Khoza wants competent CEO

2011-10-19 10:54

Johannesburg - The Premier Soccer League will cast its net wide in search of their next chief executive officer following the departure of Zola Majavu on Tuesday.

Prior to Majavu's appointment as CEO, a resolution had reportedly been adopted by the PSL that the new chief would have to be a black South African, and they were seemingly in short supply as Majavu's appointment was on the back of former CEO Kjetil Siem's extended time in office.

Initially, Siem's contract was due to end in June 2010, but he stayed on until the end of May 2011, while the league continued to search for his replacement.

This time, though, PSL chairman Irvin Khoza says the league will settle for any competent CEO, either black or white.

"It is not for me to make a determination, because the executive committee must decide but it is not about black this or that. For us, let's get the CEO for the PSL," he told

"This is South Africa so I don't want to fall foul of Madiba (Nelson Mandela), because this South Africa is for everybody as Madiba say.

"We must stretch our net far and if there is someone internally we will go that route, but if there is nobody internally then we would probably head-hunt. The executive is meeting on Thursday to give a directive."

Currently at the helm is Cambridge Mokanyane, who will act as CEO until Thursday when the executive committee will meet to decide on the way forward, but at this stage Khoza has given no time frame as to when the CEO may be found.

"Well, sometimes it doesn't depend on our wish because if ever it is head-hunting it might be somebody who is employed and if it is a process, it could be about setting out to advertise the position, followed by interviews so we will find out on Thursday which route we are going to take in replacing the CEO," Khoza added. learnt on Wednesday morning that former South African Football Association CEO Raymond Hack could be in line to replace Majavu, although South African football's governing body would not confirm or deny those claims.


  • Ivan - 2011-10-19 12:42

    Who wants to be a boss who is supposed to be nothing else but a fly on the wall? You guys are not serious about the development of soccer administration. As CEO; the prerogative of hiring senior staff rests predominantly on your shoulders. The Exco can only endorse or ask for further discussions if there are further issues that need ironing out but eventually he must be he his own man as the chief accounting officer. Majavu was right to leave you up to your own devices. You are dictative and in my view immature and insecure. Power mongers ...... Bloody agents...

      Tshifhiwa - 2011-10-19 13:25

      you have a lot to learn Ivan, do your research before openning your mouth, you will look a lot more competent.

  • Peter - 2011-10-19 13:23

    Khoza, the CEO should have powers to elect and fire his senior Managers. Your policies are flawed and Zola majavu has done the right thing by exposing your narrow and primitive policies. This time you messed around with a legal head. How much did you pay for his quick exit?

      Mbuso - 2011-10-19 16:43

      Peter pity his contract was not even finalised...PSL esh!!!

  • Ivan - 2011-10-24 09:24

    Tshifiwa, are you the only one who has a thick skull here? Obviously; you see everything through Khoza's eyes just bcos you support Bucs. This is a national issue and not a club issue. Maybe CEO's are are like class prefects in you small, shallow and narrow world. We and you included know how Pirates is run. PSL IS NOT PIRATES. Khoza, Motaung, Madlala & Co. are wrong; and Majavu is spot on; Period.

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