Maradona: We took drugs in 93

2011-05-23 16:38

Buenos Aires - Diego Maradona says Argentina's players took banned drugs before a qualifying match for the 1994 World Cup.

He accused FIFA vice president Julio Grondona, the head of Argentina's Football Association, of being in on the scheme.

Maradona says there were no drug controls for the 1993 qualifier against Australia in Buenos Aires. He claims the team doctor put a banned stimulant in their coffee.

Argentina won 1-0 and advanced to the tournament in the United States, where Maradona was later expelled for a positive drug test and team lost in the quarter-finals.

Maradona said Monday on television that Grondona had to know all about it. Grondona had no immediate comment.


  • Albo - 2011-05-23 16:44

    Were those `banned drugs` a gram or two of coke?

  • christine - 2011-05-23 18:43

    do we care a continental f---k, who cares,who is this person???????

      Julius Dilem - 2011-05-24 07:03

      Are you talking about yourself Christine? Meet me and i can bend you over and show you who this person is...

      Andrew Griffiths - 2011-05-24 07:04

      If you havent heard of Maradona you've been with Osama in a cave for 30 years. Go back into hiding, sport is clearly not for you.

  • Skrappie - 2011-05-23 18:52

    Maradona using drugs?! Who knew...

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