PSL reveals its broadcast plan

2010-11-03 13:30

Johannesburg - The Premier Soccer League will look to get full value for the South African top flight's broadcast rights.

The current deal with SuperSport International, worth R1.6billion, is set to expire in 2012 and PSL chairperson Irvin Khoza revealed negotiations between the relevant parties will start in 2011.

But before the league and the broadcaster hold talks, Khoza says the PSL will investigate and establish the value of the rights.

"We want the market to tell us how do we determine the true value of the broadcast rights," he is quoted as saying by Business Day.

"There is going to be a revolution in the market and there are a lot of permutations here.

"There are things like new media and mobile rights that will come into play, and given the number of players (companies) coming into the industry now, it is a huge market. The introduction of new mobile licences also means that there will be new players and that needs a lot of planning on our part."

The South African Broadcasting Corporation held the rights prior to SuperSport's acquisition of them, but the public broadcaster is not expected to offer any competition. 


  • Mxo - 2010-11-03 14:17

    Dr Khoza address the issue of dwindling numbers at the games first before worrying about broadcast rights. At the Bidvest Wits/Vasco game there were about 50 spectators. The Telkom Cup games do not look like cup games at all. I never seen such low turnouts at PSL matches in a long time. This means there could be something wrong with the product- it is not selling well.

  • Thavha - 2010-11-03 14:29

    I wish if SABC rights can be taken away and Supersport take over. SABC always take us for a ride. PSL must just leave SABC with their useless Generation

  • Mazoo - 2010-11-03 14:42

    It is really strange that the PSL is looking at getting full value for South African top flight's broadcast rights, while poor soccer fans are not getting full value for their money on soccer dished out by local soccer teams. Based on the quality of soccer played by teams nowadays, I think while SABC had broadcasting rights they were paying to much to PSL. Good luck to Supersport for allowing to be a cash cow of PSL.

  • @Mazoo - 2010-11-03 15:03

    you mazoo you know nothing about TV. Boardcasters make their money by adverts which are sold judging by the number of people who watch PSL games. you can talk about quality and quality is subjective by the way. How do you define quality. EPL has more goals and i can say it is quality, but the next person can say it boring or poor quality. Spain will has nice soccer, but less goals, then what is quality?

  • Joel @ Mazoo - 2010-11-03 15:43

    I think you`re spot on. I love my soccer but don`t even waste my time on the PSL because the quality of playing is so bad. Anyway, if "the public broadcaster is not expected to offer any competition." then what is Khoza going on about?? SuperSport could offer what they want and the PSL would have to accept it.

  • greg - 2010-11-03 15:51

    I'd be surprised if the PSL can match or even better the current deal because of poor spectator attendance. Thats the issue that needs to be addressed by the PSL before demanding more money. who wants to pay big bucks for empty stadium stands

  • Sameeto - 2010-11-03 16:10

    Psl reveals its broadcast plan. I see no plan in this article, I actually wasted my time reading the artile because its empty.

  • Warwick - 2010-11-03 16:55

    Try broadcasting all PSL games,don't see why all EPL games broadcast live and local games "live delayed" at 12 midnight. Remember Khoza & Co earned R70m in commission for selling the rights to these games which are not being shown.

  • tyza - 2010-11-03 17:42

    ja i think what needes to be considerd in south african soccer is the core product which is the game,the game must be worth paying a tickit price not bieng loyal to your club as a suppoter,and sport marketing is very important in this matter we need proffetionals who are holding degree/diploma in sport marketing or management in south african teams or psl,should take advantage of people who can be found in a number of university's and technicons around the country who hold such quilifications

  • Bucs Faithful - 2010-11-04 11:33

    Stadium attendance is any issue which need to addressed by club owners not Iron Duke. Whatever commission which Iron Duke and others recieved they real deserved it. You fans must just shut up stop criticizing on issues which you are not well informed of. Do one thang which is attending your teams games.

  • KANYE - 2010-11-05 19:27

    It is not about Khoza you Scumbags, Pirates will never be watched by 50 supporters,not on your life boys.How many whites do you see attending soccer games, only 1%, you would think that at least they will maybe attend Wits, Ajax or Supersport but no, they can only look at mistakes and comment like opportunistic liars that they are.

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