Coach suffers media backlash

2010-10-18 14:23

Johannesburg - Kaizer Chiefs' under fire coach Vladimir Vermezovic, felt the silent wrath of the local soccer media on Monday at the PSL offices when reporters refused to ask him any questions during a press conference to promote Wednesday’s Absa Premiership Soweto Derby against Moroka Swallows at Dobsonville.

Kick-off 20:00.

The drama started last Thursday at the Chiefs Village where the Serbian born coach threw a tantrum and claimed a reporter from the Daily Sun had misquoted him in an interview about Chiefs striker Kaizer Motaung jr.

Vermezovic (47) at the time stormed out of the media briefing, saying he would not speak to the media again, denying saying what he was reported to have said in the newspaper.

However, the newspaper had a tape recording of the interview, which exonerated the reporter. It meant an embarrassing climb down by the Serbian coach who said he had not read the article properly and said he was misinformed and apologised only to the Daily Sun.

Vermezovic offered his apology to the newspaper on live television after Chiefs' 0-0 league draw against Platinum Stars at the Rand Stadium on Saturday night. However, what angered the soccer scribes was the apology was for Daily Sun and not the other members of the media.

What has also upset the media is the fact he tried to “bully” the media when he knew he was wrong. The tape was the smoking gun and proved the Daily Sun got their facts correct.

Monday was not a planned demonstration by the media against Vermezovic, but happened on the spur of the moment with the journalists feeling the same about the way Vermezovic had disrespected them and their Daily Sun colleague.

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  • Seth - 2010-10-18 14:39

    And why do the media reporters suddenly think they deserve respect? Do they respect anything or anyone? A media reporter is the absolute last person in the world to complain about respect.

  • Rhulane Stan Nkuzana - 2010-10-18 16:00

    I would like to differ with Seth when he says a media reporter does not deserve respect. What shocking drivel. One does not get respected because they own a fleet of Hummers or a string of university degrees.Respect is earned. We might hold different views but the moment one argues like Seth, then whatever respect there was goes out the proverbial window! My brother the next time you put pen to paper, engage your God-given brains.

  • SPHONZA - 2010-10-18 16:03

    There was nothing interesting to ask about chips anyway. They are just useless and don't warrant to be mentioned in South African press.

  • vuyo - 2010-10-18 16:12

    yeah seth! I guess you are/once was a reporter hence you know so much about thei lack of respect. journalists have nothing to gain from disrespect and lying. once again their innocence has been proven and you still acuse them without facts.

  • Frost21 - 2010-10-19 11:54

    Sphonza, can you please come back to the world? Whether you like it or not, wherether you can go to America on foot or whether you can go to hell and back Chiefs is the best team in South African history. There's no single year where Khosi doesn't win any kind of trophy. The Naturena trophy cabinet is so full it's not even a joke. You didn't even mention which is your favourite team but o lebelletse ditaba tsa batho, yho, wa spita sani. Maybe o favour Pirates and you think you're on the groove, go and get a life man. The media WILL interview Vladi V after all the Khosi matches whether wa batla or ga o batle. Hambela lee, wa bora ndoda

  • Thabs - 2010-10-20 09:37

    Sphoza mind your words broer...Chiefs is a big team in SA...There is no trophy or competition that is been intronduce since 2000 that Chiefs has never put their hands on it or not engrave with bold letters....KAIZER CHIEFS

  • Lawrence - 2010-10-20 13:40

    Rhulane wake up and smell the coffee dude, which planet were you living in, tell me how many times have we been misled by press and fed the wrong stories time and again? dont get me wrong some of this media guys do their research but the majority fed us with bull dust and crap stories (gossips)

  • Pirat - 2010-10-20 16:16

    you guys should know better VV deserves it, he cannot just storm out of every planned sessions and think he will get away with it. we are sick and tired of this kind of a behaviour

  • Mahlatse - 2010-10-21 14:47

    they report for money, and nothing else, they lose their morality and respect in the process, and the still expect us report them. grab!

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