Family expected Moon to pay

2011-12-05 19:25

Johannesburg - The family of the woman killed by a car allegedly driven by soccer player Bryce Moon expected financial help from him, the Randburg Magistrate's Court heard on Monday.

Moon and members of his family visited Mavis Ncube's family a few days after the accident, said State witness Nancy Turner, the owner of the guesthouse where Ncube was a housekeeper.

Ncube and her cousin Thandi Sibanda, who also worked at the guesthouse, were walking there when the former Bafana Bafana star's car allegedly hit Ncube in 2010.

Sibanda called Turner and told her Ncube was in a serious condition. Turner drove to the accident scene.

Turner said Moon's family asked for a meeting with the Ncubes so they could apologise.

"After the meeting, Mavis's family was disappointed that the Moons did not want to help with funeral expenses," she said.

Moon's attorney Naren Sangham asked why the family expected the Moons to help them financially. "If someone does something wrong, you would expect that they do something right," Turner responded.

Sangham asked if she was speaking from the assumption that Moon was indeed in the wrong when the accident happened.

She agreed and said it was because when she arrived at the accident scene she saw Moon sitting in the driver's seat of the vehicle that had struck her employee.

"And she [Ncube] was poor and her family did not have money to pay for all the funeral costs."

Sangham asked Turner why the Ncube family expected them to make another payment of R16 000.

"Mr Moon senior was told about a hospital bill which he refused to pay. What was this bill for?" asked Sangham.

Turner denied that there were any hospital bills to be paid.

She said at the time of the accident, state hospitals were on strike.

The Morningside Clinic said it could admit Ncube and stabilise her.

She said the Ncube family did not have to pay for any hospital bills as the clinic said the state would pay.

"The family was expecting financial assistance from the Moons, but they never made a request," she said.

According to Turner, the Moon family contacted her husband and asked if they could come and apologise.

"You do know that there is a clear distinction between apologising and sympathising?" asked Sangham.

"They were very apologetic when they came.... He [Moon] was crying when they were there," she said.

Turner's husband Gregory took the stand and agreed that the Moon family came to apologise.

"They came to say sorry for what had happened and to send their condolences."

He said Moon's mother had contacted him and asked to meet Ncube's family.

"I acted as a go-between for both families." he said.

He said at the meeting, which he attended, there was no request or offer of money.

The trial continues.


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    Come on, let common sense prevail. Where's Ubuntu here?

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