United aim to seize top spot

2010-04-23 07:48

England - Manchester United aim to pile the pressure on Chelsea by returning to the top of the Premier League with a win over in-form Tottenham on Saturday.

Sir Alex Ferguson's team trail leaders Chelsea by one point but the champions can seize pole position with a victory at Old Trafford in Saturday's early match and leave the Blues with little margin for error when they host Stoke on Sunday.

It is a gripping race which looks sure to go down to the wire and United midfielder Michael Carrick, a former Tottenham star, admits the sight of his old club beating Chelsea last weekend has breathed new life into his current team's title ambitions.

"Your emotions change from week-to-week depending on who is playing," Carrick said.

"It is funny how the fixtures have come together. At the start of the season you could never have predicted the scenario that has unfolded.

"You are supporting one team one week and playing against them the next. That is the nature of the game.

"Tottenham have been around that fourth spot all season. The squad they have assembled over a number of years is really top class.

"We are at the business end of the season now and you have to give them credit and they have put in some excellent performances."

Spurs have not won at Old Trafford since 1989 and Ferguson's side remain unbeaten against them in 21 matches in all competitions.

However, they are currently the form team in the Premier League having defeated both Arsenal and Carlo Ancelotti's Chelsea in consecutive matches to make them the front-runners for the final Champions League qualifying position.

Harry Redknapp's fourth placed team have played a huge part in influencing the title run-in with those two victories, but they will be more interested in their own destiny as they sit a tantalising two points above fifth-placed Manchester City at present.

"The race for fourth place is really interesting for all the fans, all the people who are watching on TV, so it's a good thing for them and for us," Spurs defender Sebastien Bassong said.

"Earlier in the season we didn't win these games. Now we've beaten Arsenal and Chelsea at home so it proves we have improved since the start of the season.

"Manchester United are still the champions, one of the biggest names in England. They may be second in the table, but that still means they're fighting for the title. For me, honestly, there is nothing wrong with them so we have to be really focused.

"In football, if you want to be the best, you have to want to take all the points. We knew that it was going to be very hard in these games but we know where we want to go, and if we want to reach the top four we have to take the maximum points."

United could be boosted by the returns of Rio Ferdinand and Wes Brown for the game but will be without Michael Owen and Anderson, while Tottenham could have captain Ledley King back after the defender was rested against Chelsea because of his persistent knee problems.


  • Man U - 2010-04-23 08:29

    Common you red devils! You can do it boys! Going to be a difficult game and hope we can get through with 3 points.

  • Supafly - 2010-04-23 08:39

    Opinion R like a*****s, right? Cause we all seem tohav one! Sure, I'll air mine as well. I'll say this again, since I've said it before. UTDs success in EPL isn't so much of their invincibility, but due to the failure of the rest of the mediocre EPL's opposition who seem to hand over the title to UTD. How many times hav Chealsea been in the drivin seat and only to find themselves back in the chasing pack all over again. That's why these teams get so exposed in most European competitions. The EPL is jst as overrated as its national team! These jokers beat Moldovia, Mecedonia, etc and some tiny nation which you'd need a NASA microscope to find on the map and suddenly they're favorates to lift the world cup. Yeah right! I'm the f$%#@n Pope, then! Or maybe I hav issues!

  • Harold - 2010-04-23 08:52

    I guess this is one time the Scousers will be supporting United or are they so obsessed with wishing for a United loss that their own aspirations of success are stiffled. The 'Pool fans that I knew from 20 years back were more interested in their own team's achievements instead of supporting United's opponents!

  • Nash the Gunner - 2010-04-23 08:56

    lol at supafly, true, its not so much Man Utd winning the league but the other big teams losing it....

  • Dave - 2010-04-23 08:59

    Thanks to the EPL for an interesting season! Who ever wins it, deserves it. Hopefully MUFC can bring it home

  • SPURS Forever - 2010-04-23 09:00

    Don't underestimate SPURS, they are in top form and will wrap up their winning spree with a win over MAN U...

  • centrino - @Supafly - 2010-04-23 09:01

    Yes, you do have issues!!!

  • Eric the King - 2010-04-23 09:02 have issues. Exactly what is your rant about in relation to the article? If you don't like EPL, don't watch it... and don't confuse EPL with England's national team - the EPL's top teams only have about 10 Englishmen combined so it's more a United Nations League of players. You sound like a Bulls supporter?

  • Danny - 2010-04-23 09:09

    @Superfly, yes you have issues. Most footballers in the EPL need work permits and play for other countries. Like all dutchmen, I'm a staunch ManU supporter, not because I know anything about football, but because most rooinekke hate them so much. :-)

  • MANUTD TILL I DIE - 2010-04-23 09:12

    @Supafly go support Bafana Bafana you shit fly. you say english league is such a shit league. do us all a favour and go check whish European country as the most representives in the last 10 years in Eufa champions league and then make dumbass comments.

  • Ron @SPURS - 2010-04-23 09:24

    Last week all talk about Chelsea winning the League. SPURS We taking you for Saturday dinner MMM Nice GO MU

  • @superfly@nash - 2010-04-23 09:29

    If thats the case then it means your teams dont have the mental ability to handle the pressure. Thanks for congratulating MUFC on their psychological superiority...Respek!

  • King @ Supafly - 2010-04-23 09:29

    Yes Supafly, we all have opinions. However I beg to differ on your uneducated opinion. The EPL has over last the few years has proven to be the top league in the world. Look at the performances of all four teams that have taken part on the European Cup in the last few years. This is the first year that there isn't one team in the semi-finals after a long time (also the past few years included atleast two EPL teams on the semis. As for Utd not winning the league but rather other teams losing it, thats how all leagues work. Thats the mathematics behing the point system. Thats where team depth etc comes in. If you dont understand the whole picture, join a book club. I will however agree, the England team as a whole is overated, but only because we here in South Africa are too exposed to the English media when it comes to football.

  • @supafly - 2010-04-23 09:32

    Dillusion is definately one of your issues. EPL teams have been dominating Europe the last few years and the teams that just hand the title to MU every season......whatever dude, it's more like the teams, especially Arsenal just dont have the staying power.In fact Arsenal wont even be a top 4 team next season. Jealousy is also an issue you have.

  • Alan - 2010-04-23 09:34

    @Supafly: Oh cry me a river, why don't you? On what exactly are you basing your opinion of the strength of the EPL over the rest of Europe? It can only be the last season, because for years before this there has nearly always been several EPL teams competing for the Champions league. Exactly which league are you pointing to as dominating the EPL? Can't quite remember when last another league has had more than a single representative in the semis. So why don't you go and check your facts a little before blowing smoke rings out your bum! Last year EPL had 4 reps in the Champion's league quarters, the year before that surprise surprise, another 4. 2007, only three teams managed to get into the quarters, however all three of those teams went forward to the semis - that's 3 out of 4 if your maths is not quite up to it. 2006 was admittedly a bad year for the English, with only 1 representative (Arsenal) in the quarters, they did however almost go all the way, being beaten in the final. And in 2005 2 teams made it, unfortunately the draw meant they played each other in the semi, ruling out an all England final, with Liverpool (note: again not United) winning the final. Plonker!

  • @sUpaflY - 2010-04-23 09:39

    yes you are an @r$Eh0!#, english teams have dominated Europe in the past 4 years imbisil, the best players are there cow, u have issues, and good luck in the vatican , ps , please remember to take ur bipolar meds b4 commenting ..........

  • Brian - 2010-04-23 09:47

    Rednapp is one of the most corrupt managers in the EPL. He jumped ship at Pompey to go to Southampton and then quickly returned. He said he would never go to Spurs, but the whore went for more money. He is a pal of Ferguson's. Spurs game this weekend will be nothing like the recent one with Arsenal. His team will lie down in an attempt to hand United the title. United are not the best team in the EPL at present...Arsenal and Chelsea are playing better.

  • The Devil @ Supafly - 2010-04-23 09:55

    Supafly, all you seem to do with your response is show how much you really DONT know about soccer. Chelsea and United are world class teams and show this by not only qualifying for the champions league but by also beating top sides to not only make it to semi-finals and finals but by taking the titles too. Being consistent in chasin top 2 finishes year after year and beating teams with budgets higher than theirs too. Not only are you forsaking the players with supreme talents but also coaching masterminds as well and giving the legions of readers able to comment on these articles amunition to shoot you down at any chance. Then i would also have to pull myself back because you are probably having a bad day at work and watch most of these matches after having an argument with your wife. So please, i urge you to either not watch the games or if you do, please do not comment on something you know nothing about. I guess that makes you the pope. Good luck to all the teams playing this week and I guess we are all in for a photo finish. :)

  • Nash the Gunner - 2010-04-23 10:14

    @ @superfly@nash: Respect given coz Man U has got some serios BMT and thats what seperates them from the rest and is also what we (Arsenal) have been lacking all these years, may the best team win...

  • Les - 2010-04-23 10:27

    COYS.... we have downed Arsenal and Chelsea..... Im positive about the MAN U clash..... I will even go as far as to say that we have a better squad than they currently do....... Of course a little man called Rooney more than makes up for that!!! COYS COYS COYS!!! Still want United to win the league rather than Chelsea or the Arse....

  • Bobby Loco - 2010-04-23 10:32

    Come on girls everyone knows the PSL is the best league in the world, I know Supafly will agree with me.

  • Supafly - 2010-04-23 10:42

    @ all you geniuses, since I hav brains the size of a blu fly! How do nay of you major success? I quote "Last year EPL had 4 reps in the Champion's league quarters, the year before that surprise surprise, another 4. 2007, only three teams managed to get into the quarters" This genius (above) goes on to mention, how many of those hav been to the semis. Unless I'm mistaken Chelsea has never won the champs league, i.e. always so close and yet so far! UTD yes, but one wud think that with all their domination of the EPL, they wud hav practically monopolised EU champs league at this point, i.e. if you learn to ride a bike well into ur teens, ur pretty much a retard in my books, i.e. how many times did UTD bomb out of the quarters and semis of the champs league B 4 they eventually won it against Bayern (well, under Alex Feguson)? Well, fellas if that's ur defination of great then I rest my case. Ajax (a small dutch team)(in the larger scheme of things, yes they're small) dominated the game, so did AC Milan. Somehow, I'm struggling to recall UTD doin the same!

  • @brian.!d!ot - 2010-04-23 10:44

    brian , are you on the same meds as the @$$ supafly or maybe..................... you are sleepin with him

  • Man U - 2010-04-23 11:24

    @Supafly: You should let sleeping dogs lie buddy! I remember the both of us having this heated convo a while back, after we got beaten by Bayern in Munich to be precise. Anyway, i have to point out that if you speak of domination, and monopolising the CL, i still don't see any team, even Barca in that role at the moment (This century, 2000 onwards)! Yes in the 50's, 60's, 70's and early 80's you had the Real Madrids, Ajax's and even Liverpool running boss in the competition and probably then the Spanish and Italian leagues were in a class of their own but recently, the EPL has taken off big time and even though there is no clear cut stats, i believe it is the strongest most difficult league to play in. Again, i also believe that using the CL teams as a basis for this argument has no bearing as Barca, Real Madrid, Ac Milan & Inter never get to play Hull, Fulham, Everton, Villa, Man City etc...week in week out. I think if Barca played in the EPL, they would be nothing! Just my 5c worth! As for Chelsea losing the league vs Man Utd winning it...common man, the league is won over 38 games not between who wins the most by playing the so called top 4 teams. To contest to that as well, the goal difference between the 2 sides is only 3, meaning that Man Utd are not doing to bad!

  • MANUTD TILL I DIE - 2010-04-23 11:41

    @supasfly you talk about ac milan and ajax. currently epl is one ofthe strongest leagues in the world along with the spanish league. can you tell me where are ac milan and ajax at the moment. what i remember of ac milan is a certain english club teach ing ac a footballing lesson at the all inspiring SanSiro Stadium and then taking them to the home ground and humiliating ac at the theatre of dreams. and as for ajax where the even in the champions league this year. you are a idiot.

  • Supafly - 2010-04-23 11:53

    @Man U! Big up, man. You're so right! I'll stop flapping my gums. I just like going against the crowd, cause it brings out the worst in people and I just enjoy reading some of the emotions in peoples comments sumtimes. Anyway, folks I'm glad I got sum of U talking (sort of) and sum of you swearing at folks you'd never meet. Amazing $#it, really. Remember though, it's only just a game, so take ur emotions out of it. When Ronaldo, Terry, E'to, etc goes to have fun with cocktail waitresses, they're sure as #ell not thinking about you(me). Damn, you guys love ur game and teams! Salute!

  • Kishen P - 2010-04-23 12:39

    " how many times did UTD bomb out of the quarters and semis of the champs league B 4 they eventually won it against Bayern " Take a look back at history and you will see that the team that beats Man United (or an English team) goes on to win the EU Champs league or participate int the final. Mind you Barcelona are in their 3rd consecutive semi final and by the looks of it wont win it this year i.e. ITS HARD TO WIN THE CHAMPS LEAGUE ALL THE TIME!!! And lastly United are in search of a FOURTH CONSECUTIVE league title (I guess that what teams that "bomb out" do).

  • Man U - 2010-04-23 12:50

    @Supafly:LOL! @Brian: What a dumb a$$ theory that you have come up with! Lucky for us and the world that you are not an inspector of some sort! By the way, there will be some nice snail and pigeon races on at the same time the soccer kicks of this weekend. You might want to diarise those and wallow in self pitty at the same time!

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