Obama: I'm like Messi

2011-06-29 18:16

Washington - US President Barack Obama has compared himself to Barcelona striker Lionel Messi at a White House awards ceremony.

The Colorado Rapids, champions of US Major League Soccer, presented Obama on Tuesday with a No 10 jersey.

"That is me and Messi. We're right up there. Absolutely," Obama said to laughter.

Obama described himself to the Colorado players and officials as "a soccer dad, myself. I have watched my share of games over the years."

His daughters, Malia and Sasha, play football.

Messi led Barcelona to a 3-1 victory over Manchester United in the Champions League final last month, and he's currently in Argentina preparing for the Copa America.

Barcelona will play United in a friendly in Washington on July 30.


  • Samurai Demo - 2011-06-29 18:24

    haha, united wont even wanna pitch up for that friendly or should i say free football lesson part 3. what do united and 3-pin plugs have in common? both useless in europe!

  • BrainPWR - 2011-06-29 18:49

    Mate you have confused it - thats a chelsea joke :p

  • scud - 2011-06-29 19:27

    I think he means he is making a big messy

  • Ramudzuli Richard - 2011-06-30 01:30

    not a joke for me!

  • Tshifhiwa Raedani - 2011-06-30 08:20

    News nowadays.....

  • vambozha mutemi - 2011-06-30 14:11

    I'm like up this country

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