Team-mate turns back on Terry

2011-10-27 11:56

Cape Town – A new twist has taken place in the latest English Premiership race row in which Chelsea captain, John Terry is under investigation.

Terry is accused of racially abusing QPR defender, Anton Ferdinand, younger brother of Manchester United star Rio, in the Blues’ 1-0 defeat to the newly promoted Premiership side at Loftus Road.

According to the Daily Mirror's website, “The players' mum Janice is believed to have been left deeply upset by the footage in which Terry appears to shout the words "f****** black c***" in her son's direction.”

Footage of the incident can be viewed on YouTube in which the said incident takes place during the 85th minute of the match and it is understood that Ferdinand’s mom first viewed the clip on Sunday evening after the match after her son had alerted her.

Terry has repeatedly denied the claims and has offered to talk to the brothers Ferdinand about it, to which both have refused.

Rio, who is Terry’s defensive partner when the two play for England has since firmly put his backing behind his younger brother.

The English FA as well as the Metropolitan Police are investigating the claims after the FA announced that they have received a formal complaint of a racial nature after Sunday's match.

This would pose yet another selection headache for Fabio Capello, who already had to deal with Terry in the past after a previous misdemeanour involving then England left-back, Wayne Bridge and Bridge’s then girlfriend and mother to his son, Vanessa Perroncel. Terry was subsequently stripped of the England captaincy and has since been reinstated.

The Daily Mirror further explains that if Capello is to select Terry as captain for their upcoming friendly against Spain, it “could prove a PR disaster for the FA with the entire build-up set to centre around the racism allegations.”

Anton and Rio’s cousin, former England striker, Les Ferdinand is adamant that Terry should never put on the white shirt of the ‘Three Lions’ again.

 “It’s down to the FA, but I’d be shouting from the rooftops [for that if he’s found guilty].”


  • Cuthbert - 2011-10-27 12:34

    It's very sad that it has taken this long for action to be taken on this guy. I have always said and will always say John Terry is a disgrace to the human race. The guy is arrogant and unrepentant. I hope he will get harsh treatment on this.

      Lia - 2011-10-29 07:17

      I totally agree with u cuthbert on that....coming from a captain especially?, thats totally unacceptable.

  • Steve - 2011-10-27 13:38

    and John Terry is a F*****g White C**t........ I've been called worse...... not sure why people get so bent out of shape about it...... All the Irish out there have definately, and frequently, been called much worse.....and they just laugh about it..... Imagine being a Scouser...... now there's a set of insults waiting to be shouted..... Maybe people should just grow up..... :) That the Ferdinands are black, is possibly not in question (only their mother would know for sure).... so we are left with the 'C' word..... quite insulting, I must say, but hardly worth a mention in the context of the football field..... the ref gets worse...... from the why the fuss ?????

      rick.borrett - 2011-10-27 15:09

      Not only nancy boys but also touchy, You can call me what you want for the money they earn.

  • daniel.mpande - 2011-10-27 15:33

    @Steve The more I read your post, the more I feel you are just as bad are John Terry. You are trying to find some way you justifying racial slur. You are and ignorant moron and an embarrassment to all the read the news of this site

      Steve - 2011-10-28 08:33

      Hi Daniel, sensitive soul aren't we............. PS A moron is evidenced by an IQ of 50 or less..... as also evidenced by pretty poor spelling and grammar... I rest my case.............. catch a life Daniel...and a sense of humour :)

  • HagenDan - 2011-10-27 17:31

    Please refrain from reposting tabloid nonsense that has been proven to be completely made up. Just like the "affair" Terry had with Wayne Bridge's ex Perroncel, she later denied the whole thing three months down the line. Retracted. The Daily Mail today ran a story about how 3 QPR players had heard the slurs and a few hours later, QPR themselves rubbished the story as one of the players wasn't even on the field during the incident. Terry and Ferdinand spoke after the game and resolved it, Ferdinand reportedly (could be made up) went to the same birthday party as Terry after the game even. Ferdinand has said nothing at all since the incident. NOTHING. English tabloids are a complete joke. JT is certainly not a squeaky clean customer, everybody knows it, and if he is guilty of this, I hope he gets suspended. I just find it unlikely he'd be hurling racial abuse around when he's the captain of a team that is over 50% black. The English media's war on John Terry is just getting so boring, he should honestly sue. And what happened to the Suarez/Evra case? You know, where the victim actually made a claim?

  • dave.cohen2 - 2011-10-28 05:57

    Terry brings out the very worst in English football players. He should have been kicked out of Chelsea many years ago. He is too powerful within the club. I have always suspected that he wields far more power that any manager that has been at the club and Roman Abramovic. This guy has been a disgrace to society.

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