Hayatou: I want to quit

2011-02-28 09:09

Paris - African Football Confederation (CAF) chairman Issa Hayatou says he is stressed out and wants to stand down from his job.

"I want to stop because it's (his post) restricting, it's not easy," he told French radio station RFI on Sunday.

"I'ver had 37 years in football, that's a lot, and what's more I am a member of FIFA and the International Olympic Committee, it's very restrictive in terms of all the travel, you are all the time on an aeroplane, you're all the time stressed out."

Hayatou, who last November rejected claims made in a British television documentary that he had received secret payments from bankrupt marketing firm ISL, was elected CAF president for the first time in 1988.

His current term of office concludes in 2013.

He told RFI: "I am 65 years old, I reckon it's time to think about standing down and leaving, but I don't know what Africans will think of that. But for me personally, I would like to quit."


  • Innocent - 2011-02-28 09:28

    Thanks bra

  • msmodikwa - 2011-02-28 10:26

    Said what? Are u serious?

  • Spacks - 2011-02-28 11:21

    Give others a cant be a leader for that long, an advisory role within the African football should be vital..

  • taksmurathi - 2011-02-28 12:27

    I have always been wondering what keeps you going honourable Sir. Everything mortal has a timespan. You surely do not want to leave your office in a coffin Sir. CAF, FIFA, whichever comiittee you sit on, should identify/vote in a successor for you to transfer skills and knowledge to, then make you honourary member. We thank you for realising this. May this wisdom spread to all other spheres of our lives in Africa - our governments - check the ages of our government leaders, you will realise that the majority of them are seious pensioners - who continue to make themselves available for re-election time and time again.

  • realitybantu - 2011-02-28 13:44

    So now the "Power-Hungry" Danny Jordaan of South-Africa may try out this job too, after that miserable election failure at FIFA last week. Jordaan thinks that he personally won, organized, and hosted the 2010 worldcup. Mr Jordaan, the world and more so Africa was behind the 2010 success. So if you want Africa to vote you for anything please shed that Superior-mentality (some narrow-minded south-africans also have), and ask to be voted in because you would be good for the job and that it would be time now for an Anglo-phon President. But never ever again dis Southern-Africa's only African-Footballer-of-the-year, the Great king-Kalu (Kalusha Bwalya of Zambia), who pipped you last week also of the CAF. committee membership position. Frankly, such gimmicks only enboldens the Franco-phonies. In fact, mr Molefe Oliphant should take it by consensus, or independent country association presidents like SAFA's Nematendani.

  • Phineas - 2011-03-03 10:56

    Thanks for going, it's been long and i am glad for time such as this. CAF is a non-functional body and has lost its direction because of your poor leadership. We need newness, innovation and fresh start. It was about time you bit a dust "from Presidency". We wish you well in your future endeavors. It's about time Africa understands what P.R.O.F.E.S.S.I.O.N.A.L.I.S.M means as it seems to me that it's one simple vocabulary that remained elusive to comprehend to many of our people in high places.

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