Liverpool taunts 'disgraceful'

2012-01-07 15:02

Liverpool - Oldham's South African-born captain Dean Furman has said he understood the reactions of team-mate Tom Adeyemi to the abuse he suffered in the FA Cup tie at Liverpool saying that the taunts had been an "absolute disgrace."

The incident happened towards the end of Friday evening's game, won 5-1 by Liverpool, when the 20-year-old, who is on loan from Norwich, appeared to take offence to something shouted from the crowd.

Despite reassurance from his team-mates, plus Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard and forward Dirk Kuyt, the right-back was visibly upset and tearful.

The matter was reported to match officials and subsequently the police, who have confirmed they have launched an investigation into the matter.

Liverpool, who have been embroiled in a racist abuse row involving striker Luis Suarez and Manchester United defender Patrice Evra, are also looking into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Furman declined to comment on whether the insult was of a racial nature.

"He was abused and I'll leave it to Tom and the police to investigate that," Furman told BBC Radio Manchester.

"What happened should not happen in the game.

"It has been highlighted over the last few months and it is an absolute disgrace."

When pressed as to whether the abuse was of a racial nature, Furman added: "It is difficult for me to say anything.

"When one of your boys is down like that we all feel it.

"Tom, the authorities and police will sort out the situation.

"I hope the authorities take heavy action because it was a disgrace.

"A lot of credit goes to Tom for the way he handled the situation."


  • Leendert - 2012-01-07 15:11

    'Credit to Tom' ... for bursting out in tears?!!?

  • david.lebethe - 2012-01-07 15:46

    You wonder where was security when some section of the stadium openly wore t-shirts showing the face of their disgraced hero? Since the game was played at Liverpool's home ground, I hold management of the team complicit to the whole incident. And to exorcise the club and English football of any form of racism, I call upon both the English FA and Premier League to take after Italian football league and ban Liverpool from the league.

      Bert - 2012-01-07 20:51

      which planet you off? you need to smoke less of whatever it is you are smoking. Is this guy a relative?

  • Lynda - 2012-01-07 18:55

    awful that this kind of thing is still going on in the 21st Century.....we as humans are obviously not evolving, as a Liverpool fan I must say I am embarrassed and ashamed of the "Kop".

      Bert - 2012-01-07 21:23

      The Kop is a massive structure.Once held 28000 standing fans. Now a few less seated. How can you be ashamed of the Kop over what one person is 'alleged' to have said? Have you ever been on the Kop during a game? If so, like any football terracing in the world you would have heard much worse.

  • Fred - 2012-01-07 20:14

    what can i say, a bunch of rasists and hypocrites.

      Bert - 2012-01-07 21:25

      Had a donkey named Fred! Not an insult just a fact. By your comment though, you could be his brother! Giddyup Fred!

  • Villagegenius - 2012-01-07 20:33

    No wonder so many South Africans flock to a non racist England......what a joke

  • david.lebethe - 2012-01-08 10:30

    @Bert and Steenbra. Black Americans despise the word "negro" and the word is no longer in the Oxford dictionary. The former leader of the AWB used to say is a "boer" and many afrikaans speaking whites liked to be referred as such until Judge Motata used the word in his drunken stupor and now all of a sudden, whites find the word derogatory and had the court the wisdom of the court to find the word racist. And, we all have to respect the rule of law. Why do you want to mainatain the word "negro" when it was found repugnant by black people throughout the World unless you are hradcore racist who would not be convinced otherwise? As for Steenbra, I despise a black man who sees his being through a white spectacle.

  • cary.hastie - 2012-01-08 11:34

    As a lifelong Reds fan, I find the actions by these yobbos in the Kop a disgrace - should be banned for life - not what Liverpool Football Club needs!!!

      Bert - 2012-01-08 15:58

      If it is true, Yobbo, not yobbo's. One person was allegedly heard to use the sentence. Although I do agree there are more than one in the ground. Having said that, that goes for every single soccer ground in the world. And it will always be so, I'm sorry to say.

  • Lennon Chenga - 2012-01-08 19:35

    Different people react differently to verbal abuse. Fans should stick to supporting their teams. Are u condoning what took place because he was in tears? How would u have wanted him to react? Yes, in this case, (from yr reaction ) only a minority would understand what he felt. Let's stick to playing and supporting football! Sticks and stones? Really? U can use any word in the dictionary and it can be insulting depending on how u have used it. Let's stick to playing and supporting the game.

  • George - 2012-01-09 07:03

    Dont come here with your "white tendencies" bastard bloody agent. No problemo for some just simply swept iunder the carpet even on international TV but oh my God please dont let it be a whitey saying that to a black dude, mega racism.

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