Booth slams Sundowns ethics

2011-07-06 14:43

Johannesburg - Matthew Booth has slammed Mamelodi Sundowns' ethics after being dismissed from the club following a five-minute meeting.

The towering centre-back was ruled out of the final weeks of the 2010/11 PSL campaign through injury, and soon after was informed in a one-man meeting with club CEO Kenneth Makhanya that his contract would not be renewed.

"They told me they would not extend my contract in a meeting that lasted five minutes and only one person was there, the CEO of the club, Makhanya," a clearly frustrated Booth told the Sowetan.

"I still have a good three to four years of top-level football in me. I have a problem with the ethics here, to say the least."

The Bafana Bafana defender then went on to reveal that soon after receiving the news he was contacted by Downs' lawyers offering him a job in management at the Lucas Moripe Stadium.

He continued: "But 10 days later, Downs came back to me through their lawyers and basically wanted to know if I was interested in having a long-term relationship with the club.

"But due to the way they treated me, it was not right.

"My biggest problem with them is that they could have at least offered me the team's medical staff to help me get better, bearing in mind that I was injured while playing for them. They should have extended my contract for three months until I was ready to play. Instead they took a decision to get rid of me without letting the new head coach have a look at me. I don't think that was correct.

"They have now put me in a bad position to try and find another club. But I have learned to prepare myself for such similar situations in future." 


  • Ephraim Bogopa - 2011-07-06 14:58

    No-no no!!! this is not right. Downs, No! Both was a loyal center back-liner. Managament of MamSunDowns, please reverse your decision.

  • King Solomon - 2011-07-06 15:00

    Isn't anyone going to play the race card in reverse? Matthew Booth is a damn fine soccer player.

  • Annoy - 2011-07-06 15:07

    Killer prepare your self for the same treatment - harsh - you are no going overseas

  • Singata - 2011-07-06 15:12

    I think Sundowns is going on frustrating players, either by not releasing or not playing, not treating them as professionals. These guys are also human beings, bread winners they need to be treated as such. I am sorry if I go overboard but is my opinion.

  • clivegoss - 2011-07-06 15:37

    The BOKS need a tall lock to dominate lineouts and that can stand around in the backline when the real graft starts. Mathew can replace Mr Bekker ! On a sadder note and a reality check will show that SA soccer will be much poorer without him. Who are the palookas that run soccer in the RSA. Have they no conscience ?

  • nn.prv - 2011-07-06 15:44

    Its Sunset at Sundowns !

  • Andile Bana - 2011-07-06 22:53

    Hey Matthew I feel really bad about what has happened to you,you really dont deserve this kind of treatment.Wish you all the best for the Future,dont give up,something better will come up.

  • Will99 - 2011-07-07 07:15

    He is such a good player and shouldn't be treated like that. Just move, I know that there are clubs that would love to have you there.

  • Pitzo - 2011-07-07 08:13

    Sundowns has proved in all seasons they run a Team like a Somali tuckshop in Diepsloot, I was listening to Booth on Marawa lastnight and I nearly cried. 1 stupid man (Makhanya) decided on his own instructed by another moron (Moloto) to break the news to Booth.. WTF? The only players that enjoy been there are Zims because they don't know how a player must be treated, The Mmotong's, Spencer's, Ncaca's, the list is endless, even Killer Mphela said it when he went AWOL but there'e less we (football Universe) can do about that. Motsepe knows fokol about football anyway(just ask him wat is an indirect free-kick and how to play it) Sebono-tsho! that's why he's never there..There's very few soccer bosses that knows it all, The Kaizer Motaung's and Jomo Sono's are the REAL GODS of our soccer fratenity.. I feel for the Masenamela's and others heading for the best destruction of their careers at Downs. I love Chiefs becos once a playa decides 2 go 2 Downs and changes his mind after 2 days they don't even listen, Sundowns is cursed becos that money splashed on their useless management and playas is supposed to be given to families of poor miners families who die every day in dark holes, 4 what? Only Makhanya, Motsepe, Trott and Satan knows, To hell with Sundowns to hell

  • Pitzo - 2011-07-07 08:18

    Sundowns is been managed and ran like a Somali spaza shop at a Diepsloot Street corner anyway. Proven since Motsepe took over, Natasha Tshichlas ran dis team with distinction. Wait until they destroy the Punch Masenamela's and others heading there (Shame).. Mara who cares anyway because they play for Yearmark(Ballpossesion)

  • PSquare - 2011-07-07 12:51

    Mr Booth, it's called called an OPTION to renew for a reason. They are not obliged to exercise it seeing that you are now at retirement stage. Hence the endless injuries. You clearly can no longer keep up with the youngsters. You had an illustrious career for which you should be proud. Time to move on, man

  • Merle - 2011-07-08 12:27

    Come to Durban Matthew! Hey Amazulu management get some action going and sign him up now!

  • Daffy - 2011-07-08 13:22

    Booth is too old now, Sundowns have younger centre backs that have enormous potential, so he should not stand in their way. He served Sundowns and now his time is up, he should just move on to another team, sour grapes wont help, they dont owe him anything.

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