FIFA threaten Portugal ban

2011-03-04 19:47

FIFA have threatened to ban Portugal from all of their competitions unless the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) revise their statutes as a matter of urgency, according to press reports here on Friday.

In a letter to the FPF published in sports daily A Bola, world football's governing body expressed their "deep concern" at the blocking of a planned revision of the federation's statues by a minority of members.

The revision, demanded by the Portuguese government and international authorities, concerns an amendment to the rules of representation of different federation members - clubs, athletes, coaches and regional associations.

It is opposed, however, by some of these regional associations who will see their power within the FPF reduced. Fifa secretary general Jerome Valcke demanded that FPF ensure that the revision goes ahead "in line with the general principles and statues of Fifa" or risk a ban which would mean "no Portuguese team (including the clubs) could have international contacts."

The FPF have already been sanctioned by the Portuguese government who suspended their public utility statute last April, depriving them of the resulting financial support.

In response, FPF have scheduled a general assembly for March 19 and called on the "good sense" of their members to prevail "to avoid serious harm to Portuguese football."


  • Carlos - 2011-03-04 21:04

    Come Porras, catch a wake up, make it easier for our national team, trust the portuguese to always complicate matters!

  • CDS - 2011-03-04 22:41

    Eu quero alho pa! Fodice pa! Isto e uma crise!

  • fuzzy - 2011-03-05 09:05

    Typical of the 'Old Farts' wanting to control even in the minority.Bring in new young blood before this gets messy. Or even beter give all the power and control to the King of Portuguese Foolball "PINTO DA COSTA" hahaha Fuzzy

  • Joana - 2011-03-06 17:58

    2me f**k fifa anyway their currupt and we're giving them green signal 2keep being corrupt.. i wish someone ceated smething near 2 a new fifa lik they did 4boxing!

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