Gaxa's future uncertain

2010-08-30 10:34

Johannesburg - Siboniso Gaxa's dream move to Europe is in tatters as his transfer saga took a turn for the worse last week.

The Bafana Bafana defender attended a trial with KAA Gent in Belgium last Wednesday but following a number of strange and bizarre events, the 26-year-old looks set to return to the Brazilians.

Meddling from Gaxa's agent Rob Moore and concerns over his overall fitness from Gent led to a tug-of-war over the weekend, leaving Sundowns far from happy.

A statement on the club's official website reads: "Siboniso Gaxa arrived at KAA Gent in Belgium on Wednesday and underwent medicals and fitness tests on Thursday.

"Unfortunately Gent were not happy with the player's fitness levels as this did not conform to their standards for a right back - they informed us the his speed and acceleration was below their benchmarks.

"Nevertheless Gent was persuaded to give Siboniso another chance and a friendly match was arranged for this purpose against Antwerp which was scheduled for Friday afternoon.

"However on Friday morning, Rob Moore removed Siboniso from the Gent hotel promising to "sign him with Lierse". Gent management was understandably appalled by these turn of events and the friendly match was cancelled leaving the deal in tatters.

"When this shocking news came to the attention of Sundowns management on Friday, all efforts were made to try to resuscitate the trials and put the deal back on track. The tireless efforts of management proved in vain as the trials were officially over and Siboniso was instructed to fly to SA and report to the Bafana national camp on Sunday 29 August 2010.

"Sundowns learnt later on Friday that Siboniso was indeed taken to Lierse by Rob Moore and it was from here that Rob Moore, working with Lierse management, began pressurizing Sundowns into accepting an offer from Lierse.

"It must be pointed out that at the time there was no written offer from Lierse to Sundowns despite Lierse indicating that they would make a written offer for Siboniso on 22 August.

"The terms of the eventual offer that was received from Lierse was not accepted by Sundowns and this was communicated to Lierse as the offer was still proposing multiple payments spread over a long period of time.

"Astonishingly these same agents then did an about-turn, late on Friday night, claiming that they were now made aware of the Gent offer and that they would keep Siboniso in Belgium until Sundowns and Gent sorted out the club to club agreement; this in the face of them ruining the player's trials and maybe his chances of transferring to a quality European outfit."

Gaxa has been searching for a move overseas for over two years now but this could be the final nail in his transfer's coffin. 


  • Shankly's Kin - 2010-08-30 11:22

    LOL!! Why do players need agents? Are players allowed to represent themselves according to FIFA rules? Would just like to know. Seriously. If anyone knows, please tell me. Agents are probably the reason why players have become so money driven. 60 000 pounds a week for an EPL player?? I don't even make that much in 4 years. Insane. George Best, Toshack, Keegan and those guys never earned this kind of money (considering inflation). I'm sure of that. Unlucky Gaxa. Maybe they just didn't like the fact that you cannot cross a ball. Your dribbling ability and runs up and down the park matches the best wing backs in the game, but you cannot cross to save you life. Advice: work on crossing this season, and if you get it right, maybe Europe will come calling again.

  • rico the gooner - 2010-08-30 11:47

    bladdy agent !!

  • just_Ice - 2010-08-30 12:59

    Gaxa! you should have joined the team during pre- season, now you cannot blame anyone for being unfit. But remember you can blame anyone if you want to, but you will still not have a contract overseas and you will be still unfit. The word is UNFIT that is what caused you the job

  • m.m - 2010-08-30 13:13

    who's gaxa agent, the last I heard it was glyn Bikin, now here comes rob moore. What out for this agents

  • M.B - 2010-08-30 13:59

    He knows what he did. this is only the beggenning of serving the taste of your own medicin. Gaxa knows what made him unfit during the world cup after they were knock out. never the less that, He has unresolved issues with lots of people which brings him bad luck. Never burn the briges you cross on your way up because you never know when you might need them.

  • Ronnie Ginindza - 2010-08-30 17:53

    Gaxa should be aware that he has not yet reach world class player status and thats why he is still doing trials in teams world class players dont do trials.He must not blame any one on this issue any more if he gets a contract abroad he must forget himself and come down to earth.We have seen best players s careers crumbling through this kind of micky mouse dealings.

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