Gerrard burglar jailed

2010-06-07 13:46

London - An "extremely violent" burglar was jailed on Monday for threatening to abduct the children of England captain Steven Gerrard during a raid on the Liverpool midfielder's home.

Martin Wilson, 22, was part of a mob who smashed their way into the Reds skipper's mansion while he was away playing for Liverpool in the Champions League in December 2007.

Gerrard's wife Alex Curran confronted the gang, who demanded she hand over jewellery and the contents of a safe or else they would "take her kids", Liverpool Crown Court in northwest England heard.

The couple's two children are now aged six and four.

Wilson pleaded guilty to the burglary last month. He was sentenced on Monday to serve seven years and four months in prison.

"You threatened the occupants of the house with violence and the use of a knife," judge Robert Warnock said.

"Particularly seriously, you threatened to abduct the children if she did not hand over the safe.

"You are both venal and extremely violent. You have no regard for the dignity and security that is the right of every householder.
"Your actions are determined by your own selfishness and greed."

Wilson's sentence will run concurrently to a six-year and eight-month term he is already serving after admitting conspiracy to burgle last June.

Monday's sentence is expected to add another two years to his total time in prison.

Gerrard, 30, is training with the England squad in South Africa ahead of the Soccer World Cup.

England's Group C campaign gets underway on Saturday against the United States in Rustenburg.

Gerrard took over the England captaincy after Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand had to withdraw from the 23-man squad due to a knee injury.


  • Michael Bowery - 2010-06-07 14:15

    Bring back the death penalty, it makes me see Red!:)

  • Proudly - 2010-06-07 14:44

    OMG! The crime in Britain in appalling! Makes me want to sell up and immigrate!

  • Cathy - 2010-06-07 15:04

    So it's not only in South Africa

  • mi - 2010-06-07 15:05

    thats suprising i thought the country is crime free.wait ist the same place were a gun man shot 9 ppl to death ....hmmmm,wonder if they were going to say if it heppend here....

  • BafanaSeMa - 2010-06-07 15:08

    And thats how a real Justice System works,and thats Why British laws work....Here in the sunny Banana Republic,You can kill someone,Pay the court like 5 grand and Bang,You're a free man!

  • TheGmeister07 - 2010-06-07 16:20

    I Thought only RSA has crime? @Bafana SeMa have you got a brain, that incident happened in DEcember 2007, why are you comparing their laws and ours?

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