Tovey fired by Black Aces

2010-12-23 11:18

Johannesburg - Mpumalanga Black Aces announced that a mutual decision has been reached in parting ways with their head coach Neil Tovey.

Aces lost 2-0 to Kaizer Chiefs in their last match of the year on Wednesday night.

The club said the decision came after lengthy meetings where all matters and issues were discussed in depth and both parties agreed to shake hands amicably and try for a different solution.

"Neil Tovey is an absolute professional and he brought a whole new level of thinking, structures and training to the club. However, things were just not working out as planned and both parties agreed it made more sense at present to move in different directions," said the statement on the club's website.

The Mpumalanga-based club CEO Marc Grune praised Tovey for bringing in a fresh approach and more professional leadership to Aces.

"It was an eye-opener in terms of new ideas and structures. I enjoyed working with Neil and his total professionalism. He has done great things for the sport as a player and we all admire him for that. As a coach he brings his own style of South African play to the field and the players responded well to that initially"

"It has been really unfortunate that results were then not forthcoming as he worked incredibly hard for that. The players must shoulder a big part of that responsibility too, but it was clear that at this present time the fit was just not there. It is a real pity and we are very disappointed," concluded Grune.

The club further mentioned that they will not make further comments and asked the media and supporters to "understand this move as being in the best interest of both parties".


  • delelani - 2010-12-23 11:37

    It's going to be very interesting come end of the season when Aces gets fired from the PSL! They should have been relegated anyway, if it was not for the stupid play offs!

  • Sakhiwo - 2010-12-23 11:53

    Niel is the good Coach given enough chance,I am very surprised that the Black Aces seems to have joined the chop and change of the coaches like the so-called big teams.this is killing our national coaches!!!!

      mashabelaphillipkomane557 - 2010-12-24 07:30

      Thank you my brother, Neil is the best coach unfortunately he is underated by players who do not want to play for him. I think the management has no choice but to release him as they can't fire those useless players as you know it is difficult to start afresh looking for new players. To me it doesn't mean Tovey is a bad coach but the so called senior players in the team are bad ormen and management must get rid of them by giving them free clearnces because you can sell dead wood. Believe me Tovey will remain one of the best sportsman and coach in his entire life. To Tovey I said "Don't take offers from the clubs that are frustrated your time for a good offer is onn its way". Look at Khombela, he was fired by Dinaledi, as he was patient enough and offer came and present itself. To Aces, guys you are failures of the century, how on earth can you fire a coach you are singing praise about and said he has brought in professionalism to the club but afford to fire him because he lose to Chiefs. Since when have you last beat Chiefs? I think it was in the times of the Mighty Witbank Black Aces which was played by Mahala Maimane, Augusto Palocious and Agona Mathatha and Heel Extention Mkhari, you know those days you used to compete with Chiefs and the likes of Orlando Pirates. I born following Aces and when you brought the team back to professional soccer I was over the moon but now it is a shame, abandone the name and name the Team Emalahleni United!!

  • Sello - 2010-12-23 12:01

    That was a stupid move by Aces Management. They should've given Tovey more time as players did not understand what is expected of them. Only Henyekani was the one with more understanding hence he is the only one with 11 starts since the begining of the session. Relegation is where Aces is going now.

  • eatcake30 - 2010-12-23 12:40

    Stupid move to fire the coach! Disaster! Stupid move for refusing to relocate to Mbombela. They belong in Mvela league. They'll appoint a new coach and not buy any new (better) is better players that they need, not firing coach after coach. They also need to relocate to Mbombela. This makes sense. The people in Witbank are not passionate enough about the team, they don't fill a quarter of the stadium except when they host pirates and chiefs (with the gauteng teams receiving the most support from the crowd). Look at the Wits vs Sundowns match in Nelspruit last month. Wits supporters outnumbered Sundowns supporters. If Aces were to be based there and getting that sort of crowd they'd never be relegated because they'd have the money to buy better players with the money from gate takings. Wake up!

      eatcake30 - 2010-12-23 12:41


  • eatcake30 - 2010-12-23 12:59

    Very very stupid move! Lack of proper assessment of facts here from the club's "management" The thing is Aces do not have resources to compete and stay in the psl. I am talking the players here not being of good standard. They can change the coaches every month as long as they have players who are uncoachable and can't even...think! So the question is how does Aces raise money to buy quality players? well, the Mbombela municipality offered a way ealry before the beggining of the season. come and play your games at the billion rand stadium in Nelspruit and they declined that with arrogance. then came wits. the supporters outnumbered those of sundowns not so long ago. a team that cannot even attract 500 people at milpark. mbombela people are hungry for football. go and play there (relocate basically and rename to mbombela united) and get 20 to 30 thousand people per game that is where you will have income from gate takings and be able to afford good players. simple isn't it? or is it too much to ask?

  • StBad - 2010-12-23 23:32

    Well was he 'fired' or did they part ways amicably... journo's spinning a yarn again 'ey.

  • shabangusj - 2010-12-24 09:09

    Oops big mistake, now mark my words Aces is out of PSL confirmed how can they fire a Neil as he was trying to give stability to a team,I think the bosses need to be fired they know nothing about soccer

  • FlyingScot - 2010-12-24 09:10

    9 games with 1 win? glad he got the boot.

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