FIFA 'deceiving' Brazilians

2012-03-19 08:02

Sao Paulo - Romario says FIFA and the Brazilian government are misleading the Brazilian people by saying the nation will host the greatest Soccer World Cup of all time.

The former Brazil star turned congressman says the meeting between FIFA head Sepp Blatter and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Friday shouldn't be taken seriously and that Brazil "will be embarrassed" during the month long event in 2014.

Romario said on Sunday that it was a "shame" to hear that FIFA and the federal government are working closely together.

Romario says on his Facebook page on Sunday that the World Cup will represent "the greatest heist in the history of Brazil" because of overspending and the misuse of public funds.


  • Leon Curling-Hope - 2012-03-19 08:14

    Makes one wonder if it's become a business more then a sporting event and how much money FIFA makes from this... There should be no money involved between FIFA and the country at hand!!

      Sean - 2012-03-19 08:54

      Fifa did the same with SA !!!

      mlucejko - 2012-03-19 10:31

      Every four years FIFA goes to a different country AND RIPS THEM OFF, FIFA pocket Billions and in return they hand out a few million and they leave the country with stadiums they struggle to use which that country has paid for !!

  • Chad - 2012-03-19 08:16

    Fifa sucks....

  • Dhirshan - 2012-03-19 08:31

    SA is the plan B this time!

  • Jason - 2012-03-19 08:45

    Sepp Blatter is the greatest fraud ever to walk the earth. I think him and ponzi king Berni Madoff should share a cell.

  • David - 2012-03-19 09:05

    Sorry Brazil, it's your turn to be raped and pillaged by those thugs. I'm sure the event will go well. Football as a sport died some time ago.

      Tebogo - 2012-03-19 09:45

      you're right scott, fifa stuffed up SA left us with huge bills and infrastructure we ca't afford to maintain. i think world cup should be played every 2nd round in a country to recover the costs otherwise its pure rape and plundering on countries economies

  • mrmogoswane - 2012-03-19 09:29

    Yeah they did the same with SA, now we have extra toll gate's and some so called national medical aid schema as a cover up while the our government is really trying to recover all the taxpayers money that was used on white elephants... Fifa Sucks Big time, bloody parasites....

  • christo.storm - 2012-03-19 09:52

    Fick Fufa

  • Carlos - 2012-03-19 10:49


  • Mc - 2012-03-19 11:24

    When will Sepp Blatter die?

  • Dave - 2012-03-19 11:32

    I live in hope that one day soon no country will bid to host the soccer World Cup (or the Olympic Games). Then these thieves called FIFA and the IOC will have to pay countries to host their events instead of ripping them off. This tail is currently definitely wagging the dog. Blatter is a high class (NO - low class) thief!

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