Media heaps praise on Madiba

2010-08-05 11:12

Johannesburg - An alliance of South African newspapers and broadcasters has praised Nelson Mandela for his role in the success of the first World Cup held in Africa.

"South Africa changed last month," they said in a statement on Wednesday.

"It was a different place... a better place, and you didn't have to be soccer-crazy to sense it."

The media organisations said the World Cup unified South Africans in a way that few other events have, bridging differences in the once-divided country.

That pride was evident in recent months, as both poor black townships and wealthy, mostly white areas blanketed themselves in South African flags and soccer paraphernalia.

In the aftermath of the tournament that ended July 11, worries emerged over the costs of stadiums and other facilities when poor communities still lacked basic public services in health, education and clean water.

The campaigners implored South Africans to continue Mandela's fight for equality, democracy and justice, to help others and to "keep before us the idea of succeeding", the statement said.

"As Nelson Mandela once famously put it: It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it."

The campaign was launched as Mandela's charitable foundation prepared to mark the 48th anniversary of his arrest for his anti-apartheid activism. Mandela served 27 years in prison before he was elected South Africa's first black president.

Mandela has been credited with the success of several major sporting events since his release, including South Africa's victory at the 1995 Rugby World Cup and this year's World Cup.

Mandela turned 92 on July 18, and his birthday has been declared an annual international celebration by the United Nations.

"Let's make every day a Mandela day", Mandela's foundation said in a statement on Wednesday that exhorted everyone "to do good every day".


  • confused - 2010-08-05 11:44

    great guy, good for morale, but... he isnt really actually doing anything. I know he is old so its hard for him but. I think people can benifit from actions more. All that is currently happening is words, which could be said by any other peace lover. I think he wouldnt mind all the money being spent on renaming things to his name or holidays being made, be put to rather on the poor communities. Maybe we fix the whole complete country, every nook and cranny, before we celebrate being successful. Its no fair if only certain parts of the country lives happily.

  • tax payer - 2010-08-05 12:17

    forget about the positives they mean nothing as long as freedom genocide on minority groups are taking place in this country...the anc gave the world a false impression tourists thought this country is not bad but it was all false....the anc has very clear plans on forcing the WHITE MAN out stripping him of all his wealth that is what the media must be focusing on this is what the world must be made aware of...the world cup was a waste of time and just there for black greed finshed and klaar

  • Mingles - 2010-08-05 12:20

    'praised Nelson Mandela for SWC', wow, thats really interesting, the last time i checked twas Thabo Mbeki who brought the WC to SA. I hate people who try and rewrite history to suit their selfish interest. since when do we praise people now, I want to thank God for Thabo Mbeki's for his contribution becuase if it was not for his contribution, there would have not been a WC here. This Mandela foundation, continues to make and invest lots of money, while poor communities are not being developed and we are suppose to say thank you Mandela and your fortune. Il rather be called anti--progress than to support such nonsense....Who will remain rich after all....?this is not benefiting the poor...

  • where is madiba - 2010-08-05 12:21

    Madiba's long walk to freedom old news. Where is Madiba today? With all the crime and corruption and discrimination against whites, where is he? We all know the whole South Africa will listen when he speaks but Madiba is letiing the country go to the wolves and he just sits back. We know he is old but he can still write or dictate letters to the press so that he can try and heal the country, we need him more than ever but Madiba is already invisible, he was a great man but today he does nothing for the country anymore. sorry madiba but its the truth, where is your guidence now?? The long walk to freedom have ended years ago.

  • znboy - 2010-08-05 13:22

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  • znboy - 2010-08-05 13:27

    Fly your flags - visit my Support SA site at and join for free. Help build a patriotic nation!

  • louise benson - 2010-08-05 14:19

    Hell's bells, "where is Madiba" - give the man some rest. He brought about a miracle, and it is long overdue that others should step forward and continue the hard work. He is 92 after all. Are we just going to collapse into a heap when he passes on? No, rather call on the other so-called leaders to pull their fingers out and do some leading, guiding and healing. All the old guard are getting too old now: where are the younger men and women? Many are hard at work; others need to be reminded of their positions and their responsibilities.

  • Pleb - 2010-08-05 14:25

    Why do people expect Mr Mandela to continue working in the public eye? Mr Mandela spent most of his life serving a good cause and his foundation continues that legacy. Its time we all get off our fat, lazy backsides and take responsibility for the here and now - pick up where he left off. South Africa has few decent leaders because few have the courage, discipline or selflessness to stand up now and show positive leadership. Stop whining and participate.

  • Dlomo - 2010-08-05 14:29

    You have done more than enough Madiba, it is just natural that people will never stop complaining, We have 3 Presidents after you departed the presidential chair (Mbeki,Motlante and Zuma), but well all know that you are a born leader as you come from a royal family.People must learn to be gratefull, at your age, I bet not even their grandfathers are doing anythng.

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