    Well those that have been on the pitch and played will know very well what goes down in the field of play. The likes of Ferdinand are just looking for free publicity. There is nothing wrong with Mr Blatters statement. Truly speaking as footballers we swear and all sorts of things to opponents, both beacause of frustrations and just to intimidate them. But after the game there is no love lost we shake hands and laugh it all off. Thats exactly what Mr Blatter was referring to. I dont know why people have become so sensitive.

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