Bucs sack Krol and hire Leal

2011-06-21 12:23

Johannesburg - Orlando Pirates have agreed terms with Julio Leal to replace coach Ruud Krol, according to a source close to the Brazilian.

Krol led Bucs to a historic treble-winning season in 2010/11 but is now set to move on after the news that Leal has struck a deal with Pirates.

A source close to the 60-year-old coach confirmed that the contract will be for five years and that Leal is expected to join the club on 4 July.

"I can confirm Dr Irvin Khoza (chairperson) and Julio agreed on a long-term deal, five years to be precise," a source close to Leal told the Sowetan.

The source added: "Julio is already in the country and is looking forward to taking Pirates to greater heights, starting on July 4."

Leal has over 25 years of coaching experience under his belt, but his most recent spells were at Moroka Swallows, Yokohama FC and Tanzania.

Meanwhile, reports have linked Krol with a move to Mamelodi Sundowns in the off-season. 


  • Sylvia - 2011-06-21 12:29

    This is not cool, after all Krol did for Pirates c'mon guys

      Pallazo - 2011-06-21 12:36

      Damn not cool. Even though I have hated Krol with passion I found myself sympathetic after all he has done for Bucs. He deserved another 2 yrs or so. Now we going back to 10 season no cup years...

      OppositeOfSunshine - 2011-06-22 10:11

      Coolness has nothing to do with it. In any case what Krol has done for Pirates can be debated. I for one think very little of the man and I am happy he has left. Pirates is a swak team. They were never in a position to defend any of their titles and now it would be easy to blame it on a new coach.

      CITIZEN - 2011-06-22 23:36

      oppisite you probaly a chief fan and jealous you could not win the psl title but Irvin Khoza what were you thinking he is the best coach we had in 16years if ferguson can coach man utd for 23years why cant we keep our coaches that long also now our players must change there game stlye again get use to another coach no wonder SOUTH AFRICAN SOCCER cant be the dominant country in afirca because our soccer bosses dont appretiate hardwork and success

  • Pallazo - 2011-06-21 12:39

    Plus you Irvin said its bad for SA clubs to keep recycling coaches when one of the journos asked you about Papic...

      Zikho - 2011-06-21 13:11

      Krol got his 3 years and only won cups on his final year of his contract, when a decision about his future had been probably made. Only in Man U and Arsenal will you get coaches lasting longer than 2 or 3 years in ANY football league. Krol nearly gave me a heart attack a number of time. Very few comfortable wins, we must thank the gutsy players who fought for everything.

  • Samurai Demo - 2011-06-21 13:17

    what is this world coming to. arsene wenger wins sweet nothing for 7 years and gets blessings and contract renewals. krol makes history with a treble and gets sacked. irvin khoza is as dumb as he sounds and looks. I HOPE BUCS WIN NOTHING NEXT SEASON TO PROVE WHAT AN ERROR THIS IS. theres no logic here.

  • vambozha mutemi - 2011-06-21 13:30

    Only fools will make a foolish agreement with a coach of that calibre...anyway its to our advantage...Amakhosi and Black Leopards for life!!

      Philani - 2011-06-21 15:47

      let them go back to square one...anyways they are not used to happiness so they probably miss!

      Nzonzo - 2011-07-23 20:21

      not sure if your looks match the thinking lol.....

  • BUSHED - 2011-06-21 13:34

    Irvin wants the team to play the Pirates Style,then he must accept that this style does not win trophies.

  • ginger13 - 2011-06-21 13:39

    @zikho..... the coach gives the players the direction in which to focus there play. over and above this if Pirates which is the team i support had any common sense they would understand that for development and long term stratagy it would have been better to stick with Krol, he is now experianced in SA football and has learnt alot ove the last few years that is why "WE" Pirates did so well. Clubs must stop looking for instant success and build success instead......... the PSL also needs to wake up and make it their soul mandate to play 7 south african born players in all teams if south africa ever want to make it past group stage @ the World Cup. thats why we were ranked No.16 in the world in 1994 because we had our own home growen talent representing south africa....... shame on you Pirates and PSL

  • matubeng - 2011-06-21 13:49

    It is just because Chiefs beat Pirates 3-0, now Krol's contract is not renewed after winning a league. That's bad, Chiefs will do it again and Leal gone.

  • supafly - 2011-06-21 13:52

    I think Mr, (oops, l meant Dr) Khoza’s right to have sacked Kroll, cause he’s smart enough to realize that Pirates were purely just lucky to have won the treble last season. It could (should) have all gone horribly wrong for the Bucs had it not been for their generous couzens from Naturena. Hey, I’m not tryin to take any shine off the Bacaneers success, afterall fortune does favor the brave & no team was braver than them, hence they deserve evry bit of their luck. They’re goin to need a whole lot more than that to defend their title and especially going into Africa, & Dr Khoza shud be hailed for recognizing that & any team that can conquer in Africa deserves the support of evry SAfrican.

  • Chippa - 2011-06-21 13:52

    Pirates and Krol himself owe us supporters and the public an explanation regarding is unavailability to continue as Head Coach. I have a feeling that his depature is not only about wanting to change places and face new challenges or to prove a point with another premier club that he is a great coach. I have always wished to see Pirates retain its technical staff for very long seasons should there be positive results every season. With Krol I thought we found the right man but it is not to be. Once again after doing the same thing with Roy Barreto and Gordon Igisund, we are still to get answers why Krol left. I hope he reached the desicion not to renew not because of fallout with management but greener pastures elsewhere and only if Pirates assures supportes he was not fired.

  • Ephraim Bogopa - 2011-06-21 14:00

    I don't think it was a good thinking to suck a coach at this time, he was supposed to be given a chance to play in African tournament 1st. Now the new manager can't play with the current pirates combination, he is not familiar with the players. TP Mazembe will knock them out, they wont even reach semi finals.

  • Hamilton Ngwenya - 2011-06-21 14:04

    Khoza is a terrible terrible dictator who runs the club in his own terms without even considering the sentiments of the followers. He has done it in the past by bringing in Thabang Molefe the defender that cost us the league two seasons running and cost Papic his job in the process. Leal was sacked by Swallows, Krol just made history recently and got sacked. Our trophy had been dusty for over eight seasons and Krol delivered and brought joy to the Ghost. Unwise Move and Strange Inconsiderate Leadership there Mr Chairman.

  • Mandla - 2011-06-21 15:23

    I Think I need to lay down a bit. This news is depressing. When are we going to have a Feggie like the red devils. Bye now!

  • OLIBO - 2011-06-21 17:10

    I'm very angry with the decision to let Krol leave amabhakabhaka. I'm a Pirates supporter but I wish Krol stays eMzansi even if he goes to Ajax or Sundowns. I just wish Khoza can tell us why he let Krol go. Mzansi players will never be like Brazil, no matter how many Brazilian coaches we bring into the country. We should have learnt a lesson with Bafana Bafana in 2010 WC. Was a Pirate, not a Pirate!

  • Mxhuma - 2011-06-21 17:41

    The contract came to an end. For the past 36 months there was nothing prolific about Mr Krol. During the first year he did not even know when and how to substitute players. Khoza stated that the coach had not even submitted his technical report to the management. It is good for Krol to leave whilst he is still at the top, the coming season would have been a huge challenge to him. My only wish is that one of the bigger teams like Sundowns can take him and make him their coach. He can then prove himself and surprise all of us who are not his fans. Leal is not a bad coach! He will do well in a team like Pirates. Thanks to the Fying Dutchman for reviving the Ghost.

  • Nari - 2011-06-21 22:20

    pirates on its way to hell

  • Ky - 2011-06-22 07:03

    Ja neh! thats how we reward a good job done. But its cool ...if he is not wanted let him leave while he's still riding that high wave!!! we shall see who will break his record!! BIG UP KROLL AND GOD SPEED!

  • Karabo Sekhosana - 2011-06-22 13:50

    I dont think Khoza is fair After what krol did for Pirants

  • Nzonzo - 2011-07-23 20:31

    I wonder if LEAL is slow or blind. Ndulula , Manyambela are just passengers they costing the club as for Ndulula he comes too much overareted, Manyambela should go back to sosi he is too predictable and does not use his brains.even the comentator called him the ever wasting.Sox might have scored against Chiefs in my books he still does not make the grade.a player should be effective on number of accurate passes the way he comes back to defend how he calculates his runs , looks around to create wining opportunities.

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