Khoza preparing for 'battle'

2010-07-30 13:25

Johannesburg - The PSL top brass led by chairman Irvin Khoza is set to meet President Jacob Zuma in an attempt to garner support when they tackle SAFA.

Soccer-Laduma has been closely following the saga of Khoza’s battle with SAFA president Kirsten Nematandani.

The two have been at loggerheads since Nematandani’s appointment as president late last year and Khoza does not seem to be giving up the fight to overthrow him.

The Siya crew can confirm that the mobilisation of support started within the league when Khoza and Kaizer Motaung were on Thursday seen meeting with Mamelodi Sundowns boss Patrice Motsepe in a well known hotel.

Motsepe publicly defied his PSL colleagues last year when he decided to support the newly elected SAFA regime alongside Jomo Cosmos owner Jomo Sono.

As both Khoza and Motaung are used to wielding more power within South African football, they are certainly not enjoying having to submit to SAFA’s instructions, being the country’s football authority.

“They are now going all out to win the hearts of people who they will need when they declare war on SAFA and try to save their domination of the game, hence the meeting with Motsepe and then they will seek presidential intervention,” revealed a high ranking Soccer-Laduma informant.

Amongst other things, the PSL will want to fight SAFA through their reluctance to release players for national duty.

Soccer Laduma

  • JJ - 2010-07-30 13:41

    Being the grandfather of Zuma's child, I am sure that Khoza may be able to get some form of support from his potential son-in-law.

  • yandisa - 2010-07-30 13:42

    Fat Cat.

  • greatdaneza - 2010-07-30 13:44

    We all know that it is hard for man to say no to anything his father-in-law wants

  • tsepo - 2010-07-30 13:45

    gangsters paradise all the money and still no decent youth system in this country... sad these guys have raped football for 20+ years. I hope Mr Nematandani does not get beaten down or out

  • He He - 2010-07-30 13:51

    So Khoza is going to see his son out of law, the president of the banana republic of south africa. Oh my dear.

  • Rodger John - 2010-07-30 14:03

    Be careful, very careful. FIFA & CAF will not tolerate ANY political interference in football. Pirates (Khoza) almost stepped over the brink a few years ago.

  • T - 2010-07-30 14:07

    Damn it JJ!!, you beat me to it...

  • TT - 2010-07-30 14:13

    i am ver disapointed from Khoza ,He now want to use his son inlaw in all this.

  • Nosipho Mazibuko - 2010-07-30 14:19

    Of cause we know who JZ will support, blood is thicker than water, after all.

  • TJ - 2010-07-30 14:25

    greedy guy.

  • Rhorhwesikhuni - 2010-07-30 14:25

    Power mongers, I wish they lose.

  • Bantu - 2010-07-30 14:49

    Please we don't need this, not now after FIFA gave africa the opportunity to host the first and seemingly the last World Cup. FIFA will ban Bafana if the government interfer with Soccer!

  • Tommy - 2010-07-30 15:00

    Oh FIFA, please take the cheque back that was handed to SAFA for hosting the 2010 world cup. We do not want people to lie about they big plans about development and grass root level speeches but when it comes to players they stifle their careers. When the TV rights for the league were sold certain people got fat cheque's When deceasions need to be made concerning football,certain people are at the table. I am glad he is going to meet the president. Dear mr PRESIDENT The reason our football has not improved is because of certain people. Just like politics one can only stand for 4-8 years in office but in South African football politics you find certain people standing for 30 years. Please dont hold JA to ransom over the .... Saga.

  • Craig - 2010-07-30 15:10

    Kaizer and Khoza must now realise that this is not Zimbabwe where they will rule forever. Corruption and many other things are happening at their helm. South Africans should stand against this.

  • Izimyama nge nkane - 2010-07-30 15:19

    Dr Gen Khoza and bra kaizer have made PSL quite a profitable leaugue in Africa. Dr Khoza has also ensure that the PSL/DSTV deal expands to other african countries. In essence, the Dr Khoza has the ability of an africa soccer leadership, contrary to popular believe that he's in it for the money, if so he has delivered so many things that ou Kirsten cant even think of. Kirsten is not a proper leader, he panics of Dr Khoza's imminent 'plot' and responds like an amteur. He has side-lined Dr Khoza on most occasions during the World cup, whoever is advising him needs to be fired. He knew all along he was an 'interim' Pres and now he needs to step down and hand over the reign to people who know what's happening. At the moment SAFA is in shamble, new admin which blames old admin for what it cant deliver on. Nematandani and his political friends must pack their bags and hang around with Butana Khompela in parliament where they belong. Watch out the space, Dr Khoza got rid of most powerful man Stix Morewa with ease, watch the space.

  • eish - 2010-07-30 15:31

    its worse than least with apartheid we knew what was happening.nowadays we expect so much yet keep getting disappointed...yet the same mistakes are made and the top brass make a fortune while the structures in place are still pathetic and no money filters through for may be time to vote DA....we have ahad a great world cup and now we back to sqaure one with these donkeys worried about their wallets and power instead on sa soccer!!!

  • Punk27 - 2010-07-30 16:30

    The probelm with SA Soccer. The tail is wagging the dog. Kirsten must stand strong and put Khoza and Motaung in the places they belong.

  • Deonic - 2010-07-30 16:31

    And so we start eroding the little that was built up during the past year. These guys have proven that they are all for themselves, and not for soccer. We all know it is about the money and the billion from FIFA. The release of players for National duty is the weakest excuse that I have heard of. SAFA has brought us the SWC and now they must be brought down over trivial things? Are these guys striking a deal for Zuma and the rich Mr Motsepe, who is a Mbeki man? Where is the SOCCER interests? We, the public, all those millions and millions of us, have to see things degenerate right in front of our very eyes, because of the greed of a few individuals. Somehow, I suspect we all know what the outcome of this will be. A year from now, these very clowns will ask/say accusingly; What happened to those people who flocked to the SWC games from their nice suburbs? Mr Khoza, you are alienating them with your greed and your unsophisticated way of doing (mostly wrong) things.

  • Joe - 2010-07-30 16:54

    And the soccer mafia plots.... these suckers f*ck up soccer more than anyone else. Maybe we should Mickey after them

  • Comrade - 2010-07-30 17:00

    This is a blatant travesty of justice and the abuse wonder the ancestors cannot rest at all with this tsotsie.Believe me when he dies he will become a witch in his place for him in the ancestor realm.

  • Lancelot - 2010-07-30 17:22

    As long as people like Khoza still wanna hang on to power till they die, there won't be any development in our sport management. What Khoza need to do is to step back and obrserve SAFA from far so he can build our soccer with good criticism

  • jjlns - 2010-07-30 17:23

    Let us wait and see what this present Safa hierachy is going to do for the S.A soccer before condeming them. As for Khoza and his cronnies we know what they can do to our soccer,just wind your clock a few years back ,you will see.

  • Moneymoneymoney - 2010-07-30 20:42

    They should think of the eye of the needle. Soccer is doomed as long as these people rule.

  • Ash - 2010-07-30 23:00

    Why dosent he just get that retarded malema to nationalise the whole damn thing - This country has turned into a huge joke,its governed by clowns and the sports administrators are a bunch of court jesters.The doff cat thinks that because the zoomer whacked his daughter(only his wife will know if it is his) he can take over and join the clan that misapropriates funds

  • OBED TAU - 2010-07-31 02:02


  • Sports fan - 2010-07-31 11:55

    How much money did Khoza make out of soccer. A few years ago he owed SARS R50m in tax alone. What is happening to soccer at junior, school and club level?? Are we surprised if Bafana's rankings have been dropping internationally. many African countries, with a fraction of Sa's resources, play far better soccer .

  • LM - 2010-07-31 12:50

    I think Obent Tau, you are being a tribalist. You need to engange on a constructive debate and stop your nonesense. You are such a disgusting cockroach.

  • MP - 2010-07-31 13:09

    Shameful journalism again! Just because Khosa and Motaung were seen in a meeting with thier BOG colleague, Soccer Laduma predicts like a clinical songoma and draws this big conclusion that they are out to overthrow Kirsten Nematandani. There is nothing factual about the article except for Sangoma style predictions. Are we that gullible as readers and soccer lovers? I wonder what they teach at media schools, ag sies!

  • makamba "the great" - 2010-07-31 13:44

    Khoza played a magnicificant role in developing S.A football. He was a father-figure in all the psl deals including the TV rights with supersport international and the current official sponsor Absa, all that led to psl being one of the most powerfull soccer leagues financially. He chaired a committee that ensured we win the rights and host one of the most successful world cups ever. He was honoured with doctorate then a colonelship, what more do his enemies want from him? What Nematandani have achieved in SA football? Nothing! it would at list be better if they appointed his enemy Jordaan.

  • Seshike Samuel Mmoledi - 2010-07-31 17:17

    I think the president must just sent his delegates, like sports committee chairman Mr Khompela to sort that mess, SAFA is not individual association, but ours the nation so Khoza and his staff must just accept defaet and help football where they can and if not then just stay rather than fighting, this then shows that they are hungry for power and does not want to relinquish power to democratically elected office. This is disgusting to see what PSL chairman is doing, I had respect for him so my respect is fading away. We plead with SAFA not to run our football like politics of Cope otherwise we will continue doing poorly in great competitions, like world cup and African cup of nations. if like before he Khoza want to be a CAF president he must just collaborate with SAFA and tell them his vision and then work on it from there if that is what he wants. And you SAFA, must know that we the supporters of Bafana Bafana that association is ours also so if your not capable of holding that office then shift for those who can run it properly without engaging in unnecessary fighting, as that is delaying the progress of football in the country, please stop that we want to see development of football in the country and better performance of all national teams, and again let the country be coached no more by western coaches or Eastern, if another national team is wanted let it be from Africa, or within our country and also encourage local clubs to use local coaches most of the time to develop SA coaches so that they can be able to do the job of national team and play our own African football style.

  • mrozmatic - 2010-08-01 20:53

    It is not suprising that the top brass does not want to let it go. Nematandani is just not the right man, he is getting influence from the people from the cold. They know less abouth SA football needs. Let the top brass do what is right for the nation. Son in law or not, Zuma must come in and extinguish this paper fire.

  • zukie - 2010-08-02 20:44

    if these r true , Ivan Khoza should consider selling Orlando Pirates because me and millions other Orlando Pirates fans and supporters wouldn't like to have a chairman that cannot accept defeat who knows what he will do when Pirates lose.this is just not on . i know the current safa admin is weak but let us eliminate them peacefully

  • Takalani - 2010-08-05 11:18

    Nematandani is the right man not khoza or kaize

  • Ronnie Ginindza - 2010-08-13 19:12

    tell me this is not true why these guys are obsessed with being big bosses even in their Granny times.I hope its not power corrupts if this is true

  • Mzeke zeke - 2010-08-18 11:47

    The Famous Dr Irvin Khoza is a visionary. If he were to pull out of the administration of SAFA the association will loose all their sponsors and will be on the Red in no time. Kirsten is just in a Rent a Black position otherwise he is not clued about what is going on in football. If you look at the current SAFA exec , Mvelo Nokonyane , Kirsten, Lesley Sedibe have no clue about soccer and can't make a decision before talking to Danny Jordan.

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