Iker the Octopus picks Madrid

2011-04-19 17:32

Benalmadena - Iker the Octopus has picked Real Madrid to beat Barcelona on Wednesday in the Copa del Rey final.

The 16 kg Pacific Ocean octopus named after Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas correctly predicted a draw in the first of four matches between the teams in 18 days. Now, he's out to prove his first pick was no fluke.

Iker chose Madrid on Tuesday by snatching a sardine from the tube covered with team's logo.

Iker floated passively for 15 minutes without selecting a sardine from either team's tube on Friday, a day before Madrid rallied to a 1-1 draw in a Spanish league match.

The teams will also face each other in both legs of the Champions League semifinals.


  • Mnija - 2011-04-19 17:52

    Fkc Iker...a biased Octopus. Barca are the soccer gods everyone should be happy we have a team in our generation that can play soccer like that. Pass this, it will take decades before we such a team!

      Albo - 2011-04-21 09:09

      you were saying???

  • amith.authar - 2011-04-20 08:05

    haha what Bias name an octopus Iker then say Real will win. @ Mnija i 2nd that Barcelona are Soccer gods i havent much sides play with their fluent enthusiatic skills, they are a few teams who enjoy there game and are not sore loosers. If Barca do go down i will still support them through and through as i enjoy their gameplay exciting and explosive!

  • Jake - 2011-04-20 10:18

    I have a soft-spot for Real Madrid, but greater than that, I'm a soccer fan, hence I have a Barca Jersey... and I think Barcelona are the best team in the world, Tonight I'm supporting Madrid, but if Barcelona dish that stylish, mesmerising, scinscilating display of football they always dish, It's gonna be a great game, and they'll deserve to win... So, may the best team in the night WIN... As for the octopus-ssy Well... well.. well Like Trevor Noah said 'I'll believe it.. when I see it

  • nvledwaba - 2011-04-20 12:29

    how something that belongs in the sea predict the winner..nxa.barca will win whether u like it or not.that special 1 is going to bite the dust

      Albo - 2011-04-21 09:10

      how does that pie taste?

  • Allain - 2011-04-20 16:23

    IKER THE OCTOPUS, what a cheap imitation!!!

  • Wanner - 2011-04-21 15:39

    didn't iker also predict barca would win the champions league

  • Wanner - 2011-04-21 15:40

    Did iker the octopus also predict that Barcelona would win the Champions League 2011

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