FIFA probe cash votes claims

2010-10-19 08:01

Paris - World football's governing body FIFA said on Monday that it was investigating member associations as well as senior officials over allegations of votes being sold in the World Cup 2018 bidding race.

Fifa said in a statement that it had "opened proceedings against two members of the Fifa Executive Committee to ascertain whether they have violated the FIFA Code of Ethics," and will consider "provisional measures" if necessary.

"Investigations are also ongoing in relation to other Fifa officials who may have been involved in the issue in question," FIFA added.

A British newspaper reported on Sunday that Nigerian and Oceanian members of its executive committee had offered to sell their votes in the bidding race for the 2018 World Cup to undercover journalists posing as lobbyists.

FIFA also noted that any alleged agreements between member associations would be a clear violation of the bidding rules for the World Cup and its Code of Ethics.

"Therefore, an investigation has also been opened into the member associations in question as well as their Bid Committees," Fifa said in the statement.

The governing body did not specify which countries could be under scrutiny.

The nations in the running to host the 2018 World Cup are England, Russia, Spain-Portugal and Netherlands-Belgium. For 2022, the contenders are Qatar, Australia, the United States, Japan and South Korea.

FIFA confirmed that its Ethics Committee is due to meet on October 20.

The British newspaper The Sunday Times said six senior officials, past and present, had told reporters that paying bribes offered the best chance of landing football's showcase tournament.

It also alleged that Amos Adamu, a Nigerian member of FIFA's executive committee, asked its undercover journalists for $800 000 to endorse one of the bid candidates.

It filmed him meeting with the journalists posing as lobbyists for a United States business consortium, in which he apparently offered a "guarantee" to vote for the US bid in the 2018 event in return for cash.

The report also alleged Reynald Temarii, a FIFA vice-president and president of the Oceania Football Confederation, sought three million New Zealand dollars ($2.3m) for a sports academy.

He allegedly boasted to undercover reporters that supporters of two bid committees had already offered Oceania money to swing his vote.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter said after the newspaper report was published on Sunday that there would be an "in-depth investigation".

Adamu, a controversial figure who wields major influence over Nigerian football, is also president of the West African Football Union.

He has not responded to phone calls since the allegations emerged.

Musa Amadu, the acting secretary general of the Nigeria Football Federation, declined to comment in detail, saying "we just have to wait for the outcome of this investigation before we can issue a statement on the matter".


  • softserve - 2010-10-19 08:54

    And you wonder why the Nigerian government want's to get involved with soccer. And then FIFA wants to ban them for that....

  • Soothsayer - 2010-10-19 09:09

    First pay up the money you owe South Africa,your corruption of the media was a disgrace,crime did still go on. FIFO put SA back years with the debt burden and the white elephant stadiums that are a stark reminder of the few who made enormous amounts of money and the multitude who have been shortchanged. They deserve to be exposed for the corrupt and immoral bunch that they are.

  • Ash - 2010-10-19 09:14

    Bit of a joke, do they think that nobody's read "Foul" and other reports of just how conniving and crooked they themselves are?

  • Joe - 2010-10-19 10:14

    The main mafioso.. Sepp Blatter.. the Wanabee's trying to muscle in the Nigerians

  • Ryan - 2010-10-19 10:32

    I wouldn't be the first time Oceana took a bribe. Remember the 2006 bid when the Oceana represantive from New Zealand abstained instead voting for South Africa as his he was mandated to do. As a direct result of this Germany got the 2006 world cup.

  • JJ - 2010-10-19 12:19

    Investigate why south Africa has not been paid yet.

  • Steve - 2010-10-19 12:24

    Now I understand how SA got to host the 2010 SWC. Blatter, "you sleep with dogs, you will get fleas"

  • sisie - 2010-10-19 12:33

    Bribery is an Olympic Sport, and has been going on for years. In the past it was deny, deny, deny - but with todays technology you can now record proof of bribery, much harder to deny when there is proof.

  • Johhny - 2010-10-19 12:40

    i'm with nigeria on this one. the so-called fifa 'investigation' is just a smoke screen..even the bribe money received by the fall men goes to uncle sepps pockets..wake up and smell the coffee people!!!!!!!!!!

  • DeonL - 2010-10-19 12:42

    Corruption is rampant in Africa, also in rest of the world a problem. We should consider demolishing the stadiums that is too expensive to run, sell the land or built low cost houses in there places.

  • MoneyBetterSpent - 2010-10-19 13:16

    The money would be better spent keeping whingers off the net or to pay for the dismantling the democratic right to voice an opinion. The c...p that one reads on the net is enough to.........

  • erewhon - 2010-10-19 13:20

    "F.I.F.A's Ethics Committee" There's an oxymoron if you ever saw one!!!

  • Humpme Dumpme - 2010-10-19 13:38

    Beeeeautiful........Herr Sepp is going to put Jerome Valke in charge of the investigation. TGhats the same Jerome Valke who was fired from FIFA some time ago for corruption, then re-hired by Herr Sepp.....probably because he was so good at being corrupt. Its like asking a politician to guard the cookie jar............

  • WaBenzi - 2010-10-19 14:20

    Selling your FIFA vote is known as "doing a CHARLIE" in honour of that most ethical representative from Oceanea, Charles Dempsey who famously abstained and actually fled the venue, and in the process securing the SWC for Germany, Mercedes and the other German sponsors. New Zealand has not only given us the term "doing a CHARLIE", but more recently, the term "fixing a PADDY" was coined for those conniving to fix a rugby match. These individuals are indeed as "Nigerian" as they come, and a disgrace to the fine people of New Zealand. Charlie the Scotch NZlander, however, did much better financially than Paddy the Irish NZlander, thereby reinforcing the age old perceptions of the Scottish as well as the Irish....

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