Hunt fumes at 'injustice'

2010-11-01 07:47

Johannesburg - Gavin Hunt felt SuperSport United were robbed in their 2-0 defeat to Kaizer Chiefs at Lucas Moripe Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Matsatsantsa dominated much of the play, but lacked the killer instinct which saw them pick up three league titles in a row.

Knowledge Musona's goal against the run of proceedings in the 42nd minute looked to have knocked the stuffing out of United and they never seemed to regain their confidence - even after Kaizer Motaung Junior was red-carded in the 55th minute, giving them a numerical advantage.

Hunt cut a dejected and disbelieving figure after the game and said: "What can I say? To dominate a game like that and then the score says 2-0 to Chiefs. They had two breakaways.

"We totally outplayed them. They didn't worry us at all, but the scoreline is 2-0, so what can we do - it was a total injustice."

Hunt lamented his side's inability to put the ball in the back of the net, a problem which ultimately cost them the game and has resulted in their slow start to the season.

United have already suffered three defeats in six games and are eight points behind league leaders Mamelodi Sundowns, but Hunt still insisted his men shouldn't be written off from clinching a historic fourth-straight title.

But after watching them dominate and lose to both the Brazilians and Amakhosi, it is evident that Matsatsantsa don't possess the stranglehold on the PSL which they boasted in the past three seasons. 


  • Vovoste - 2010-11-01 08:16

    Come on Hunt...don't be a sour looser...i don't know if people have noticed but, Gavin always complains about referees when his team is defeated...and never complains about referees when he wins. Now...where is justice in that? have a gud team but stop planning your matches around Tafera and Laffor. Good luck on your next game.

  • Spot Fan - 2010-11-01 09:04

    Se why you did not make it as potential Bafana Coach? And stop complaining about referees when you loose. Sad thing though though is that most goal scores this weekend are foreign based player, again our local strikers lack killer insticnts.

  • Sameeto - 2010-11-01 09:07

    The problem at Supersport is lack of confidence, I think our coach should realise that the two fullbacks we have on the right and left hand side is our weakest link, where is Nkause and Carnell? The sooner these two are introduced the better, and in the middle of the park the coach needs to push Nchumayelo to go forward a lot instead of sitting deep as this isn't taking us anywhere, and Poggenpoel is about time he starts playing regularly.

  • fuzzy - 2010-11-01 09:22

    misleading heading, Nowhere doe he complain about anyone except his own players.

  • Njabs - 2010-11-01 09:24

    Gavin Hunt get over always have some reason when your team loses instead of admiting that "YOU LOST". Damnit man, you are such a sore loser, thats why you will always stay a small time coach and never get to coach the big 3...u have peanuts for brains.

  • Lawrence - 2010-11-01 09:42

    vovo i couldnt agree with you more, Gavin should stop being such a lousy looser and accept the defeat like a real soldier, dominance never won a game but goal does, something that your boys failed to do. to put your mind at ease even if you had to play that game for 700 year to come you were not going to win let alone score a consolition goal, thats how pathetic your boys were,your tactics for the day left much to be desired with without taking any thing away from a well oiled discipline kaizer chiefs defence and the whole team in general.

  • thabo mofutsanyana - 2010-11-01 09:56

    Very misleading heading. Supersport were not robbed! By whom? If you mean Luffor& Co. yes! But seriously lets get headings right and stop this anticlimatic sensationalism

  • THEO - 2010-11-01 11:41

    yo will never be a winner always. this time see yo self out of psl yo going to umvela. u said u scared of keizer chiefs but why now being rrobbed by who

  • Simon - 2010-11-01 15:23

    I use to admire Gavin Hunt as a coach but of late I am not sure if he is what I thought he was. Each time he looses a game there is a lot of excuses and he will never compolement the team that beat Supersport. Last year Amazulu beat him thrice, twice in the league and once in a cup match. he came up with excuses that his best players were on national duties (Bafan) and he was beaten in the league he said that he had won the league already. yesterday Supersport could not beat Chiefs with ten players after the red card and he had the nerve of saying that he was robbed! Shame on you Gavin, footbal is about win or loose and you should pay your players so that they must leave Supersport. You must feel how other teams felt when Supersport beat them the past three seasons. Bad looser!

  • Fuzzy - 2010-11-01 18:21

    Hunt is a bad loser...pie-rats u r next.

  • LETONA - 2010-11-01 19:41

    Football got NO THEREFOR but the writting is on the wall for everybody including blind people 2 read.If Supersports defence can be so badly exposed by Chiefs,will they be able to contain splinters like Klate,Segolelwa,Mabalane,Mbuyane,Mashego and others?I dont see them stopping the mighty Happy people.We are very much hungry for silverwares.Hunt must know that there is a time for everything,time to conquer and to be conquered.Shapa Bakashushu shapa!Bakashushu is here to make sure that all teams loose,what happened to Ajax gonna happen to the glamour boys.Ga go na NAKO,we mean business!

  • Johannes - 2010-11-01 22:28

    People must read the article before they comment. Hunt is complaining about his own players, I am no sure which part of his comments as reported in this article make him a bad/sour loser. I battle to see any word or sentence in which Hunt complains about the officals or maybe I am reading the wrong article. this kind of ignorance by internet users must not be allowed.

  • Bozza - 2010-11-02 10:00

    He is no complaining about referees u ignorant the article again before commenting

  • RONNIE "SHIBOBO" - 2010-11-07 07:43

    vovoste read the article before you comment and the reporter who choose the heading must wakeup hunt no one win all there games you win some and you loose some for now you loose some

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