'Violent' De Sa misses court

2012-07-03 07:48

Johannesburg - Roger de Sa has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons with the Bidvest Wits coach currently wanted by the law after not appearing for his court date last Thursday.

The Students tactician failed to appear at the Randburg Magistrates' Court to answer claims of abuse and violence directed at his ex-common law wife Nicole Henderson and her new boyfriend Deon van Rensburg.

De Sa had reportedly told his children to warn their mother he had a baseball bat and a gun in his car, and that he intended to use them on Van Rensburg.

The courts had already issued a protection order last month, which has barred De Sa from entering her place of residence and from calling or contacting her by SMS, e-mail or by any other means.

Henderson's application to the court reads in part: "He tracks me down. I am not sure if I am being followed. He is mentally abusing me with ugly words.

"If he knows we are together, it goes on through the night. He is threatening to beat up my boyfriend. He told my kids he has a baseball bat and gun in his car. He has threatened to give me a hiding too.

"I don't think he is mentally stable at the moment and I am scared of what he might do. He is completely acting out of character, [he's] almost psychotic."

If De Sa does not oppose the application by Van Rensburg on 18 July, he faces more severe restrictions to leave the new couple alone.

Some of the SMSes Van Rensburg says he received from De Sa, which he attached on his application read: "Hey fat p***! Come visit and face me man to man. Coward!; [I] Always know where u r. U don't come to me. I will to u. F****d my family. U gonna pay. Hope u coming to Jhb! So we meet. Still running?; Next time I see u! U know. Be ready and be a man. If it takes 10 yrs. Its on. G Night Babe. XXX"


  • joemols - 2012-07-03 08:16

    Huuuuuuhuuuuuu,we all know that he doesn't want to loose,Get them De Sa,didn't know you were good at baseball...

  • Synomore - 2012-07-03 08:56

    They say goalkeepers are mad i have seen and known him i dont doubt that, It hurts if someone stuffs up your marriage but he should let it go life goes on i have been in the same i know how it feels sorry Rodger my man

  • carlos.neves.77398 - 2012-07-03 09:14

    Hey Roger, you have to let her go, for your sanity. your kids are the most important here, focus on them, it may not seem like it now but there are plenty fish in the sea. out there is that woman that will be the one that will be there and make you happy for the rest of your life.

  • atholl.canterbury - 2012-07-03 09:18

    It's quite obvious that the 'good' aunty (Nicole) is using the kids as a weapon & a shield. A reconciliation between the Mommie and the Dad is now off the table. she (her lawyer) says: 'I am scared of what he might do. He is completely acting out of character, [he's] almost psychotic' Best Roger can do is:: ... don't resist the protection order ... make it a provision that the protection order may not be used in any other litigation of any sort ... apply for custody of the kids { after all he is (allegedly) a threat to the mommie but not a threat to the kids } ... find a new mommie ... move on and let the aunty (nicole) enjoy the company of the new uncle (Deon) in short ... let the aunty chase the Dad ... then let's see who is phychotic.

  • fdalana - 2012-07-03 09:41

    coach,how do you manage to accept defeat week in week out and still fail to behave like a man in front of your kids?

  • ted.muusha - 2012-07-03 11:12

    The kids come first Roger, roger that? An alternative to making sure this sad situation doesn't happen again maybe to get more than one wife like King Mswati. When one goes, there are fall back positions. XD

  • richard.curtis.982 - 2012-07-03 11:36

    Something smells fishy here... It's not uncommon for bitter ex-wives to run to the press when they're short of all the cash they used to blow. Just look at Europe. We should hear De Sa's side of the story before jumping to conclusions... Another article about this it mentions Nicole's son (from another marriage) is a respondent too?!?! Makes you think twice about this woman...maybe she'll blame De Sa for that too! And it sounds like she has been around the block herself. Let's get De Sa's story on this too pls?!

  • mogagabe - 2012-07-04 11:28

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  • Lerato - 2013-01-19 02:50

    This is not true she is lying. She as abandon her eldest son17 yearsfrom her x marriage and Roger is looking after him, Although she keeps his maintenance. And she started these affair while Roger was working. Roger is the kindest person i ever know, she was the one that use to hit him and send him nasty sms.... what a lying bitch. you dont even fone your son on his brithday or for xmas you just dont care and you usually leave the other two (roger kids) on their own so you can go to Bethelem to go for a good time with your lover, while the kids are foning around crying that they are scared to be alone at home. STOP LYING TELL THE TRUTH

  • Lerato - 2013-01-19 02:57

    you such a liar nicky. you have abandon your 17 year old son from your first marriage which Roger looks after him. you leave your two small kids on their own so you can go for hanky panky in bethelem with your lover. the small kids often fone friends crying cause they scared to be on their own. you d one that use to hit roger and call him names. you have had many affairs with other man while roger is away working to provide your high society life style. Tell the truth cause you making a fool of yourself, if he got angry and send nasty sms he as the right to he was protecting his family. maybe he is better without you cause he is a good hearted man. LIAR

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