FIFA's Worawi plans to sue

2011-05-16 12:32

Bangkok - FIFA executive committee member Worawi Makudi says he will file charges against former English Football Association chief David Triesman for making bribery accusations.

Worawi, who is also head of the Football Association of Thailand, has denied Triesman's accusations that he demanded the television rights to a proposed Thailand-England friendly in exchange for supporting England's bid to host the 2018 Soccer World Cup.

Worawi told reporters on Monday that "the accusations are not true and groundless", saying he had "to speak out because my reputation has been tarnished and it defames my family."

The Thai administrator said he would file charges against Triesman in a British court, but he gave no other details.


  • GT - 2011-05-16 13:20

    EXCELLENT - then we can get all the evidence into open court, not something ever possible with the FIFA mafia. I Seriously doubt this will ever happen though... all talk for the press.

  • jowza - 2011-05-16 13:50

    about time someone stood up to the of their sour grapes stories

  • Brian - 2011-05-16 14:10

    So mr Triesman, if this did happen WHY are you only telling the world about this now???? Why not at the time???? or was it worth keeping quiet for because you wanted his vote???? Personally doubt it ever happened.

  • Ephraim Bogopa - 2011-05-16 14:11

    charge them. go ahead my broeerrrrr!

  • - 2011-05-16 14:35

    Thank goodness it will be a Brtish court of law -- that is, if it even gets that far. Ol' Triesman has been a bit slow on this one so his motives must be queestioned. Why now?

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