Chiefs will play for honour

2011-05-04 13:50

Johannesburg - Kaizer Chiefs midfielder Mthokozisi Yende insists the Amakhosi remain motivated to win, despite drifting out of title contention.

Chiefs are preparing to take on league leaders Ajax Cape Town on Saturday and Yende is determined to play a part in the PSL title hunt by beating the Urban Warriors.

He told their official website: "We have our honour and our brand to play for in the games that are left for us this season.

"Ajax are the form team in the league at the moment, they obviously have the title on their mind. For us it will mean a lot to get a win against a team who are pushing for the championship.

"It's important for us to go out there and give Ajax a team who are strong in all departments, a real difficult run out, like I said they want the title and hopefully we can test them by putting up a real good showing from our side.

"It would be nice to deal a hand in deciding who can call themselves the champions later this month."

He continued: "The best way for us to look forward is to end this season by closing off with a row of victories.

"We also have a view to next season and we want to come back stronger in the future and the best way to do that would be to finish as high up in the table as we can this season. That will help set a bench mark for us on which to build in the next campaign.

"We might be hurting after these recent loses but we not short of courage and motivation.

"We are highly motivated for the game like I said we playing for our fans and we hope to make them smile on Saturday." 


  • Limpopoist - 2011-05-04 14:14

    These season league title will go to pretoria or cape town

      mario borchards - 2011-05-04 18:06

      Does chiefs really want to help the arch rivals Pirates or Sundowns? Anyway we are going to whip chiefs' ass. Ajax 3-1 Chiefs. gooooooooooo Ajax! bring that cup to the best city in RSA! We will maintain it better. Lol!

  • Phineas - 2011-05-04 14:38

    Playing for honour? i thought you had a plan from the beginning of a season? What excuse!! - give us a break and thanks for embarrassing us in the hands of Sundowns & Baroka FC. You lot are such a bunch of spoiled brats you make me throw-up. You must thank God i'm not closer to you i would have given you a " warm klap". Useless . . . Actually Motaung must take you to a disciplinary hearing for poor performance and subsequently cut 70% of your salaries.

  • Savedbygrace - 2011-05-04 16:20

    Shapa Ajax shapa

  • Larry - 2011-05-04 16:38

    I am a Chiefs fan inside outside but I got to say this. Chiefs should field their B-team against Ajax & hopefully lose. If Chiefs aint winning the league title so arent pieRATS & sunCLOWNS...period!!

      nakelik - 2011-05-04 16:48

      i agree! rather ajax!!!!

      Thami4 - 2011-05-04 16:58

      Come on Larry; you can't be serious that Chiefs should be involved in match-fixing?? Besides, the hihger they [Chiefs] finish in the League, the more money they get... How can they just surrender that? Obviously, they embarrassed us fans by losing to Sundowns but that's no reason to throw the baby with the bath water. Haven't we learnt anything from Arsenal this past week??

      mario borchards - 2011-05-04 18:10

      Does chiefs really want to help the arch rivals Pirates or Sundowns? Anyway we are going to whip chiefs' ass. Ajax 3-1 Chiefs. gooooooooooo Ajax! bring that cup to the best city in RSA! We will maintain it better. Lol!

      Larry - 2011-05-05 08:51

      @Thami, thats not match-fixing. Currently the league honours are out of Chiefs grasp, therefore it makes sense to give those that didnt feature much in the league a chance of football action. If they lose, that means Ajax was a better team on the day. If Chiefs win... eish I cant even think like that a Chiefs lose will be acceptable to us.

      nangamso1 - 2011-05-05 12:27

      if u really are a chiefs supporter I"ll tell one thing wont argue with u, you are a pathetic, hopeless one.

  • vumz - 2011-05-04 17:03

    well, well, well...chiefs? u see, it always puzzles me how chiefs only prepare and play well against pirates. this is what happens makhosikazi, when you focus on champs like pirates for the whole season and then at the eleventh houryou want to start playing football, sorry! maybe next time. but remember, no matter how many times you beat pirates each season, you always deservedly, end up beneath them,...wonder why?

      Vanquisher - 2011-05-06 12:26

      the way you all sound it like it only KC which won't win the league, there will be only one winner if you are not a winner u ar a looser nothing more nothing less! and O.P wiith their new goalminder it all eish! eish! and taking a ball from the back of the net. and his hairstyle is an old look of Baloyi hahaha

  • Annoy - 2011-05-06 15:05

    what is honour

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