SABC ends Bafana circus

2012-04-25 07:48

Johannesburg - The SABC and the SA Football Association (SAFA) reached an agreement on broadcasting rights on Tuesday, the broadcaster announced.

Under the agreement, the SABC will carry all the national soccer teams' games for three years.

The agreement had yet to be presented to the SABC and the SAFA boards for approval, the SABC said in a statement.

The details of the contract would be made public, once both boards had approved the deal.

The SABC envisaged that the contract would be signed in the second week of May.

"For the SABC this is a historic milestone for both parties, as previously we negotiated on a game to game basis," said SABC acting chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

"Once the contract has been signed, South Africans can rest assured that for the next three years, they will be able to watch the national soccer teams whenever they play home games," he said.

"The agreement has been structured in a way that all parties, but especially the South African public, wins.

"This agreement will further strengthen the relationship between the SABC and SAFA, as it was perceived to be on shaky ground."

SAFA commercial committee chairperson Dr Danny Jordaan said the deal was a significant advancement for SAFA's commercial programme and would enable it to ensure it achieves the international success which was "our immediate, medium and long-term goal".

Acting SAFA president Mandla Mazibuko, who also chairperson its finance committee, said the deal ensured that the country's people would get to see national team matches free-to-air.

SAFA and the SABC have agreed to work together in negotiations with Sports Five about the broadcasting of away games involving Bafana Bafana.


  • Mhluleli - 2012-04-25 08:02

    they would be able to watch anywhere in sa hehehe what about other parts of the world mxim safasabc.

  • chiepner - 2012-04-25 08:03

    LOL - I see alot of "delayed live" replays or even 3 hours of comentators talking about the game while they are experiencing "technical problems". SABC are just not capable of doing this anymore.

  • daniel.motlhatlhedi - 2012-04-25 08:04

    Lets hope Bafana circus will end. Coz dats wt we c each tme they play.

  • Dhirshan - 2012-04-25 08:15

    who wants to watch bafana lose all the time anyway???

      ziphok1 - 2012-04-25 12:22

      Not even when I'm home alone.

  • kamohelo.olifant - 2012-04-25 08:43

    another dissapointment from sabc cos is obvious we going to watch replays as long as generation is on sabc, safa should have give the contract to supersport who never fails us.

  • Henry - 2012-04-25 08:49

    Bafana Bafana (national losers) are one and the same as the SABC, they lost popularity of the South African community. Gone are the days when we used to see a national coach running in the stadium with arms open, celebrating the victories attained then. Now it's Bafana Bafana owing some fees to some traditional soothsayers, all in just time consuming. SABC (ending the Bafana circus) who cares.

  • Dennis - 2012-04-25 08:53

    Thanks SABC but no thanks, I will not sit and watch a bunch of over paid, mildly talented primadonnas kick and charge for more than a hour !!! I would rather watch an u10 game !!

  • warren.j.ashton - 2012-04-25 08:58

    sabc suck what about rugby games they always show the game after the game is finish and now they want to show the soccer where we never win

  • Massey - 2012-04-25 09:28

    I really don't care if they show it or not. Who want to look at a game where people fall down the whole time, without being touched by anyone else? Stupid. Worse that WWE

  • Ntshekisang - 2012-04-25 11:41

    why dnt they televise psl games during the week, I think thats what matters most.Bafunny bafunny thy hardly play unless thy pay opponents R10M,,We're tired of waiting for weekeng to watch either Chiefs(consistant loosers), Pirates(claimers).

  • Prosper - 2012-04-25 11:42

    I can't tell who is disliked more here. SABC or Bafana Bafana. LoL.

  • Jean - 2012-04-25 11:57

    Who cares?? I really dnt care,

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