Wilshere learns from the best

2014-11-21 11:42

Cape Town - Jack Wilshere says he is analysing world-class midfielders to improve in his deeper role for England.

Wilshere is a regular in Roy Hodgson’s side and is used at the base of the midfield diamond for his country. He tends to play slightly further forward for Arsenal.

The 22-year-old excelled in England’s 3-1 win against Scotland this week and, speaking ahead of the international break, he explained how he is developing his game.

“The main thought behind analysing players [like Xabi Alonso and Andres Iniesta] was to try and improve in the deeper role I play for England,” Wilshere told Arsenal Player.

“So I’m watching the best the best players in the world in that position and trying to pick up things from them.

“In the position I play at the moment everyone knows I want to pick up the ball and run with it but if I do that in this new position and lose it, the whole team’s in trouble.

“The best players in the world know that and they know when to dribble. You can still dribble but you have to make sure. There’s also the range of passing - in that position I have to start attacks so I can play short or long.

“I’ve always watched the best midfielders in the world, like Xavi and Iniesta. You also have to analyse your own performance. I always get the clips sent to my iPad after a game and I go through it and question myself so that I can try and demand a bit more from myself.

“I’d say I’m adding to my game. I’m one of the players who wants to pick up the ball in the final third and dribble with it but now I’ve got this new role where I’m deeper and if I do lose the ball, there’s big trouble for the team. The main thing is to be a bit more intelligent.”