Sundowns unhappy with PSL

2010-02-18 18:52

Johannesburg - The Premier Soccer League showed their backbone on Thursday when they ordered that the abandoned Absa Premiership match between title chasing Mamelodi Sundowns and Moroka Swallows will be replayed at the Super Stadium on Friday night at 7.30pm.

But the game will continue from the 36th minute with Swallows leading 2-0 and not from the start at 0-0. This was announced late on Thursday afternoon by PSL CEO Kjetil Siem.

Downs are on 52 points five behind leaders SuperSport United. Downs have three matches to play and United two.

However, the floodlight failure, the weather plus next month’s Bafana Bafana camp in Brazil threw a major spanner in the works for the PSL who are have done a great job in rearranging the postponed matches and the last two rounds of the league before March 6 to allow Bafana to have a three week camp in Brazil.

The Downs-Birds game was abandoned at the Super Stadium on Wednesday night when the floodlights failed in the 36th minute with the Birds leading 2-0.

The match was held up earlier due to heavy rain.

Sundowns wanted to have the match replayed from 0-0. But the PSL upheld their rules.

But explained Siem: “If the weather had been the cause of the match being abandoned as was the case with the other match played in Pretoria on Wednesday night – the Kaizer Chiefs-Mpumalanga Black Aces fixture which was called off due to rain then we would not have had a problem starting it at 0-0.

“We waited until we received the referee and match commissioner’s reports and both stated the game was abandoned due to floodlight failure. In that case our rules are clear and that the match had to be restarted form the time it was abandoned. That means the game restarts in the 36th minute with Swallows leading 2-0.”

In the case of the Chiefs-Aces match which was called off because of rain it will be replayed from 0-0 next Wednesday night at Loftus despite the fact that when the match was abandoned in the first half Chiefs were leading 1-0.

But it believed that Downs are not happy and could launch an appeal. Said Siem: “In a case like this (electrical fault) then we first ask the clubs to agree to a replay date within 48 hours in accordance with the fair play rule. We have informed the clubs and of the situation and both failed to agree on a replay date and time. So in our accordance with our rules the PSL CEO has the right to decide on the replay date and venue which is what I did.”

Siem also explained at a hastily convened media f briefing that because of the tight schedule they were forced to reshuffle the fixture list to accommodate the Sundowns-Swallows game.

”With Sundowns challenging for the league we had to come up with a fair solution and once we had the referee’s and match commissioner’s reports and taken legal advice then we decided that the game had to be staged in 48 hours which is Friday night whether or not the teams agreed.”

Siem said that the postponement meant that the entire Saturday fixture schedule had to be shelved and rearranged for next Wednesday night.

Said Siem: “After Wedenday all teams will have one match to play and that is fair to everyone.”

The PSL boss said that the only fixture no affected on Saturday was the Soweto Derby between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates will go ahead as scheduled at Orlando Stadium at 3.30pm.

The PSL have moved the Aces-Bloemfontein Celtic game at Witbank’s Puma Stadium to Saturday night at 8.15pm with Aces replay against Chiefs at Loftus next Wednesday night.

The other six remaining Saturday matches have all been rescheduled for Wednesday night.

Siem said that the PSL could not extend the season beyond Match 6 as they had an agreement with Safa to allow the Bafana squad to leave for Brazil on March 7 for the camp.


  • Didintle - 2010-02-18 19:21

    Well done

  • fr - 2010-02-18 21:10

    on sunday sundowns drew a game which started from 0-0 despite the fact that downs led 1-0 when the game was abandoned. these double standards have cost downs the league. just not acceptable.

  • hh - 2010-02-19 01:08

    Isn't that convenient - Maritzburg United player suspended and investigated for match fixing for missing a random penalty yet no questions asked when lights suspiciously go out as title contenders find themselves 2 - 0 down.

  • kenzo - 2010-02-19 06:57

    i dnt understand Sundowns' problem..if it was them leading 2-0 im sure they'd be dancing all the way to Attville stadium, they crazy they mst go and finish off the match...bunch of sore loosers sies maan!!!the next thing they tell us they are the most expensive team, GO PROVE IT THEN......IDIOTS!!

  • Mzeke - 2010-02-19 07:16

    Thanks PSL for being firm with the rules....Sundowns must work for their win. Learn not to disturb the game by switching off the lights when loosing.

  • really - 2010-02-19 07:46

    i was @ the stadium the lights where full of water but anyway this is south african soccer we will have to agree on this rubish its ok Zola majavu has allways been on sundowns case since his appointment but it is ok the because in mzanzi no amtter how hart you try they will always take you down..i am sho of one thing you can't take a good man down ,the only wrong thing that sundowns has done is to give safa there surpport because psl will always treat them like this

  • Geof - 2010-02-19 08:48


  • Vuyo - 2010-02-19 08:54

    Rules are quite clear guys, if weather causes abandonement we start afresh because noone can contol the weather. If floodlights fail you start from where you ended eg at 38mins BECAUSE it is possible for the loosing team to switch the floodlights off when loosing in order to claim a replay. Simple really, if Sundowns think they are champion material why should they fear carrying on the game, they did let in two goals really, loosers x 200

  • sky - 2010-02-19 09:28

    theres a lot of inconsistency here. but anyway we know sundowns are not loosers. we are gonna fight back and still win the game.i must admit that we have a tiny chance of winning the league, but we just have to prove it to these idiots that we are gonna collect the maximum points from all our remaining game."angeke siphele amandla sechaba sa masandawana" as for psl i give them a middle finger.

  • Kay - 2010-02-19 09:58

    As a sportsman Sundowns should be concentrating on winning the game 3-2 rather than politics.Swallows deserves the 2 goals and why did Sis Brenda Baloyi let them in? Should Sundowns win this one you will hear their big mouths.

  • The Sting - 2010-02-19 10:10

    This is not an easy case, PSL should think about this, where was Chiefs/ Aces game? Pretoria right! and where was Sundowns playing? Pretoria again, so flood issue for me its whether induced thing this game should start at 0-0. I blamed the refree

  • Justice - 2010-02-19 10:40

    Honestly speaking Sundowns are sore losers,if Swallows could score 2 in 36 minutes what will stop them from doing so in 54 minutes with all those overpaid players if that is impossible for them to do then they can forget about challenging Supersport United for the league title.

  • Kay - 2010-02-19 11:17

    @ The sting why dont you blame your team for failling to stop Nomvete and the second goal scorer. If you stay in Pretoria you will understand the rain parttens here. and again Super Stadium has got better drains than that of Loftus.

  • Tsietsi - 2010-02-19 11:33

    Rules are meant to gorven the league. why do we have to beat around the bush. Sundowns have to obey these rules as one of the PSL team should do,so decision has been made whether like it or not you still loose the game. finish and claaar!!!!

  • Simon - 2010-02-19 11:38

    I would like to Invite Carlos Pereira to Recall Nomvete to Bafanabafana. Nomvethe has regain his form at the right time and scoring every game he plays and a headache to defenders. A good challenge to Teko.

  • kelvin - 2010-02-19 11:44


  • Collin - 2010-02-19 11:49

    @fr, there is no double standards here. Chiefs were also leading 1-0 to M/Aces when the ref called the game off. you dont hear the Khosi4Lifes screaming foul-play. Rules are rules. let Downs go out there and prove that they are a Championship material, well... thats if they really are!!!

  • Q - 2010-02-19 12:34

    The issue here is not who was leading or not..the issue is have the laws been correctly intepreted by the psl..what boggles the mind is the following...heavy downpour in Pretoria....Chiefs game called off due to floodig mainly the unplayable goal areas on both sides...sundowns game pitch un-playable but match goes ahead anyways disregard safety of players which is utmost consideration under the circumstances...pylons are flooded resulting in loss of power on one section of the flood lights in the stadia...logic points to the weather as being the resultant want to get technical to say the refree said flood light in one report and the other said weather jus bores down to interpretation really...what coased the flooding of the pitch n pylons...then u have your answer..kona okhushayamanzi la.(appeasement)..sundowns might jus be a victim of commercial interest from the psl side...Supersport sponsored by u knhow who...psl gets sponsorship in form of tv rights from u know who...pity sundowns was loosing but if it were the otherway round wonder what the verdict would have been..pity what ifs dont work in this world..THE RULE N LAW STATE WHAT THEY STATE BUT OF ESSENCE IS INTERPRETATION. my view n opinion which i stand to be corrected n enlightened... Woza 2010 Woza

  • nonkwane - 2010-02-19 14:07

    "I cannot make any further comments on this matter until the arbitration hearing is complete," said PSL CEO, Kjetil Siem. This case is before SAFA. We are going to win the appeal here and this cat CEO fired from his post. How can he say that the match was acancelled coz of power failure! Was there no rain afterwards. Don't rob Sundowns to accomodated useless B-Bafana camps.

  • Choppa Mankelembana - 2010-02-19 15:30

    Sometimes law makers don't think about the practicality and the implications of whatever they put pen to paper on. What is going happen to those poor Sundawana and Swaiswai fanatics who will have to spent their last cents on petrol to attend a mere 65 minutes game. I don't mind if they are going to issue out free tickets, which I doubt but this rule doesn't make any sense. I'm only making a practical point on the principles here and for the record I'm Khosi 4 Life.

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