Hodgson fears SWC chaos

2012-08-24 19:23

London - England manager Roy Hodgson has warned that teams competing at the 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil face "enormous logistical problems" that threaten to overshadow the tournament.

With five World Cup victories and a host of legendary players, Brazil is widely regarded as one of football's traditional heartlands and a deserving host of the international game's showpiece event.

But it will be the first time Brazil has staged the World Cup since 1950 and Hodgson is concerned that the wild variations in climate and potential travel problems in such a vast land could make the South American country a troubled venue.

Speaking at a media forum the managers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on Friday, Hodgson said: "They've got a major logistical problem on their hands. It's a vast country. I don't think we realise quite how vast.

"There's going to be enormous difficulties for the teams that qualify, according to where they're drawn.

"You've got to remember, it's the Brazilian winter, so it's not going to be particularly much of a sunbathing time unless you happen to find yourself in Rio.

"If you're down in Porto Alegre, you'll going to need your fur coat because it snows and temperatures reach single figures, certainly, and maybe even sometimes lower.

"And if you find yourself in Manaus then you won't be sunbathing but you will find 45, 50 degrees of heat and plenty of mosquitos as well being near the Amazon jungle."

Hodgson also revealed he had scouted potential bases in Rio, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte and is worried about the kind of training facilities and hotels that could await teams.

"When you're talking about Brazil, you're talking about Rio, and I don't think all 32 teams can be in Rio," he said.

"The major problem at the moment is that the local organising committee and the management of FIFA haven't yet come to a definite decision which training ground will be paired with which hotel.

"You don't really want to be necessarily choosing a hotel with a training venue you don't like and vice-versa.

"The hotels will be, not a problem, but they'll be a challenge.

"The type of hotels that you're likely to stay in won't be the sort of hotels that national teams like to stay in, where you can essentially commandeer a hotel and fashion it to your requirements.

"It'll be very difficult to get the type of privacy that national teams prefer, if they can get it, when they go to major tournaments."

Despite his criticisms, Hodgson admits staging the World Cup in the homeland of Pele, Ronaldo and Romario for just the second time will please the purists, especially since the two tournaments after that will be held in less glamorous Russia and Qatar.

"The fact that it's Brazil, we can't deny adds some spice to this tournament because it is such a major footballing power, has been for so many years," he said.

"It's a country which is totally dominated by football. They're also known, of course, for their carnivals and their party atmosphere, which I'm sure won't be something which supporters would find too daunting.

"People are going to a lot keener to go to Brazil than perhaps some other countries that are occasionally chosen to be World Cup venues."


  • fdalana - 2012-08-24 19:49

    he should be concerned about qualifying instead.

  • christian.koegelenberg - 2012-08-24 20:38

    Jeez these Poms are arrogant and ignorant. "When you're talking about Brazil, you're talking about Rio", he says. Has he ever travelled in Brazil? Although Brasilia is the capital, Sao Paulo is the heart of Brazil and by far the largest city. He wants to tell me in a city of over 10 million people there won’t be decent training facilities. Rio is not the only large city. Porto Alegre, my favorite city, has average lows of 10°C to 12°C in winter, positively arctic! Yes, many moons ago during a cold spell it was -4°C and even if it gets that cold matches are not played at 5 o'clock in the morning either. Salvador de Bahia in the north has scary average 22°C – 26°C lows and highs in winter. It is time to be afraid! Shut up you ignorant, arrogant scaremongering douche bag!

      christian.koegelenberg - 2012-08-24 21:10

      "And if you find yourself in Manaus then you won't be sunbathing but you will find 45, 50 degrees". Nonsense! The highest recorded temperature is 37°C, ever. The Internet can be your friend too, Mr. Hodgson. Don't be afraid of it. You only get viruses if you use Windows or a very dirty keyboard.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-08-25 08:55

      Totally. Um, I just spent a miserable single digit summer in wet UK, they have no room to talk about weather.

  • damien.m.innes - 2012-08-24 20:44

    So looks like England can't settle causing trouble in just one world cup, they must try scare people away from them all..... Quite sad actually

      indianajohn - 2012-08-24 23:39

      In which world cup did England cause trouble?

  • rogerio.penna.94 - 2012-08-24 21:14

    I think Roy Hodson is exagerating QUITE a bit. 50ºC in Manaus? Never. Snow in Porto Alegre? Yes, it snows in the south of Brazil... a few times each year... in towns above 500m. Porto Alegre is at sea level. It snows in Porto Alegre once every 15 years only. Frost is quite common however and temperatures below 10ºC are to be expected almost daily in June. However, aside a few weeks of good old cold, winter 2012 in southern Brazil has been the WARMEST in my memory (I am 33 yrd old). With luck for european clubs (since its summer in Europe), 2014 winter will also be warm. Although I guess one more southern hemisphere winter like this and Antartica will melt away.

      christian.koegelenberg - 2012-08-24 23:01

      Many greetings here from Santiago. It has been too long since I have travelled in your fine country (2007) with the most hospitable people in the world. You will have to get used to the ill-informed, sensationalistic, drivel from especially the UK over the next couple of years. Their gutter-press are not used to high standards of objectivity and fact-checking is very sporadic.

  • bj.pieman - 2012-08-24 22:37

    Typical whining, ignorant, limey cnut.

  • Grant - 2012-08-24 23:25

    This guy must have received PR classes from our very own Coach Divvie. I had such a laugh reading this article. Clearly this guy has never travelled to Brazil.

  • gungets.tuft - 2012-08-24 23:50

    Ohh, the European countries said that same thing about the SWC here. Wear stab-proof jackets, watch out for every kind of social ill that the world has to offer. Instead it was safe, cheap, organised and faultless. Bloody arrogant Poms who believe if it is not near mud island it will fail. What will fail is England, again. They will live up to their reputation as Plucky Losers - chin up sort of people who celebrate mediocrity.

  • andre.ernstzen - 2012-08-25 03:09

    Jeez! Every flipping time, without fail. Those Poms feel the need to criticiz, everyone and everything!

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