Mourinho fine with sad Ronaldo

2012-09-15 08:57

Madrid - Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, for one, is fine with Cristiano Ronaldo feeling sad.

As the Spanish champions prepared for Saturday's league match at Sevilla, Mourinho said "if Cristiano is sad and plays like this, perfect."

Ronaldo capped a two-goal performance in his last game with Madrid by expressing sadness for professional reasons.

Ronaldo brushed past Florentino Perez during the taking of the team's official photograph on Thursday responding coldly "everything OK" when the club president asked if he "was happier or not?"

The Portugal forward has scored four goals in his last four games - including international duty.

Mourinho said Friday that "my only worry, if you could call it that, is my team's play in the league."

Madrid is already five points behind leader Barcelona after just three games.


  • pagel.trivia - 2012-09-15 13:32

    That is a rather short-sighted view to have. Might be OK for the moment, but in the long run you don't retain people or get the best from them with such an attitude.

      vernon.samuel.7 - 2012-09-15 13:54

      That is Jose's press statement. He will be working on Ronaldo behind the scenes I am sure. He certainly is not going to admit to the press that there are problems with his star player.

  • zwelibanzi.kandundu - 2012-09-15 14:02

    \ Sad Ronaldo is of no concern to coach \

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