Motaung arrested by Hawks

2012-08-15 15:21

Cape Town - Two men were arrested on Wednesday for fraud relating to the building of the Mbombela stadium in Mpumalanga, the Hawks said.

"We have arrested two men, one in Naturena and one in Cape Town. We are looking for the third suspect," said spokesperson Colonel McIntosh Polela.

He said the men were arrested on allegations that they forged SA Revenue Services (SARS) documents to obtain a contract to build the Mbombela stadium, a match venue for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Kaizer Chiefs manager Bobby Motaung has been widely reported to be one of the men arrested.

However, Chiefs disputed Motaung's arrest, saying none of their workers had been arrested.

"I have consulted with all principals at Kaizer Chiefs. We do not have any officials arrested. As of now (14:20) there are no indications of any arrests at the village," spokesperson Vina Maphosa said.



  • Hansie.Crook - 2012-08-15 13:58

    Kaizer Thiefs!!!! Lie Khosi Lie!!!! Now I guess KC willl have to sell both Mahotho and Gould to raise bail money for Bobby.. Sad

      themba.maseko.568 - 2012-08-15 14:07

      Bobby is not Kaizer Chiefs

      Hansie.Crook - 2012-08-15 14:20

      Kaizer Thiefs is a FAMILY BUSINESS of which Bobby is part of..... lol

      solomontja - 2012-08-15 14:48

      they should also sell Khune and Tshabalala.

      philani.goba - 2012-08-15 15:01

      This is just poor reporting: I would have prefered if it was reported on fact, ie a name confirming his arrest not "Wildy(or is it Widely) reported to be one of the men arrested"

      Stormkaap - 2012-08-15 15:09

      I wonder whose son is Bobby and who is the MD of Chiefs

      rbphiri - 2012-08-15 15:54

      Lol I'm a Kaizer Chiefs fan, but sorry I can't resist commenting the following...His ass is going to be PIRATEd....

      Hansie.Crook - 2012-08-15 16:09

      RPhiri No man, sies!!!!! Then he could never be Chairman because he wont be able to sit on that chair. He still has an option of faking an illness and a doctor's report and then apply for medical parole just like Selebi and Shaick.

      rbphiri - 2012-08-15 16:21

      @ Hansie.Crook hahaha he can be at STAND in as chairman...if he can't sit down after his ordeal in prison.

      mpho.makgetle - 2012-08-15 16:33

      If he's guilty then he should be thrown in jail but pls don't drag the team in this the truth will com out

      Hansie.Crook - 2012-08-15 16:34

      @RPhiri LOL, I just hope he has learnt his lesson..... He should have never asked Baxter to help him forge his CV..... He was tired of not having a CV so he asked Baxter to help him "create" one..... Baxter too must go!!

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-08-15 18:29

      Now they just have to arrest everyone in any way associated with swc 2010.

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-08-15 19:13

      Chiefs is k*k... Pirates is BAAAAAAS!!!!

      lerato.mautlane - 2012-08-16 09:08

      And you're Hansie "Crook"...sorry Hansie coulnd't resist!!! LOL I'm A Kaizer Chiefs fan...but i wont be bias in this regard if his guilty his must face the law, corruption is crippling this country' s integrity and morals. Any1 political, religious, Sports, guilty of corruption must go!!! finish and klaar.

  • JayJohnsonS - 2012-08-15 14:00

    KC - Kaizer Criminals... time to look for a new team.

      mrova.blaza - 2012-08-15 15:35

      Tsamaya man, you are the type that will desert his marriage when tough times come I see.

  • Truth.nnete - 2012-08-15 14:00

    I thought that case over

      msendi - 2012-08-15 14:05

      Not over until Hawks say it is over…

      mike.moja - 2012-08-15 14:30

      @Truth, has just started dude

  • beryl.severain - 2012-08-15 14:03


  • Truth.nnete - 2012-08-15 14:04

    The hawks should also investigate the death of Ace Ntsoeleng and Pro Khumalo,this family business stinks

  • - 2012-08-15 14:05

    Sum people r sick, now they r making this as chiefs fault, no ways, this is individual doings, now stop your bloody mouth with trash like kaizer thiefs damnit

      solomontja - 2012-08-15 14:50

      kaizer rotten potato spoils the whole bag...hahahaha

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-08-15 18:49

      Chiefs is k*k... Pirates is BAAAAAAS!!!!

  • smahlaba - 2012-08-15 14:05

    Iyo. Kade ngambona ukuthi uyisigebengu...

  • Nash Shaun Mgwebi - 2012-08-15 14:07

    i m glad that boby is arrested!

  • joemols - 2012-08-15 14:12

    How can he be this greedy if he really is guilty!

  • oupa.pabblo - 2012-08-15 14:12


  • emmanuel.bucsboykingsushi - 2012-08-15 14:13

    xem lol

  • Zimbobwe - 2012-08-15 14:17

    The death of Jimmy Mohlala who blew the whistle on this corruption must be investigated. You can run Bloblo but you can't hide...

  • muzi.myeni - 2012-08-15 14:21

    Hola Bob Stick! Face the music lyk the rest of us!!!!

  • nkululeko.mkhize2 - 2012-08-15 14:23

    At least we know ukuthi no matter how rich or bossy you may be but you can never escape the very long arms of justice . Well done to the Hawks .

  • abrammothibedi.abram - 2012-08-15 14:23

    good the kaizer thieves supporters always wished that motsepe should be arrested look what happen now, the hawk should apply for the attachement of the team ,players,furniture, and auction them.the sky is the limit the hawks

      cosmas.ngwenya - 2012-08-15 14:45

      all assets liquidated and auctioned, i wil pesonally bid 4 the team, i bet i can get them 4 less than R5000

      brian.korobele - 2012-08-15 15:54

      LOL! Family business is in Danger because one rotten potato spoil the whole packets We all know She is guilty but deep pockets speaks louder than spoken words soon I hope Prison will teach him a unforgetable lessons

  • mkrune - 2012-08-15 14:25

    There you go again News24 4 sensational journalism. You post a 3-line baseless story wthout providing details an facts. Nithi thina masiythini thina lento?

      Hansie.Crook - 2012-08-15 14:26

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-08-15 18:53

      Chiefs is k*k... Pirates is BAAAAAAS!!!!

  • trevor.pittie - 2012-08-15 14:28

    Any bets??? Will he do jail time?? If anyone in the public forged SARS Documents you would be locked up and forgotten about. He will not do any jail time and if were sentenced - MEDICAL PAROLE is always available to people with money.

      watsongeorgejan - 2012-08-15 14:58

      No he'll just be slapped With a fine that he can afford, and unlike you

  • mike.moja - 2012-08-15 14:28

    good stuff

  • nkululeko.mkhize2 - 2012-08-15 14:28

    Oh ! One more thing do not grant him medical parole .

  • dikgame.morema - 2012-08-15 14:34

    lets hpe h jst been a suspct n nudn mor.

      yolande.rwaai - 2012-08-15 14:51

      Say what now???

  • nhlapop - 2012-08-15 14:40

    Hasie, are you sniffing glue. Hes a suspect in this case. What do you understand about this statement. "Innocent until proven quilty".Sum people r sick, now they r making this as chiefs fault, no ways, this is individual doings, now stop your bloody mouth with trash like kaizer thiefs damnit.

      Hansie.Crook - 2012-08-15 14:50

      You are supposed to comment right under my post... Sad, you can even navigate through your computer.. that says a lot about you..... Did I say he was guilty???? All i said is that he is going to have to raise bail money.... Suspect or not, bail money is charged to avoid going under.... It might not be a chiefs matter directly but it is a chiefs matter indirectly....

      tshifhiwa.maleakamotsoko - 2012-08-16 12:18

      guilty til proven innocent hey

  • cylvesta.tshungu - 2012-08-15 14:40

    hope its not a fruitles excersise by da hawks.

      Olusunne - 2012-08-15 15:01

      Thats forgery and he must face d consequenses,but he wil be set free

  • vusi.hadebe.5 - 2012-08-15 14:44

    Minus one trouble, I hope Bobby wil not return to KC since he is a liability there. He is clueless about managing a soccer team.

  • dostomolefe - 2012-08-15 14:45

    let him go yerrrrrr .....will get a new manager who applied for the job this tym

  • deon.louw.7505 - 2012-08-15 14:45

    Better late than never, will our "dear leader's" case ever be reopend?

  • cosmas.ngwenya - 2012-08-15 14:48

    once a chiefs....alwayz a thief....!!

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-08-15 18:54

      Chiefs is k*k... Pirates is BAAAAAAS!!!!

  • phosa.peter2 - 2012-08-15 14:50

    Where there is smoke there is fire.

  • keith.ngobeni - 2012-08-15 14:54

    The hawks should also arrest Jessica motaung and put her in my care for 5yrs, after serving her sentence in my bedroom she will come out and form a football club called Jessica chiefs using the players she signed while in my jail aka my bedroom.

      Michael - 2012-08-15 15:01

      You cant think like a man ne? Dont represent man like this on news24.

  • tshifhiwa.mushavhi - 2012-08-15 14:56

    ja if u corrupt dats a pay moutaung

  • godfrey.maake1 - 2012-08-15 14:56

    Kaizer Chiefs has got nothing to do with Bobby's personnal issue.....wether arrested or not Kaizer Chiefs will go on with without him and no bail money will come from the team.

  • godfrey.maake1 - 2012-08-15 14:57

    Bobby's personal issues or problems has got nothing to do with Kaizer Chiefs and no bail money will come from the team.....

  • Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-08-15 14:57

    Kaizer Thieves' finest.

  • marumobongani - 2012-08-15 14:58

    he could been there longer what took you this long

  • matsobane.piet.legodi.3 - 2012-08-15 15:03


  • tumelo.ryu - 2012-08-15 15:07


  • matsobane.piet.legodi.3 - 2012-08-15 15:10


  • fdalana - 2012-08-15 15:10

    khoza is next.

  • mzoxolo.boyana - 2012-08-15 15:11

    What next? Invastigate all the cups that they have win before psl.. Kaizer thief...

  • dimitri.tsafendas - 2012-08-15 15:11

    God has never been a fool, Chiefs was started on the boundaries of corruption with Kaizer stealing players from Pirates so why are we suprice when the son kills people to destroy evidence. Lets remind people that Bobby stole money at SARS where he was employed and sh*t happened. How many times has judges been bribed on Miss SA for Jessica to win un-deservedly so.

  • yazeed.khan1 - 2012-08-15 15:14

    Chiefs or should i say Theives are useless when last they won the premier legue??? long live PIRATES

      pat.louw - 2012-08-15 16:43

      Please just tell me what makes a team useless and what makes it useful.

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-08-15 18:56

      Chiefs is k*k... Pirates is BAAAAAAS!!!!

  • emmanuelmphumzi.mncwabe - 2012-08-15 15:16

    Im a chiefs fan since i was born but, what Bobby did (if it is true )is a disgrace, how can you be involve while youare born in a wealthy family lyk his. anyway who am I to judge?

  • dimitri.tsafendas - 2012-08-15 15:23

    Every soccer loving supporter knows that Chiefs was built out of stealing, they initially stole players and then started stealing cups to build their stinking legacy, even if they deny it, they know it very well that it is the truth!!!!!!

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-08-15 18:59

      80% of Chiefs supporters are in jail, just like you. BTW stop using the warden's computer, if he catches you he will put you in solitary!!!!!!

  • fran.aphane - 2012-08-15 15:24

    The bustard is bringing Kaizer Motaung's good name in the mud that is if is true? Well to all Pirates and Sundowns fans who are singing like canaries right now, you talk like Kaizer Chiefs was created out of corrupt money? If so can anyone tell me how Patrice Motsepe became an over night millionaire? Hahahahah, he was RAF Attorney in the early nineties and we all know what the lawyers of those days rolled? Can a Pirate fan please tell me how did Irvin Khoza became the millionaire or Pirate boss? Hihihihihi, at least Kaizer Motaung was a soccer star who earned dollars when none of the SA players knew nothing about the color of a dollar.

      dimitri.tsafendas - 2012-08-15 15:32

      Motsepe was a mineral lawyer and a partner at Bowman Gilfillan, where do you get this RAF lawyer cr@p from? hahahahahahhaaha

      monroek1 - 2012-08-15 15:44

      @Fran Aphane shame on you ! It shows u just talking

      tshifhiwa.maleakamotsoko - 2012-08-16 12:32

      motsepe is not a millionaire bt billionaire

  • Harold Chisimba - 2012-08-15 15:28

    Just baseless speculations,read the article twise.

      Malose-Nyatlo - 2012-08-15 15:42

      Agreed. We will only know the identities of the suspects when they start applying for bail. Kaizer Chiefs have so far denied the rumour, so it just remains a baseless rumour.

  • monroek1 - 2012-08-15 15:30

    I'm not a Chiefs supporter @all but if that's true about Bobby that's very very sad really especially for football at large, let's hope justice prevails coz we must never forget that a person is innocent until proven guilty by the court of law!!

  • magomarele - 2012-08-15 15:32

    They're as corrupt as data. They've been fixing games for ages, and now they can't help it, they even fix signatures and building contracts. Bloody corrupt cheats. They must lock him up and never grant him bail. We all know that his father is already preparing to bribe officials to make the case disappear. It's sad.

      dimitri.tsafendas - 2012-08-15 15:36

      Morethan half the trophies in their cabinet were stolen through match fixing and referee bribing, Thieves have always been Thieves. Rise Ziboshwa Rise!!!!!!!!!!!

      gladness.mashaba.33 - 2012-08-15 16:25

      Get ur facts ryt chief Bobby's arrest have nothing 2 do with team its his personal business

      mveleli.mbombo - 2012-08-15 16:53

      wud b vry wise of you if you cud start bribing whoever has imprisoned your neurons before kaizer bribes the officials then maybe your comments will make sense

  • - 2012-08-15 15:36

    I luv my Kaizer chiefs for better for worse, as for Bobby, well i dont care it is his own fault, He must face the music, myb we will get a better manager, hw embarassing

  • jackey.moss - 2012-08-15 15:36

    All those dragging the Chiefs name down coz of Bobby, Do u remeber Irvin Khoza tax issues or his daughter death due to Aids,and our president fathering one of his daughters ? Does that mean everyone at Pirates are "HIV Positive Tax Evading Sex Crazy Madmen" ????

      om.nom.nom.01 - 2012-08-15 19:06

      Chiefs is k*k... Pirates is BAAAAAAS!!!!

  • firstseed.mbeva - 2012-08-15 15:43

    Where there is smoke there's fire

  • firstseed.mbeva - 2012-08-15 15:44

    Unfortunately nothing will happen to the son of the mafia